None of the software or online services listed below has been rated as to compatibility, presentation, and popularity. The visitor should review the product, take it for a test drive, kick the tires, and decide for him/herself whether or not this is the product which satisfies his/her needs and expectations. We believe that any attempt at offering bridge players a bridge-related product should be noted and recognized.

During the course of development, the Internet links may have changed. If any visitor notices that a link does not work, please be so kind as to inform us, and we shall update the link as quickly as possible. Newer versions are being produced at a rapid pace, but we have decided to maintain connections to the older versions as well.


Al Levy
Participating Computer Bridge Software for the World Computer Bridge Championship and the History of these Software Programs as presented by Mr. Al Levy.

Bridge Baron - See: Bride Baron Past Versions. See also: Computer Bridge on the Internet for Results in the World Computer Bridge Championships.

Facebook - Bridge Baron on Facebook.

Bridge Baron on iTunes - Bridge Baron as an downloadable app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Bridge Baron for Android - Version 2.-93. Released December 16, 2011. With this app, you can play some serious Bridge with your Android phone or tablet.

Blue Chip Bridge - See also: Computer Bridge on the Internet for Results in the World Computer Bridge Championships. Company: Blue Chip Bridge Ltd., PO Box 167, Waltham Cross, Herts EN7 5GB England. The Intelligent Bridge Program. The software program was developed by Mr. Ian Trackman and Mr. Mike Whittaker. They are continuously improving and updating the program. Their policy is to provide minor updates to registered users free of charge by email or at nominal cost through the post. There are three main sections of Blue Chip Bridge, which include the program itself, the bidding database and the Tutors.


Bridge Is Cool - An interactive Internet site established and presented in 2005 for younger players. The purpose of the site is to compete in bridge events just for Juniors, meet people from other cultures and visit exciting parts of the world. From tournaments to ACBL-wide masterpoint races, the ACBL offers many opportunities to test your skill against other young bridge enthusiasts. National bridge organizations help fund many of the worldwide competitions.

The site has many things to offer such as instructions on how to learn and play MiniBridge and Bridge. The member can also download software for private use and also download the issues of The Grapevine, which is the Newsletter for members with pertinent information for the young bridge player. The member can also count upon the advice of several of the leading bridge experts in the bridge community.

For additional information, please check out the following article in .pdf file format, for additional Email Addresses and information.

Bridge 8.0 - This program is a complete bridge playing program in which you and your computer partner bid against two computer opponents and then you play out the hands. From Novices to Advanced Players. Both IBM and Mac versions. You can download a demo before purchase. The software includes an online bridge tutorial.

Bridge Base Online
Download is required. Bridge Base Online represents an entirely new concept in online bridge. It is a place where you can play bridge, study bridge, or talk about bridge with your friends.Some AOL users have had trouble with this download. If, at the end of installation procedure, you are asked to insert a 2nd disk, the download has not worked properly. System Requirements: PC compatible with Windows 95 or better, at least 800x600 screen resolution, at least 8MB RAM, at least 5MB free hard disk space.

Offered by Mr. Stephen Pickett of REC Software Inc. of Vancouver, Canada. This software offers a learning tool that no bridge player can afford to be without such as access to every bid made and every card played in a 50-100 table field. Not just your hands, but those of 50,000 others, including most of the world's experts. Here in an easily-to-access database is information that was in the past only available to expert players after a lifetime of competition: what works, what doesn't work, and who does it. BRidgeBRowser has hands sorted by player, rating, date, hand shape, and of course results . With this information you can literally become an expert.

Bridge Buff - See also: Computer Bridge on the Internet for Results in the World Computer Bridge Championships. Company: BridgeWare, PO Box 65077, 358 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4K 3Z2 Canada. Bridge Buff plays a great game of Bridge. It is highly praised throughout the bridge community. It is perfect for all levels of players, with Tutors for beginners and intermediates, and large numbers of conventions for more advanced players. It features excellent auction stability. Bridge Buff uses Visual Deal to deal out thousands of randomly generated deals, complete with auctions. There are three playing modes. In Practice mode, you have full control over every element of the game, and you can redeal, rebid, replay, take back cards, peek, and cheat as much as you want. In Match mode, you play a series of hands against a closed room opponent and can play Teams, Pairs and Individual matches. Another Match option includes matchpoint estimates so you can measure how well you are doing against both Strong and Weak fields.

