DEFENSE TO WEAK TWO BIDS There are many forms of defense methods against any and all conventional methods. It would be impossible to introduce them all since they are normally based on a partnership agreement and/or understanding. We do wish to present several defense mechanisms whenever possible and whenever we find them. Following are two […]

Rusinow Leads

Devised by Mr. Sydney Rusinow, born in the year 1907 and died in the year 1953, and applied at the bridge table with his friends and partners, Mr. Philip Abramsohn and Mr. Simon Rossant, in the 1930s. Mr. Sydney Rusinow won the Vanderbilt Cup in the year 1933 with his team mates Phil Abramsohn, Benjamin […]

Lavinthal Signals

These suit preference signals are very similar to the concept of Revolving Discards developed by Mr. J. Attwood. This defensive discarding method was devised by Mr. Hy Lavinthal in 1934, and has had a greater effect on defensive play than any other development in bridge history and ranks with the distributional echo and the High-Low […]

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