These are some of our favorite places on the Internet to search for information. Bridge is such a fascinating card game that many people have devoted time and energy to bring their thoughts about Treatments, Conventions and Guidelines to the Internet-connected Bridge seeker. Take the time and visit them. Browse around and you will find friendly people, who are willing to assist you in any way possible. Drop them a line and let them know what you think about their efforts. They would like to hear from you.

We are requesting the viewer to aid us in completing this list. If you know of any Internet Bridge Sites, please drop us a note with the corresponding address and we shall include it. Trying to keep up is almost impossible, but with your help, we can certainly try. And if you find that a site has changed its address, please notify us so that we can make the appropriate change.

And if you would like to have your website linked or have one included, please let us know. The more people who become interested in the Game of Bridge, the better the game can become.

American Contract Bridge League - is the site of the official Home Page for ACBL and has all the information you ever need to know about this sponsoring organization. This is also the site where one can read the copyright protected Laws of Contract Bridge. You will also find a list of many other Personal Home Pages of Bridge Players and Teachers. This is a must see, and when you drop by, be sure to leave a note behind to let the website managers know that you appreciate their work and their effort in bringing the best of bridge to you.

ABA or American Bridge Association - This is the Home Page and official website of the American Bridge Association.













Baron Barclay - is the World's Largest Bridge Supply Company. If there is anything you need, such as cards, boards, books on conventions, or gifts for special bridge friends, then this is the place to order them.

ACBL Standard Yellow Card System Booklet - A review of this System in .pdf format on the Internet. The object is to provide a simple, modern method which will lead to a good, solid understanding in a partnership after both players have learned the system. Also archived on this site in .pdf file format for future reference.

The Basic American Bidding System - This major link is to, which was founded in 2000 by Mr. Chris Wasshuber with the idea to make hard to get magic books available in electronic form. later expanded to include gambling books, books on games and several other subject areas typically neglected by big book stores. The section for the game of bridge was created and and is operated by Mr. Chris Hasney and Mr. Jerry Pottier. The American Bridge Series is designed as a sequential set of bidding courses, suitable for self-study or classroom-style study under the guidance of a professional bridge teacher.


Newspapers around the world have discovered the game of bridge from its very beginning and have published articles, commentaries, and columns pertaining to bridge. The Internet has taken this publication into the future, and now the inquisitive can not only view the daily columns, but also the archived columns, to test their skill and ability.

By clicking on the curious cat, you will be taken to a list of Internet Newspaper Bridge websites.


Great Bridge Links - This website is a definite must see. There are many features to choose from such as Silicon Alley where the visitor can find out about new bridge software programs. There is also a Club Room, and the visitor can play bridge online. News publications are also available in The Press Room and at Publications. The visitor can also subscribe to the Great Bridge Links Newsletter, which is sent out by email. The website is friendly looking and invites the visitor to stay and browse all the information provided.

Bridge For Visually Handicapped Persons - This website located in The Netherlands and began 1994. There is also an English Translation, Email Address and General Information for the visually impaired.

The Bridge World - A very good Web site for novices to experts. You may also subscribe to the magazine The Bridge World, the Magazine that no Bridge Player should be without, founded by Mr. Eli Culbertson in 1929 and whose Editor and Publisher presently is Mr. Jeff Rubens. The Bridge World is published 12 times each year and includes Bridgeworks, which is a new section designed specifically to help bridge players improve their play technique.

European Bridge League - The European Bridge League was founded in 1947 at Copenhagen, Denmark, by delegates from the National Bridge Organizations (NBOs) of eight countries. Since then, it has grown to a confederation of the NBOs of almost all European countries. The EBL is a member of the World Bridge Federation. It comprises Zone 1 of the eight in which the world of bridge is divided geographically by the WBF.

News Groups and Bulletin Boards - A collection of News Groups, Chat Rooms, and Bulletin Boards on the Internet. Anyone can join, subscribe to, and post messages to other bridge players from around the world. The service is generally free and there is no problem in becoming a member. There are many features to these Internet forums and the bridge players should take advantage of the offer.

North American Youth Bridge Foundation - We are building the premier site for youth bridge. The development of this site services the needs for junior bridge players and youth bridge players. This site will be dedicated to the promotion of junior and youth duplicate bridge players, their stats, and accomplishments. It will also be used as a platform for fundraising efforts for under 25 players that are aiming at the olympics as their goal.

Online Bridge Resource Guide
This is a list of links to online websites, which can assist the interested bridge student to find information more quickly. The list has been compiled by Makayla McMahon. Included is also a comprehensive description as to how a person can actively become a participating bridge player by learning quickly the basics of the game.


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