Conventions: 2D Waiting after 2C Opener, 2NT Flannery-Ask, 2NT Roman-Ask, 2NT Stopper-Ask after Weak 2-Bid, 5-Card Major Openings, Astro, Becker, Bergen Raises, Blackwood, Brozel, Cappelletti, Cheapest Minor 2nd Negative, Checkback Stayman, Constructive Raises, Cue Bids, Cue Raises, DONT, DOPI/DEPO, Drury, Flannery, Flannery Defense, Forcing 1NT, Forcing 2D Stayman, Fourth Suit Forcing, Gerber, Include 5-card Major in 1NT, Inverted Minors, Jacoby 2NT, Jacoby Transfer, Jordan 2NT, Landy, Lebensohl, Lebensohl after Weak Two-Bid, Limit Raises, Michaels, Negative Doubles, Negative Doubles After 1NT Opener, New Minor Forcing, New Suit By Responder Forcing, Preemptive Jump Raises, Principle of Fast/Slow Arrival, Puppet Stayman, Rescue Bids, Responsive Doubles, Roman (12-15) 2D, Roman (17-20) 2D, Sandwich NT, Smolen, Stayman, Strong Artificial 2C, Support Double, Support Redouble, Swiss, Texas Transfer, Two Over One, Unusual NT, Weak 2-Bid, Weak Jump Overcall, Western Cue-Bids

Bridge Club Live - The IOBC was formed in 1994 as dedicated consortium totally focused in providing a high quality, Windows based on line bridge system. We have been in continuous operation for since that time. During that time we have evolved a sophisticated online playing software system that includes a Java Web based program. We constantly work with national bridge organisations and in particular, BridgeClubLive is an EBU affiliated club and we provide EBU Online Master Points and work closely with the EBU in a number of areas. We are unique in being able to cater for both SAYC and ACOL players. We are based in London, England and our server is directly located on the LINX Internet exchange at 10 Mbyte within our ISP at Telehouse in London Docklands where 95% of the UK Internet traffic peers.  Backbone connections to the USA are via two Independent SPRINT lines for maximum performance and resilience for all our International players.

Our Java version launched in 2001 operates on virtually all operating systems, including MACs with modern Web Browsers that support JAVA 1.1 or higher.

Bridge Dealer - Offered by Michael Lawrence, this is a software product that will deal hands to your specifications and will help you decide on knotty bidding problems. There are some fun and some informative things you can do with this program. For Dos or the Mac computer.

The Bridge Dealmaster - Company: Dealmaster Pro, Ward & Sons, Inc., P.O. Box 331, Agawam, MA 01001. Telephone: 413-789-4267. For Bridge Teachers: Dealmaster, the perfect tool for organizing lesson materials, generating deals, and printing just what you want. For Bridge Players: Dealmaster, the finest Deal Generator and Simulator available. Super for creating hands for bidding and play practice and for convention analysis. For Bridge Clubs: Dealmaster - a great Generator of random deals. Languages: English, Italien, French and German.

Bridge Player Live - Features include Play Bridge on the Internet, 24hours  to suit all time zones. Social and serious. Easy to setup and us. Windows 95/98/NT. Full Membership facilities. Free Guest Access. Wide range of Tournaments. Public/Private Rooms/Tables. Web based Results. Friendly members. Rubber Teams. Tuition, Pairs, IMPS, Duplicate, Individual.

Bridge Master - Bridge Master for Windows (released August 1, 1996) is the latest edition of the highly acclaimed Bridge Master software. New features include: 1. a Windows graphical user interface, 2. 30 new lesson deals, 180 in total, 3. several new options for customizing the user interface, 4. excellent documentation and online help, 5. facility for teaching the user to count the hand, 5. the program comes in a nice box.

Bridge Master - Audrey Grant's Better Bridge Edition, a special edition of Bridge Master, leads the new bridge player from the basic guidelines of bridge to the next level. There is a DOS version and a Windows version. What is Bridge Master. Bridge Master is a computer program for IBM compatible computers. The Standard Edition of Bridge Master 2000 and Audrey Grant's Better Bridge Edition of Bridge Master 2000 (the latest releases) run on Windows 95 or better, have state of the art user interfaces, and come on CD-ROMs. Bridge Master for Windows runs on Windows 3.1 or better and comes on a 3.5" diskette.

Bridge Master is an educational program for improving your declarer play skills. The program presents you with a series of instructional deals to play. You are always declarer. The deals that you play are not randomly dealt. They are carefully constructed excercises designed to illustrate an important declarer play technique. If you take the correct line of play you will always make your contract. If you make any mistake as declarer, the program will defend perfectly and defeat your contract. Each deal is accompanied by an animated bridge movie that will explain the correct line of play as well as the thinking process that leads to the solution.

Bridge Base Inc. introduced the DOS version of Bridge Master in 1992. Bridge Master for Windows was released August 1, 1996. Bridge Master 2000 was released November 1, 1999, Bridge Master 2000, Audrey Grant's Better Bridge Edition was released September 19, 2000; both are currently available. Bridge Master has been translated into Dutch and Danish as well as Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, German, and French.

Bridge Master - The first software product by Mr. Fred Gitelman. It gives you 180 hands and it watches you closely as you play. You choose the cards you play and the computer decides if it likes your play. The computer does things like giving East the queen of hearts the first time you play the hand and giving it to West if you try another, but incorrect line.

Bridge Master - The much improved version by Mr. Fred Gitelman of his software. Bridge Master is a computer program for IBM compatible computers. Both Windows and DOS versions are available. Bridge Master is an educational program for improving your declarer play skills. The program presents you with a series of instructional deals to play. You are always declarer. The deals that you play are not randomly dealt. They are carefully constructed exercises designed to illustrate an important declarer play technique. If you take the correct line of play you will always make your contract. If you make any mistake as declarer, the program will defend perfectly and defeat your contract. Each deal is accompanied by an animated bridge movie that will explain the correct line of play as well as the thinking process that leads to the solution.

