Cell Phone Bridge Applications

Digital Devices and the Internet in the Pocket With the advancement of the technical and digital age many digital devices are available to perform many and multiple functions both in audio and visual format, which only a decade ago were considered impossible. Cell phones, smart phones, and mobile phones have changed forever the shape of […]

Romex Bidding System

THE ROMEX SYSTEM OF BIDDING This bidding system was devised and developed over the years by Mr. George Rosenkranz of Mexico in cooperation and collaboration with Mr. Phillip Alder. The designation is a combination of the name of the developer and the country of origin of the person, who devised and originated the bidding system: ROsenkranz MEXico. as stated in […]

Blackwood Variations

Blackwood and Blackwood Variations The concept of Mr. Easley Blackwood to ask for certain cards in an attempt to reach a small or even a grand slam has intrigued the bridge community since its conception. Many forms and variations of the original concept have captured the imagination of the bridge player, who has continued to […]

Acol Bridge

Acol and Acol Methods For interested bridge players, who would like to learn the Acol bidding system, the attempt has been undertaken to accumulate sufficient material regarding the Acol bidding system. As with all bidding systems, there are modifications, different approaches, even conventions devised and borrowed, and we have included these for the edification of […]

Gazzilli Convention

The origin of this conventional method is discussed more fully in the chapter below. The evidence allows the conclusion that the conventional method was devised in Italy, most likely by Mr. Leo Gazzilli of Milan, Italy, of whom very little is known except what Mr. Giovanni Bobblo has revealed. The perhaps most early employment of […]

Junior Youth Bridge

Atlanta Junior Bridge, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 and formed to bring bridge to Atlanta’s youth and also elsewhere. Funded by private and corporate donations, Atlanta Junior Bridge supplies teachers and materials to organizations which would like to offer children and young adults the opportunity to learn and play bridge. Bridge is […]

Tartan Two Bids

The Tartan Two Bids were conceived by Mr. Hugh W. Kelsey and Mr. Thomas (Tom) N. Culbertson. Mr. Hugh Kelsey, born in the year 1926 and died March 18, 1995, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the author of various aspects of the game of bridge. His first publication can be considered Killing Defense at Bridge, […]

Extended Texas Convention

The origin of this variation of the Texas conventional method is unknown. To some extent this variation is a marriage with the concept behind the Smolen conventional method after the opening of 1 No Trump by partner. The transfer bids are employed by the responder, when the responder holds a minimum of 6 cards in […]


Namyats – Original designation conventional method The original designation for this conventional method is Four Club and Four Diamond Opening Transfers. It is/was also known and referred to as Mitchell Transfers. This is because the developer of this particular conventional method is Mr. Victor Mitchell. According to The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge, 6th Edition, page 303, this conventional […]

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