Blood And Money




A novel about power, passion, oil money, murder, which are all the ingredients of a fast-paced, gripping mystery noveland a true-crime story. To that mix, add glamorous personalities, prominent Texas businessmen, gangland reprobates, and a whole parade of medical experts. At once a documentary account of events and a novelistic reconstruction of encounters among the cast of colorful characters, this anatomy of murder first chronicles the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death in 1969 of Joan Robinson, the pampered daughter of a Texas oil millionaire and the wife of plastic surgeon Dr. John Hill, then examines the bizarre consequences that followed it.

The author employs the game of bridge quite often in this publication, and these bridge sessions set the scene for the ensuing action. For example, an excerpt follows:

Her friend sounded so distraught that Vann canceled other plans and hurried to the Hill house. Joan greeted her and announced that everybody was going to play bridge in the music room. Preparing double-sized highballs for her guests - there being no bar in the music room - she led her friends upstairs in a procession. John was already in the chamber, playing records and walking about checking the 108 speakers buried in the walls.

The four women - Joan, Vann, Diane, and Eunice - began a bridge game at one end of the room, while forty feet away, leaning against the piano, John listened to his music, his head raised almost reverently. The volume was so high that the situation beame lunatic. Diane and Eunice found themselves shouting out their bridge bids.



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