Bridge Mate 3 - Bridge Mate, 6374 Chinook Drive, Clinton, Washington 98236. Email address: With this software you can start off with certain bridge conventions and then add you own bridge conventions. You can also play different Bridge Systems such as 2/1 Game Force, Precision, Standard American, Kaplan-Scheinwold, or Goren. The software also offers you several default Convention Charts, and you can make your own. The player can play random hands, enter specific deals or arrange practice hands. This software only runs on DOS and Windows.

BridgePro - The game, BridgePro , is the most advanced, affordable contract rubber bridge computer card game on the market today. It will realistically play bridge with the user as if there were three other individuals sitting at the table. It is visually pleasing, simple to use, and reliable. It has a number of unique features that makes it an exciting game for the beginner or the most  advanced player. There are  three levels of play in and they are Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. By selecting the proper level the player can gradually work toward the top level of play. The player can add one or several conventions at a time.

The programs will play on any Macintosh OS from 6.0.8 to 9.2.x. In Mac OS X, the game opens and plays automatically in the Classic Mode.  A display resolution of 640 X 480 or larger is required.

BridgeSoft - This is a bridge software application for home use developed by Bridgesoft, Kapelstraat 40 1404 HZ Bussum, The Netherlands.



Bridgetrix Homepage - Presently Off Line. Mr. Bobby Wolff, a ten time World Champion in Bridge, in collaboration with Mr. Neil Cohen, has produced a CD to demonstrate certain aspects of the Game. You learn while Mr. Bobby Wolff acts as your Bridge Mentor. Instead of reading, you listen and learn. The CD does not cost very much and a refund policy is offered. Many of the Bridge Greats have reviewed the CD such as Mr. Richard Pavlicek, Mr. Brent Manley and Mr. Alen Truscott, and their reviews have been favorable and positive. The system requirements are IBM PC or compatible, and you can download a Demo. You will also discover a Bridge Column called Aces On Bridge written by Mr. Bobby Wolff which examines certain play techniques. These have been archived. All in all, even if you do not order the CD, you will be delighted by the well-designed Website which carries an Exceptional 1999 Sites Award.


Bid Whist for Windows - This software works on Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000 and XP. It plays with a standard 52 card deck, two jokers, a six card kitty, with trump and no trump. The player can play with a computer partner against two computer opponents. The player can save and recall games, show the history of what cards were played for each hand, print all hands, change card backs, create a game by giving each player and the kitty any cards you desire, practice game scenarios by undoing a play to try a different play, set the titles of the players, set the dealer, sort your cards, cut the deck, enable sound and produce statistics. This game is for experts and beginners. RWM and Associates was founded in 2001 by Mr. Ronald Wayne Morris. RWM and Associates is headquartered in Washington, DC.

Counting At Bridge - Counting at Bridge is a computer program for IBM compatible computers running Windows. Counting at Bridge is the first in the series of bridge software by Mr. Michael Lawrence and Mr. Fred Gitelman. The software program is an educational product that is primarily designed to teach the user various techniques and applications of counting a bridge hand. If you ask any bridge expert which single bridge technique is most important, counting would be a near universal response. By mastering the skills that are taught in this program you will find a dramatic improvement in your results at the table. Counting the hand can turn a blind guess into a certainty. This product also presents many useful tips and suggestions relating to other aspects of bridge. Counting at Bridge presents you with 100 bridge deals, many with multiple variations. The user does not play these deals. Instead, the user watches Mike Lawrence as he bids, plays and defends.


Deep Finesse
Deep Finesse version 1.6 was released on November 26, 1999. Deep Finesse is an interactive hand analyzer that lets you examine play lines of any bridge deal. You don't compete against Deep Finesse; rather, it's a tool to help promote better human understanding of the game. The current version plays perfect double-dummy bridge (meaning all hands are visible). All positions are solved correctly regardless of the complexity, usually within seconds. A version that supports single-dummy play (where two hands are hidden) is planned for the future.

Defense - A software program offered by Mr. Michael Lawrence and Mr. Fred Gitelman, and as they promote: DEFENSE won't make you a wonderful defender overnight. It will, however, show you many of the important things you need to think about. IBM compatible, Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98.


Duplimate - WinDup MkIV - A dealing machine which allows the bridge club to sort cards without barcodes and which does not redeal old hands.



EMA Bridge - 2014 Computer Bridge Champion. hark bridge is the most complete bridge game for your iPad, ipHone and Mac computers, (Windows version is coming soon). It is a collaboration between L'Atelier D'Ema, John Norris and Extensa Dev. In 2006 Shark Bridge introduced itself to the world of computer bridge games. Shark Bridge is for the casual player as well as the experts.

