Kokish Relays

Mr. Eric Kokish of Montreal, Canada, devised the following method to illustrate how it is possible to show a strong, balanced holding without having to consume bidding spade on the three level. This method is employed by those partnerships, which have agreed that 2 Clubs is the only forcing opening bid, and that a 2 […]


Cappelletti Convention This conventional method carries the designation of the surname of Mr. Michael Cappelletti, born in the year 1942, of Alexandria, Virginia, United States, who developed this conventional method as a defense method against an opening of No Trump by the opposing side. There is the matter that other bridge authors and experts have […]

Rule of 18

The Rule of 18 is a rule employed by the World Bridge Federation to define the boundary between light opening bids and Highly Unusual Methods, known as HUM, in which bad hands are regularly opened. There is a mathematical calculation involved. Parameters of the Rule 1. Only if the number of high card points added […]

Flannery Two Diamonds

The Flannery Two Diamond convention was devised by Mr. William L. Flannery, (aka Bill), born 1932 and died 2000, of Sacramento, California, United States. Mr. William Flannery kept running into a problem with a certain distributional holding and limited values. With a balanced hand and a No Trump range of 16-18 points, Mr. William Flannery would bid […]

Culbertson Lenz Match

CULBERTSON-LENZ – BRIDGE MATCH The Bridge Battle of the Century as it was called when it took place between December 1931 and January 1932, was a genuine milestone in the history of the development and promotion of bridge as it is known today. Combining as it did every feature designed to capture and hold the […]


Mr. Robert B. Ewen published his book Doubles For Takeout, Penalties, and Profit in Contract Bridge in 1973 and perhaps unwittingly contributed to the principle of the Equal Level Conversion. The problem for South is that South has the values for a Takeout Double but not the distribution. South would prefer to show both suits […]

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