We would like to first of all present our visitors with a little history of this magnificent country in Europe. As all students and pupils, who have gone before us, our knowledge of geography is somewhat lacking. We have all somehow forgotten the history of many countries, their evolution to the modern day, their trials and tribulations of becoming a country. Our intent is not to teach, but rather to recall the history of Finland. Click on the following icon, and you can read about the History of Finland. And clicking on the second link will take you to a map of Finland.



Bridge League of Finland - The official website for all bridge players in Finland. The following listing has the same address but the URL has changed. All pertinent information can be found at this site and the main language is that of Finland.

Suomen Bridgeliitto - Finlands Bridgeförbund or The Bridge League of Finland can be found at this address. Much of this website is in their native language, but you can find some articles in English. The Website has been designed well and many have visited The Bridge League of Finland. Please stop by and leave your greetings.

Joensuun Bridgekerho - This is also a personal website for bridge players and there is nothing in English.

Suomen Bridgefoorumi - Finlands Bridge Forum

The Finnish Standard - This website is the English version of the above Website by Jukka Korpela. The Website describes the Finish Standard Bidding System, which has some similarities with the 5-Card American Standard. But in the words of Jukka Korpela: This document describes the Finnish Standard Bidding System for bridge. Officially the Standard is defined for the bidding panel of the Finnish Bridge magazine, but it is often regarded as a more general standard. Finnish bridge players quite often base their bidding system on this standard, usually omitting some conventions or adding their own. Finnish Version: http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/bridge/paneelis.html


Bridge Clubs in Finland - On this website the visitor will find many bridge clubs, which are not on the Internet. This list is kept up-to-date is provides information regarding the name of the bridge club, the Contact Person with address and email address, telephone number and location.

Nordic Bridge Union

Bridge-001 Äänekoski

Bridge Areenan - In English

Bridgeklubben inom AV


Bridge-19 Hämeenlinna

Ekenäs bridgeklubb r.f.

H-6 Turku

Joensuun Bridgekerho

Jyväskylän Bridgekerho

Kajaanin Bridgekerho

Keski-Uudenmaan Bridge ry. KUB

Kirkkonummen Bridgekerho

Kuopion Bridgekerho

Lappeenrannan Bridgekerho

Orluni Bridge Klubi

Orlun yliopiston

Pieksämäen Bridgekerho

Porin Bridgekerhon

Rauman Bridgekerho

Rovaniemen Bridgekerho

Salon Bridgekerho

Seinäjoen Bridgekerho

Tammerbridge RYn

Turun Bridgekerho

Warkauden Bridgekerho

Vasa Bridgeklubb

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