Endless Bridge - IPBM, 455 Alfreton Road, Nottingham Ng7 5LX, England. This computer software includes nine conventions and the two Systems Acol and 5-Card Majors. The player can show defensive signals, however only on the first trick. This is the English version of Eindeloos Bridge from Bridgesoft in Holland.

Floater - Free multi-player bridge game from Mr. Geoff Pike, a Computer Science graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley. Floater allows the user the option of playing rubber bridge, IMPs, or matchpoints. It is also possible to play the same hands as the IMP and matchpoint players. Works with Windows, UNIX and Macintosh operating systems.

FunBridge - FunBridge is a community of 200,000 members spread across more thatn 190 countries around the world that plays 30,000 deals a day. FunBridge allows the member to play bridge deals on Mac computers, and iPhone or iPad and to compare these same deals with thousands of other players. Compare your biddings and the play of your hand with the bridgers' community. FunBridge is developed with Mr. Jérôme Rombaut, an European bridge champion. Mr. Arnaud Sing is the Web Developer. Headquarters is: 3 avenue Antoine Pinay, Parc d'activités des 4 vents
59510 HEM - France.

GIB - See also: Computer Bridge on the Internet for Results in the World Computer Bridge Championships. Acronym for: (Ginsberg's Intelligent Bridgeplayer). Company: Just Write, Inc., 29585 Fox Hollow Road, Eugene, Oregon 97405. Requirements: Windows or Linux CD. Installation notes: In order to use the MacGIB installer, you must have a version 5 or version 6 GIB CD (Windows/Linux version). This CD must be inserted while the installation proceeds. The CD will not be needed during subsequent use of McGIB. About network play: McGIB does not currently support network. play. We do not have a timetable for correcting this

Overview of Features include:
Highest quality of play of any bridge program, commercial or otherwise.
Easy-to-use graphical interface.
Multilingual interface supporting Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Swedish.
Get hints or watch GIB think.
Compare your play with closed room experts: Replay 2500+ deals from international tournaments and compare your actions to those of the masters.
Variety of defensive signalling options. Not only does GIB signal, it watches your signals and defends appropriately.
The only computer program ever to have been a member of the ACBL or to have won master points in play against humans.
ACBL and international-style convention cards.
Wide range of bidding systems, including Standard American, 2/1 Game Forcing, Kaplan-Sheinwold, ACOL, and traditional Goren; many individual conventions as well.
High-visibility card option for use on small or hard-to-read screens.
Sophisticated artificial intelligence search algorithms use Monte Carlo techniques for card play and Borel simulations for bidding.

Offered by Mr. Stephen Pickett of REC Software Inc. of Vancouver, Canada. The configuration screen for the GIB engine. The promotion is that the marriage between GIB and BRidgeBRowser provides the best computer bridge player and the largest collection of bridge data ever. Some of the features include the following:

- Choice of carding convention (most common leads, some 30 in all, enumerated) for both you and opponentss.
- Some **SEVENTY** bidding conventions for both you and opponentss including some unusual treatments.
- **SIX** Standard bidding systems as well as the system used by GIB in competition, M.O.S.C.I.T.O.
- GIBBrowser switches effortlessly when you change your seat, too. Several conventions that are not available in the standard version of GIB.
- GIB's switches for par contests and competition bidding, mostly affecting thinking time.

Internet Gaming Zone - A popular, free site with multi-player bridge offering both IMPS and matchpoints scoring.




Jack 1001
Jack 2002
jack 2003
Jack 2004

Jack Computer Bridge - Select from four different languages. See also: Computer Bridge on the Internet for Results in the World Computer Bridge Championships. Winner of the 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 World Computer Bridge Championships. Jack has been developed mainly by and under the auspices of Mr. Hans Kuijf in cooperation with other bridge players and professional software programmers. Jack’s possibilities far exceed those of all other bridge playing programs. Besides its exceptional bidding and playing strength, Jack offers a very user friendly interface. - Administrators: jun, woody, Jimmy, gizmo, and TinyFairy. JBridge.NET is rebuilt based on our previous Windows version (see past history below) with latest technologies from Microsoft .NET and Sun Microsystems Java2 platform. JBridge offers bridge players all over the world  to play our online duplicate MP/IMP/XIMP boards 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Player's rank is calculated based on weekly duplicate scores by comparing to the same board played by others. Weekly top players will be selected and posted on web, personalized ScoreBook and RecordBook will provide you the board you played played online for review and comparison, each player's best partners will also be listed based on the scores for different game (MP/IMP/XIMP). As one of the best designed web based Java programs,  we wish you enjoy your play at JBridge.NET.

Past History for: Winbridge - A free site with a good interface and several scoring options, such as Matchpoints and IMPs. The software can be downloaded. The winBridge project started in 1994. The first version was designed for the Microsoft Windows 3.1. New web based version has been re-designed/re-built since July 1997 for Window 95 and NT or above. The winBridge web site ( was launched after Microsoft released Internet Explorer 4.0 at the end of September 1997. winBridge application was developed based on Microsoft's ActiveX technology, using Visual Studio tools. Localized Windows, Internet Explorer, and international languages are all supported at winBridge.


