Over the years and especially in the years following the Gay Games in Amsterdam, 1998, many gay bridge players have joined together for one purpose, and that is to enjoy the company of other gay bridge players and to enjoy the game of bridge. We would like to present our visitors with a list of these gay bridge clubs.

And we would like to thank the organizers of these gay-related bridge clubs for their time and effort spent creating and maintaining these gay bridge clubs. These bridge players have our admiration, our respect and our recognition. They have done excellent work.

Gay Links
Gay Links



There is no special order regarding this list. It is not even alphabetical. We hope that you discover what you seek. If any Gay Bridge Club is not listed here, and you would like to be added, please send us an email with detail, and we will very glad to comply by adding your Bridge Club also.



Team Tampa - This bridge group of gay bridge players is located in and around the St. Petersburg, Florida, area. They call themselves the Team Tampa Bay, and for further information, please contact Jerry Keeran. Jerry Keeran organized the first national Gay Bridge Event in St. Petersburg, Florida, and has been an incentive for all others, who have organized similar gay bridge events. As a leading pioneer in the gay bridge community, he deserves our credit and recognition because of his efforts and energy spent to establish a foundation for others to build upon.

Community Visions - Created on June 5, 1999. Formerly called the OneList Community, this format was founded by two creative guys in Dallas, Texas, named Morgan and Jimmy. Their concept was new and innovative, and the first of its kind. Since its inception, this Web site has evolved and is now a part of eGroups. Since eGroups and other Chat Clubs have evolved, Community Vision has now become part of the IAGLBC eGroup.

Morgan and Jimmy continued being active in the gay bridge community for many years and webmastered an Internet website, which is no longer active. Morgan has been an innovative Internet bridge personality and started the first Chat Bulletin Boards for gay bridge players. His contributions have been tremendous and greatly appreciated. His mention here is for the credit and recognition he has deserved in being one of the pioneers in developing and motivating the gay bridge community. The past should not be forgotten.

Gaymsters Bridge Club Dallas Texas - The Gaymsters in Dallas, Texas, have joined the Internet and have designed their own Web site. The visitor can find out all information about the playing schedules, the time of the social bridge events, the dates, and the addresses. The visitor can also Sign and Read the Guestbook. Take the time to drop by and leave an email and let them realize that you recognize their efforts. Their efforts were done with you in mind. This Website is continually updated, so we suggest that you check back often with our friends in Dallas, Texas.

Voice Mail Paul: 214-321-6742
Voice Mail Jimmy: 214-946-6464
Snail Mail: Gaymsters
Box 190856
Dallas, Texas 75219-0856

The Bridge Boys - In the 1990s the Bridge Boys was a group of gay men in Los Angeles who would gather regularly for an afternoon or evening game of bridge in a relaxed social atmosphere. The group has since disbanded and this mention is preserved to remember the efforts of all the members, who assisted in building a foundation, upon which others could build.

The Bridge Club of Center City has assumed ownership of The Rittenhouse Duplicate Bridge Club in Philadelphia. The site of the bridge club is currently in Center City, Philadelphia, and the new owners have assured the Bridge Guys that they are continuing to welcome any and all gay bridge players to join them for a fun game of bridge, but also on a serious level of play. We have received the following information from the new owners of The Bridge Club of Center City.

Bridge Club of Center City, Inc.
Date: January 16, 2001

Our future goals are to keep duplicate bridge available in downtown Philadelphia, where there are some other occasional bridge games, but otherwise where only bridge players with cars can get to the suburban games. We are also attempting to reach out to the pool of current rubber bridge players in the area to get them interested in duplicate bridge. We also hope to use our unusual player profile, a large number of whom are under 40, to attract some young bridge players from the area's schools and other institutions, who might be interested in learning and playing bridge.

Additionally, the cooperative nature of the club will offer the opportunity for interested bridge players to participate in club decision-making, and to become directors and/or instructors in the club games and programs.

The Bridge Club of Center City itself is not gay-oriented in that it has no sexual orientation based identity or marketing. However, it has a large percentage of players, who are gay, in part because of its location, and in part because of word of mouth outreach.

