Bridge Greats



Have you ever wondered about the past histories of many of the bridge players we deem great. We did. We are attempting to enlarge this dedication, but we need your help in finding pictures and details of their victories at the bridge table.

Any help from our readers and viewers would greatly be appreciated, because we believe that we should afford and offer these forerunners, pioneers and experts this, our humble recognition. We do, however, realize that we are describing Bridge Players, who have or had private lives. We know that they all have or had their personal sense of humor, and their own bridge stories, and we wish to respect this aspect of their lives. We would like to list only their accomplishments to the World and Community of Bridge.

This list contains the names of bridge players, who have celebrated their 70th birthday plus.

We have listed the individual names alphabetically. In time we hope to have pictures of all those who have gone before and gone beyond.


Aarons, Stephen H.

Abbott, Edward Farrington Jr.

Ach, Jacques L., Sr.

Acker, Bill

Ackerman, Earl

Ackerman, Mrs. Earl

Ackerman, Gerald J. (Jerry)

Adamczyk, Wesley H.

Adams, Bill R.

Adams, Charles True

Adams, Earle G.

Adams, Maynard D.

Adams, Peggy

Adams, Robert T., Dr. (Bob)

Adams, William E.

Adams, W. Harrison

Adler, Betty - Mrs. Betty Julian

Adler, Julian

Agran, Nathan, Esq.

Ahmad, Nisar

Albarran, Pierre

Albersheim, Alberta (Mrs. Walter J. Albersheim)

Andersen, Ronald E.

Andrew, Mollie

Assumpcao, Pedro Paulo Puslisi de

Attaguile, Luis

August, William J.

Culbertson, Ely

Ghestem, Pierre

Okuneff, Albert J.

Weisz, Harry and Claire




Bridge Greats



We are more than happy to update the information for any listed bridge player, and also add the
name of any bridge player, who has contributed to the enhancement of the game of bridge.

If any visitor believes that a name should be added, then please send us as much information
about this person as possible. If a picture can be added, that would be greatly appreciated.





Claus and Raymond


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