Larry Cohen's Bridge Books & CDs Homepage
Mr. Larry Cohen contributes much to the game of bridge and has recently begun to add Interactive Software to the list of his many publications, which are listed below. Via his Web site, the bridge player can purchase these items and even read excerpts from his books before purchase. Check back often for future publications.

Let's Play Bridge - Company: Terry Inc., PO Box 21289, Carson City, Nevada 89721. The visitor downloads the software demo, and begins playing. Following are some of the many features that makes Let's Play Bridge fun. Three offensive bidding systems to choose from. Three defensive bidding systems to choose from. Play of the cards. Game for 1 to 4 people. Switching between you and the computer. Connect two computers by telephone or with null modem. For your enjoyment and competitive spirit, you can play Duplicate Bridge. You can select the type of hands you play. To discover the many features of the software, click on the Features button in the menu. Requirements: Windows 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT) and 4.4 megabytes disk space. There is no Mac version available. If after downloading the demo and you wish to purchase the software, then you can order it online.

Macintosh Recap - MacRecap - Developed by Mr. Tom Vind. MacRecap has been approved by the American Contract Bridge League for use in local sanctioned games. The person who approved it is Mr. Jim Lopushinsky, the author of ACBLscore. It was a verbal approval which was recorded on a telephone answering machine and can be played back if you want to hear it. All of the common movements are available for use by MacRecap. There is, however, a companion program named Specify_A_Movement for creating any movement you desire.

Master Solver's Club Disk - This software program is based on the popular features from The Bridge Word magazine. It is an interactive educational software program which compares your answers, your thoughts, and your scores with the answers and thoughts and scores of Bridge Experts. If you encounter a situation where you need assistance, there is also an Online Assistance. This software is only designed for those computers running Wind 3.1, Win 95, or Win NT.

Meadowlark Bridge - Off Line. See also: Computer Bridge on the Internet for Results in the World Computer Bridge Championships. Company: Meadowlark Software, P.O. Box 5166, Fargo, ND 58105-5166. Features of Meadowlark Bridge and the Hand Librarian. Meadowlark Bridge won the World Computer Bridge Championship held in September 2000, in Maastricht, The Netherlands. This was sponsored by MSN Gaming Zone.

System Requirements:
Windows Version 3.1, 3.11, 95, or 98.
3.5" floppy disk drive and mouse
4 MB of space on your hard disk
VGA Monitor
803(4)86 or Pentium computer with 4 MB RAM
A permanent swap file must be set up for Windows 3.1 or 3.11.

Developed using advanced computer programming techniques:

An expert system and advanced pattern recognition system are at the heart of Meadowlark Bridge, providing for a high standard of bidding and play.

Micro Bridge 10 - See also: Computer Bridge on the Internet for Results in the World Computer Bridge Championships. Developed by Tomio Uchida and Yumiko Uchida of Japan. Ultimate in Duplicate Bridge Experience! You can enjoy playing bridge with computer and human players as if you were in a tournament.

Excellent Bidding and Play
Fair play based on bidding system database, artificial intelligence, and Monte Carlo simulation. Supporting alert, claim, concession, and choice of defensive signals.

Wide Variety of Bidding Systems
Fourteen pre-defined bidding systems including American, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Japanese, and Swedish fundamental systems. Various bidding conventions are also available. Furthermore, you can make your own bidding systems.

Many Types of Duplicate Bridge
Team match against computer players, team match against actual tournaments, and pair match against actual tournaments. Over 10,000 boards of actual tournament data are included. You can also play team match using PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) files.

Network Play
Supporting LAN (up to four persons), modem (two persons), and direct serial connections (two persons). A copy of Micro Bridge gives you license to use Network Play up to four persons at once.

Easy to Use and Many Useful Functions
Windows based graphical user interface offering many useful functions: random deal, restricted deal, edit hand, review auction/play, hint, undo, rebid, replay, select board, change seat, show and print convention card/summary, save and review hand records, etc.

Wide Range of PCs Available
The ten skill levels cover from 100MHz to over 1GHz CPUs. The faster your computer, the better the card play. Supporting Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT4.0/2000/XP.

MSN Bridge - Game Zone - Preserved for historical purpose


Beyond the Zone - MSN Games Looks to the Future

Classic games have been retired; new Chess, Spades, and more on the way! It’s hard to imagine, but MSN Games is now a decade old. Ten years is a long time in the gaming world: it’s nearly half the age of the World Wide Web and over a quarter of the entire history of home videogames! But hey, who checks the clock in the middle of a party?

As we gear up for a second decade, our objective is still the same: to be your favorite place to play the world’s most popular games, fill a bit of spare time, de-stress during lunch, catch up with friends, or “accidentally” miss a staff meeting. In pursuit of this ever-tantalizing goal, we plan to make a few significant changes to MSN Games over the next few months.

