Mathematical Tables

Mathematical Probabilities Percentage The numerous combinations of 52 cards and their probabilites and/or percentages of distribution and/or pattern and/or occurence have been studied by many mathematicians, arithmeticians, probability theorists, and mathematical statisticians. The source of the tables below are from The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge, published by the American Contract Bridge League in the year […]

Summary of Defensive Signals

There are many ways to indicate, show, promise and inform a partner by the lead of a certain card or via a discard of a specific card the expectation of the ensuing play. These defense signals have a definite meaning and belong in every partnership agreement. These different leads and/or discards have been posted separately […]

Gerber Convention

The development of the Gerber convention is accredited to Mr. John Gerber, born in the year 1906 in Houston, Texas, United States, and died January 28, 1981, who devised the method in 1938. This convention is sometimes referred to as the Four Clubs Blackwood. The concept and fundamental idea was devised independently by Dr. William […]

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