Therefore we are certainly gay-friendly, and supportive of the gay community centers and activities in our area.

If there is ever a future interest in a collaborative organizational effort in this region, we could certainly try to help out.




Club de Bridge Arc-En-Ciel (English) - Club de Bridge Arc-En-Ciel - (French) - This is a gay bridge club located in Montreal, Canada, which was started in March 1999. The bridge club is sanctioned by the ACBL. The bridge club is for the members of the gay bridge community and every bridge player is welcomed. The club offers duplicate bridge games and bridge lessons.



Gay Forcing
Gay and lesbian bridge club in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. On September 22, 1996, a group of 40 people started the bridge club in view of the organization of the 1998 Gay Games in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in a place called East of Eden. The club was named Gay Forcing and was officially a gay bridge club until 1997 when it joined the Official Dutch Bridge Association.

The club has approximately 100 members and organizes year round monthly bridge drives on the first Sunday of each month. The club is located at "Huize Lydia" Roelofhartplein 2a, 1071 TT Amsterdam, The Netherland,s close to the Concert Hall. Our website is only in the Dutch language, but the communication with the club can be done in either Dutch or English. Guests are, after an advanced notice, very welcome to join and play the game.


Bridge Club de Looier
This is a website for gay bridge players in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and also for all domestic and foreign bridge players. The website presents a Dutch version, an English version, an Italian version, and also a German version, so it is not at all difficult to figure out what is what, and the visitor can find out all pertinent information.


Gay and Lesbian New Zealand - At this website the visitor to New Zealand can find out all pertinent information for activities in New Zealand. The visitor will have to sign in to obtain the information.

Note: Finesse Bridge Club - This bridge club has been taken off line and is no longer active as of 2005. It is includedonly as part of the history for Sydney, Australia. The bridge club was the inspiration of David and Peter in 1999 to celebrate and remember the occasion of Stonewall in New York City. The responsibilities of conducting the games and the operation was later assumed by Bruce and Michael in association with the Grand Slam Bridge Club, Cross Street, Double Bay, Sydney. The Finesse Bridge Club was very influential and active before, during and after the Gay Games VI held in Sydney, Australia, between November 2 and November 9, 2002.



South London Gay Bridge Group - The South London Area Gay Bridge Group was founded in August 1985 to provide a venue for gay people to meet on a regular basis to play Rubber Bridge and generally to meet new gay friends and socialise. Members are of varying Bridge standards from beginners upwards, and new players are always welcome. The group holds regular meetings at venues all over the South London area, from Twickenham and Putney in the West to Surrey Quays and Bromley in the East, our venues being our members residences. Members are of varying Bridge standards from beginners upwards, and new players are always welcome.

If you think you might be interested in joining, please contact Kevin on 020 8898-4403 or Andy on 020 8675-0104. Alternatively, you can visit our Website. Click on the Icon above.


West London Gay Bridge Club - This is a gay and lesbian bridge club, playing duplicate bridge once a week in West London. We meet every Monday evening upstairs at The Victoria pub in Strathearn Place London W2. We are a very friendly group, meeting both to play bridge and socialise in West London. For further information, please contact Andy 020 7537 2481 or Chris 020 7266 1358.

West London Bridge Club - This is a bridge club for gay men and lesbians who enjoy playing Contract Bridge. It meets every Monday from 7.30pm to 11.00pm at The Victoria, Strathearn Place, W2. The bridge club has been active since the early 1980s. Contact Andrew Conway at Email Address: andrew_conway@btinternet.com. For further information please contact: Andy: 020 7537 2481 and/or Chris: 020 8898 1405.


East Cobb Lesbian Bridge Players
We welcome beginning and intermediate players who want to play easy-going, non-judgmental bridge. Our more experienced players are happy to give at-table lessons and help to beginners. If you have always wanted to play bridge or refresh your skills, this is the group for you.


Paris is also rife with gay associations, ranging from bridge clubs to political groups to fetishist organizations. In recent years, gay-owned or gay-oriented establishments have taken to identifying themselves with displays of rainbow flags. You'll see them everywhere, a constant reminder that you're in gay Paree.