First, some tearful farewells: as of June 19, 2006, we have retired our original versions of several classic card and board games: Classic Backgammon, Bridge, Classic Checkers, Chess, Cribbage, Euchre, Go, Classic Hearts, Reversi, and Spades. We are sad to see them go! These games are like old friends: they gave us our start, and helped us grow from an innovative little entertainment site to a truly stellar online gaming experience. But over the years, it’s become more and more difficult to maintain the aging hardware and software that supports them. We held out absolutely as long as we could, but it was finally time to make that decision.

MVP Bridge - Acknowledged as the best shareware Bridge game available, this major new version includes improved Artificial Intelligence for better bidding and play, internet multiplayer support, new 256-color graphics, an improved tutorial for Bridge beginners, 13 conventions, and the best user interface of any Bridge game available. Windows 3.1 and up.

MVP Bridge Deluxe - MVP software, PO Box 888281, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49488. This is a shareware software which is downloaded, and it is advertised as being acknowledged as the best shareware Bridge game available, this major new version includes improved Artificial Intelligence for better bidding and play, internet multiplayer support, new 256-color graphics, an improved tutorial for Bridge beginners, 13 conventions, and the best user interface of any Bridge game available. See why MVP Bridge is the only shareware game ever nominated two years in a row by Computer Gaming World for its industry awards.

OKBridge - Over 17,000 members from 90 countries. Play with partners at your own level. Chat with bridge players from around the world. Enjoy Bridge from the comfort of your own home. Moderated practice sessions. Daily and weekly bridge columns. Learn at your own pace. Play as long as you want. More national and world champions than any other bridge club. Duplicate scoring, choose IMPs, Matchpoints, or Team Games.

OKbridge, Inc. is an online bridge club dedicated to serving the worldwide community of bridge players by providing superior software and service. OKbridge began as a by-product of founder Matt Clegg’s courtship of Merja, now his wife. The couple met in 1989 when Merja, a native of Finland, came to California to study with a famous geneticist, Matt’s father. After Merja returned home, Matt took a year off from graduate school to be with her in Finland. While in Finland, Matt developed an Internet bridge program as a way of playing bridge with his friends back in the US. OKbridge was first released to the public in August 1990 and the idea caught on. The players sent Matt a steady stream of suggestions, many of which were incorporated into the program. After several years, there were thousands of people from around the world using the OKbridge software. Due to the increasing demands placed on Matt’s time, he conducted a survey of users in 1993 to determine if they would be willing to pay a subscription fee if he continued to upgrade the software and provide service. The users approved of the idea, and commercial OKbridge was launched in 1994.

Unlike most others, OKBridge is available to MacOS users as well as Windows. Also unlike most others, OKbridge charges a yearly fee. However, there is a 1 week free membership offered and the yearly fee works out to less than weekly club fees in the offline world. Mac Users, and many others, can play OKbridge using the OKweb interface.

Another way to play OKbridge on your Mac is via Telnet software. It presents a small screen and is text-based only but one can easily get used to it, and perhaps even prefer its simplicity to a graphic interface. TelnetOKbridge is similar to looking at a bridge hand in a book and requires that you learn a few unix-like text commands such as /join table name or /tables (for list of tables) or /who (to see who is playing) or even /find my favourite partner. When all else fails, do /help.

Whatever the case, OKBridge states under FAQs: Okbridge works with a PC, a Mac or Linux.

Oxford Bridge - See also: Computer Bridge on the Internet for Results in the World Computer Bridge Championships. Developed by Mr. Andrew Bracher of Thinking Games in the United Kingdom. This is a computerised bridge player that enables you to practice your game at your own speed, or play a full game with less than four people. A highly developed program, Oxford Bridge can play an infinite number of randomly dealt hands, and has one of the widest selection of product features on the market.  With a clean, graphical, Windows presentation that is a joy to use, bidding and play is as simple as "point and click".

Oxford Bridge 6 is the latest version of this medal-winning, state-of-the-art bridge program from Thinking Games. Using Expert System Technology, Oxford Bridge incorporates major advances, not available in other bridge software. Featuring three levels of play, Oxford Bridge can play fast on even modest hardware, or harness the power of the latest Pentium processors to analyse the cards in minute detail.

Oxford Bridge can play ACOL, 5-Card Majors, and Standard American - even one system against another. Each includes common conventions such as Blackwood, Gerber, Stayman and take-out doubles, plus many optional features, like weak/strong/variable NT, weak/strong two bids, the strong two club system, pre-emptive openings, Jacoby transfers, Baron responses, Flint, Grand-slam Force, cue bids, etc. You can switch systems and conventions at any time to compare how hands are bid with different options. Requirements: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP, 12 Mb free RAM, 10 Mb free hard disk space. Recommended: 133 MHz or faster processor, 800x600 256-colour or larger

Private Bridge Lessons - Volume 1 - Volume 1 is the first sequel to Counting At Bridge by Mr. Michael Lawrence and Mr. Fred Gitelman. The topics covered in this software include The Simple Squeeze, The Loser on Loser Play, Entries, Mystery Hands, Safety Plays, Counting, and Endplays. IBM compatible, Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98.

