Clubbed to Death - A Bridge Novel





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Short Summary of the Bridge Novel

On the first day of a National bridge tournament in Florida, the body of Holly Harrison, a professional bridge player, is found floating in the hotel pool. Sisters Sharon Price and Eva Kaplan, who recently helped solve another bridge murder, decide to use their bridge expertise and newly developed detective skills to help Detective Whittaker and the local cops solve Holly's murder.

As the sisters compete in daily bridge events, they question Holly's teammates and friends. They discover that Holly was blackmailing Julia, a longtime bridge-playing friend. They also hear rumors that Holly had been having an affair with Mark, a married professional player.

Detective Whittaker locates Peter, Holly's husband, in Saudi Arabia, where he was working as a consultant for an oil firm. The sisters learn that Peter had recently filed for a divorce and that he was planning to marry Julia. After Peter arrives in Florida, Julia, who is already a suspect because she was being blackmailed, tries to kill herself. She survives, but convinces the sisters that her suicide attempt centers around a cheating incident, and has nothing to do with Holly's murder.

Detective Whittaker soon discovers that Peter had secretly been in Florida when Holly was killed, and that he’d traveled on a false passport. He'd left the night of the murder to return to Saudi Arabia. Whittaker arrests Peter, but he escapes.

Meanwhile, Sharon lets it be known that she doesn't think Peter is the killer. The real killer overhears her and, thinking Sharon knows the truth, attempts to murder her. He pursues her in a terrifying chase through the locker room and around the hotel pool.

During the ten day tournament, Sharon and Eva win their first National event. Sharon resumes an affair with Gary, a lawyer and bridge expert, while Eva meets an old college friend who seems to be attracted to her. But he's engaged to a 19-year-old named Muffin, and feels guilty pursuing Eva. The sisters, who are widows in their mid-fifties, amuse themselves putting down Eva's young rival. Ultimately, Sharon and Eva help solve the murder, and all that remains of Muffin are crumbs.