In 2001 Paris elected its first openly gay mayor, Bertrand Delanoe, affirming the city's tolerance towards us. Indeed, gay life in Paris is inextricably intertwined with dominant (straight) culture, in spite of the Marais' reputation as a ghetto. Straight Parisians often frequent gay-identified bars and clubs, reputed as the trendiest, most happening places in town, and social gatherings (dinner parties are a high sacred rite of life in France) are usually mixed. It is safe to say, overall, that the French genuinely like gay people, so you should feel welcome everywhere. Click here to learn more.


Bridge Club - The English version is presently under construction and is off line. This is an Icelandic Bridge Club for lesbians and gay men. The group meets on Wednesday evenings in the Community Centre at Laugavegur 3 and plays bridge. The number of member varies. To contact this bridge group, the visitor should first visit the English Version at GayIceIs to retrieve a pertinent Email Address from this Home Page. The traveling bridge player is gently reminded that Iceland is only 3 hours away from London and 5 hours away from New York.


Giovedì Bridge - A gay-related and friendly bridge organization in Italy. The text is in Italian, but the webmasters promise email responses in English. The website offers Giovedì Bridge - VirtualClub 2,01, which is an free online bridge application for fellow bridge players.



Quick Tricks Duplicate Bridge Club - Located at the Pride Center at Equality Park, 2040 North Dixie Highway, in Wilton Manors, Florida 33305, the visitors are welcomed to visit and join in the game of bridge. The Director-in-charge is Rich Waugh. The duplicate bridge club offers stratified novice games, stratified novice to intermediate games. For additional information send email to either to Tom: tom@sharpcomputersolutions.com, or Jack: JackDeCresente@Comcast.Net.



Frodobc - Friends of Dorothy Online Gay Bridge Club - This Online Gay Bridge Club for fellow gay bridge players was formed in November 2003, and inaugurated on February 17, 2004, by Michael until he handed the management over in October 2004, at which time Jef assumed responsibilities. However, all members assist in managing and maintaining this group.

Note: The Frodobc also has an account on Facebook. The interested player must have a Facebook account in order to log in to meet and interact with other players.

Note: It is the first of its kind on the Internet. This is a forum to facilitate online bridge for the gay community and their friends. The members play primarily on Bridge Base Online (BBO). The members strongly suggest that unless you already know one of the other members, then they respectfully ask that a new member please send his/her BBO name so that they can contact you before your membership is approved. The objective of the Online Gay Bridge Club is to meet and play with other fellow gay bridge players and emphasis is placed on having fun and enjoying the game. All interested bridge players should contact the group members via the links above for further and additional information.


Prime Timers San Fernando Valley - Presently Off Line. This chapter of the Prime Timers in San Fernando Valley, California, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of gay men and admirers through social activities, also has Bridge Evenings, among other social events. At this website, the visitor can obtain more information regarding location and schedule. This chapter is very friendly and welcomes all new-comers.The visitor can call Larry Peterson at 818-241-1616 for further information. The Prime Timers San Fernando Valley Bridge Players have a feature entitled On-Going Drop-in Activities, which means that no reservations are needed to join them for bridge games, although it would be nice if the visitor called in advance. The Bridge Games take place on Wednesday Night Bridge from 6:30pm to 9:30pm and is located at 1301 W. Olive in Burbank. All levels of players are welcome.


Prime Timers Toronto - This chapter of the Prime Timers is located in Toronto, Canada, and was founded in the year 1994. As advertised, the Toronto chapter is a social club for gay and bi men over 40 and their special friends. This chapter also offers bridge games as a social event and welcomes everyone to visit. As promoted: life is nothing but a game of bridge.


Prime Timers Winnepeg - The purpose of our organization is to provide mature gay and bisexual men, and their admirers, with opportunities to come together in a supportive atmosphere to enjoy social, educational, and recreational activities. Among the multitude of activities is also the Game of Bridge.


Prime Timers of the Desert
The Prime Timers of the Desert Group is a social club for mature gay men and their admirers in the Palm Springs, California area. Activities include among other events the game of bridge. For information about the Prime Timers of the Desert, view their Web site, also http://www.PTOD-PS.ORG/.