Private Bridge Lessons - Volume 2 - Volume 2 is the continuation of the bridge software by Mr. Michael Lawrence and Mr. Fred Gitelman and includes Dummy Reversals, Simple Squeezes, Trump and Coups, The Crossruff, Counting, Loser on Loser, Endplays, and Mystery Hands. IBM compatible, Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98.

P-Plus Bridge - Breva Software Limited was formed by two friends, Mr. Mike Leigh and Mr. Gidon Stemmer of England, who had the dream of creating the ultimate computerised bridge game, and in P-Plus Bridge their dream became a reality.

Prow-S Bridge Administration Database - Created by Mr. Chris Stableford, Prow-S is a basic Bridge Club Administration Database Utility, intended for Bridge Club Organisers. Whatever you do with Bridge Club Organisation, it is designed to make life easier. It comes as a stand-alone Visual Basic Application, with an external Microsoft Access Database. To run it, you need to have a PC running Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT. You do not need any Microsoft Office products such as Excel or Access. It is intended to make it easier for organisers to track the day-to-day activities of the Club. For instance, you can:

1. Keep track of Subscriptions paid
2. Create Telephone Lists of all members
3. Create Address Labels to do mailings to members
4. Maintain a history of Bridge Sessions for each member
5. Maintain a history of Match Point Certificates issued
6. Produce Reports and Statistics on the database

Q-Plus Bridge - See also: Computer Bridge on the Internet for Results in the World Computer Bridge Championships. Company: Q-Plus Software, Belfortstrasse 10, D-81667 Munich, Germany. Developed by Mr. Hans Leber at Q-Plus Software in Munich, Germany, there are versions for English, French and German. There is no Mac version available. The strength of Q-Plus lies in the fact that it takes more than 100 Conventions into consideration. If you like to play Precision of Schenken, for example, this program could be for you. The Alert feature is great, the design is attractive, and it is user-friendly. Among the many bidding systems, the software offers: Bidding systems are 2/1 Game Force, Acol (basic, intermediate and advanced), American (basic and advanced), Standard French/German (basic and advanced), Kaplan-Sheinwold, Precision (easy and sophisticated) and Schenken Big Club.

Sabrina - See also: Computer Bridge on the Internet for Results in the World Computer Bridge Championships. Developed by Mr. Pierre Cormault of France. The Website is in French. Un site pour tous ceux qui aimeraient jouer au bridge avec leur ordinateur.

From beginner to expert. Play and discover how bridge becomes easy and fun with Eddie Kantar. This website and the complete software programs are the results of the efforts of Mr. Philippe Pionchon of Paris, France, and who is one of the bridge-software leaders since 1984. Note: Windows only.

BridgeScor - Located in the United Kingdom.

Bridge Software - Located in the United Kingdom.

Bridge Butler - Located in the United Kingdom.

Pairs Scoring - Located in Sweden.

Bridge Scorer - BridgeScorer will do the scoring for a bridge tournament or club competition. It is based on four separate programs. The main program BRIDGESCORER, which offers you ca 200 different movements for maximal 240 pairs, 20 rounds and 40 boards. Easy scoring and many options for calculation, showing and printing. Intelligent robots will assign movements dependant of the number of pairs and rounds. Next sessions will be re-indexed automatically. The program MOVEMENT CREATOR will enable you to create own movements to use. Program CLUB COMPETITION will give you an overview of more club sessions and the last program DEAL GENERATOR will generate boards with many handy options. A nice BRIDGE TIMER is an extra option. IBM only.

This site describes a new technology-based approach for the scoring of duplicate bridge events played at duplicate bridge clubs.  It is referred to as Automated Scoring. This technology was developed by Mr. George Mijne and Mr. Hans Lombard.

Automated Scoring objectives:

* Prevent errors and ensure the accuracy of results
* Make results available quickly
* Provide players with comprehensive scoring information
* Relieve the Director of routine tasks
* Enable the production of cumulative statistical data

Pairs and Teams Software - These software is working under the operating system DOS. Also in a DOS-box of Windows 95, 98 or Windows NT the software runs perfectly. The input of scores can only be done from the keyboard. The output can be sent to every printer which understand DOS printer codes. The authors of the software are Evert van Imhoff and Rens Hamers. They have started in 1989. The programs Teams en Pairs have been used since 1992 for all official contests of the Dutch Bridge Federation. Also the European Championships 1996 in The Hague were calculated with Pairs. Already a few years the Cap-Gemini World Top Invitational has used Pairs for Butler scoring. And already 11 National Bridge Federations all over the world have a license of Pairs and/or Teams. It is used in more then 20 countries from Argentina to Japan and from Sweden to South-Africa. A users license of Pairs or Teams is only available from Jannersten Förlag in Sweden. One of the most important conditions in the licence agreement is that the license is not transferable. The reason is that the license name is burned into the software and printed on all the outputs. The program Pairs is accompanied by a set of printed manuals, together more than 200 pages of A4-size. Teams is built on the same principles and has only a concise manual.