Colorado Prime Timers - This Chapter is affilitated with the Prime Timers World Wide, which has over 50 chapters all over the world. Among other activities this Chapter lists the Game of Bridge as a social event.


Tidewater Prime Timers of S.E. Virginia - We are primarily a social club that seeks to provide a means for our members to have a fuller life. We survey our members and from their responses, create a series of special interests groups (sigs), which our members organize. Such sigs are: the Not Ready for Prime Timers' bridge group, the Saturday morning Breakfast Bunch, the Walking Group, the Discussion Group, the Day Trippers, Tuesday Lunch Group. We have attended the local college theater, movies at the Naro, had pot luck dinners, and picnics. Other possible shared Interests Groups are Walking/Hiking, Camping, Gardening, Cooking, Naturist, Sports Fan, Investment, and Discussion Groups. These groups form and evolve solely by the interest of our members.

IAGLBC - The International Association of Gay & Lesbian Bridge Clubs was formed at the 1998 Amsterdam Gay Games. The objective of this group is to promote closer association among gay and lesbian Bridge players, improve communciation between gay and lesbian bridge clubs, and organize annual Gay and Lesbian Bridge Tournaments.

Note: The Internet site for the International Association of Gay & Lesbian Bridge Clubs has not been updated since March 3, 2010. No future events have been planned since 2010. The Gay Bridge Mesage Board has also been disabled. At Community Visions the IAGLBC is listed as showing Gay Bridge 2011, December 13-19, 2011, without either an Internet link and/or additional information.

East Bay Gay Men's Bridge Club - Contact Rob: EBGMBC@aol.com for additional information.This Bridge Club for gay bridge players is located in San Francisco, California, and invites all other fellow gay bridge players to join, have fun, and play bridge.


QuickTricks - The QuickTricks Bridge Club is affiliated with the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) and offers games and classes open to all. The Club is located in Ellard Hall, which is entered through a gate alongside Most Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Church, on the south-west corner of Diamond Street, at 18th Street, in San Francisco, California.

Note: The visitor is invited to read the History of the Club. Tadd Waggoner founded QuickTricks in 1978 to provide games primarily for the city's gay community. The first location was at a Gay Pride Center at 330 Grove Street (near City Hall). The contingent wanting duplicate bridge grew large enough to make it worthwhile to form a bridge club associated with the ACBL. The initial officers were Tadd Waggoner (President), Charlie Peer (Vice President), Mark Sundelin (Secretary), and William Landis (Treasurer).

Note: For additional information about the formation of QuickTricks please review the .pdf file, which will be automatically opened by your browser.

Community Resource Guide
The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center at PENN, one of the oldest and most active programs of its kind in the country, supports PENN lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students, staff, alumni, and faculty and increases the general PENN community’s understanding and acceptance of its sexual and gender minority members. Established in 1982, the Center provides a variety of services throughout the year for and concerning PENN's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Among the venues is also the Gay Bridge Club, which the visitor can get information by telephoning: 215-334-8170. Click on Hobbies & Recreation to find the link.


Rainbow Bridge Club - Rainbow Bridge Club is a non-profit, ACBL sanctioned bridge club directed towards Seattle's GLBTQ community (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning or queer) serving the GLBTQ community as well as their family, friends and supporters. We are inclusive and diverse in a variety of ways, but we share the desire to make a safe space for the GLBTQ community, while enjoying a great game. Bridge is the medium we use in a fun environment to build community, to support each other, and to have a great time. A relaxed game in a relaxed atmosphere safe for all is our goal. We don't just tolerate diversity, we embrace it! Aslo listed on the Home Page for Unit 446.

Grand Slam Bridge Club - This Bridge group is located in New York City. The Bridge group meets at the Lesbian and Gay Community Center located at One Little West 12th Street, New York, New York 10014, at 2:00pm on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. The Contact Person is: Bob

Google Groups - The bridge-related groups on Google are also available to the bridge student. Please go to the provided link, select bridge games as the key word in the search field and Google will list all bridge-related groups.

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