WinScore** - WinScore V1.2 scores your bridge duplicate events quickly, easily, error-free. Use it on Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 or 2000. Use WinScore for single session club and local events of up to 24 tables and 48 hands. Smaller events of less than 10 tables are equally well suited. Use Howell, Mitchell or Scrambled Mitchell movements. Maintain a membership list to facilitate the easy entry of pair names when scoring events. Readily accommodate visitors. Use the membership list to form the basis of Individual and Pairs ladders. Enter as little or as much from the traveller as you wish to quickly score each hand. WinScore automatically calculates the Match points for you. For fast scoring, just enter the score achieved or let WinScore check it for you using the standard 2H-1, 3N+1* notation. Override tricks and adjust scores made to penalise pairs. See detailed statistics for each hand scored. WinScore automatically ranks pairs into order and awards EBU Master points, adjusting for tied places. Master point scoring can be disabled if required.

Scania Bridgekonsult - Scania Bridgekonsult was founded in 1986 by Mr. Mats Nilsland, Mr. Magnus Lindkvist and Mr. Anders Wirgren, but from 1998 Anders Wirgren is sole in charge. The company has mostly published bridge books , and has so far edited 19 titles: 14 original works and 5 translations from English books. Now we also offer two bridge programs , Scania BridgeDealer and DealGenerator, for Windows and Macintosh, with which you can generate deals for bidding practice, either randomly dealt or with restrictions on one, two or three of the hands. We also sell 19 programs developed by other companies. You can download demos of three of DaBriSoft's bridge programs (declarer play) and three of EDBridge's bridge programs.

StepBridge in The Netherlands - In Dutch only. StepBridge is de officiële internetbridgeclub van de Nederlandse Bridge Bond (NBB). StepBridge is zeer eenvoudig te bedienen en volledig Nederlandstalig. Translation: StepBridge is the official Internet Bridge Club of The Netherlands Bridge Federation. StepBridge is very simple to employ and is, at the moment, only available in The Netherlands.

StepBridge in Australia - Internet bridge clubs have been taking more of players' interest over the past few years, notably OKbridge, with an annual fee, and Bridgebase, free of use. A new Australian-based site is being promoted, hosted by Dutch federation webmaster Willem Willemse, now resident in Adelaide, and who also began StepBridge in The Netherlands.

3D Bridge Deluxe - D Bridge Deluxe is a great way for beginners to learn the game with its own tutorials that will give you enough of the basics to play online with real people and get rankings on the GameSmith Game Server. Requirements: Mac OS 8.6 or later, OS X Native. Freeverse Software is a leading developer of entertainment software, specializing in card games. Based in New York City, Freeverse titles have received numerous awards and its original characters have appeared in TimeDigital, Wired, and Animation World magazines, as well as in national television commercials for Blockbuster Video.

Many Bidding Styles:

Weak 2 Bid
Weak Jump Overcalls
Takeout Doubles
Cuebids for Slam Bidding
Blackwood Convention
Gerber Convention
Stayman Convention
Jacoby Transfers
Voice recognition.
3D animated, interchangeable, talking opponents.

TopBridge - Welcome to Topbridge. Why Topbridge? The Topbridge server was established in the spring 2001. Topbridge is owned by a norwegian company called Alona a/s. The main product for Topbridge is to arrange individual bridge tournaments on the internet. Our goal is to develop this consept further. Today Topbridge is the leading server on individual bridge on the internet with over 8000 members from all over the world. We have new tournaments every day with money prizes. Play whenever you like and as many sessions as you like. Purchase play by the Board Topbridge can be played on all operating systems supporting java 1.2 including the Mac.

*Play individual bridge on the Internet.
*Play against high level competition.
*You don't have to search for partner or table.
*Play fair and competitive Internet bridge.
*One standard system.
*Compare your results and your declarer play with the experts.

WBridge5 - Developed by Mr. Yves Costel of France. The website is in French. Fonctionne sous Windows95, Windows98, WindowsNT, Windows 2000 et ne nécessite qu'une configuration minimale en espace disque et en mémoire.

Wbridge5 - Explanations in English.

Winning Bridge - Winning Bridge is a computer game that lets you play the card game Bridge on your PC. The game has been produced by Mr. Gerald Wilson, who is based in Hampshire, England. The software program runs under the Microsoft Windows 95+. All information needed and required can be found at his Website.

WolfBridge - This site is all about the card game Contract Bridge. Included is a freeware game to download, that allows you to get a taste of playing bridge on your PC using the Acol bidding system along with many optional conventions. Decide whether you want to use the Stayman, Baron, Swiss, Grand Slam Force (GSF), Blackwood, Gerber conventions. It also contains features that help in learning how to play as well as being able to analyse hands. You can have it display all of the cards, so you can see clearly what's going on. It is possible to manually set the bidding.

World Bridge Club - This software permits 1. the beginner to discover bridge, 2. experienced players to test their level, 3. everyone to play for many hours, 4. right up to WORLD CHAMPION level. Endorsed by the World Bridge Federation.

Yahoo Bridge - Free online bridge play with a Java interface, featuring bridge and several other card games and board games.


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