Bergen Raises

This conventional method was originally called Bergen Major Suit Raises, because they were only used after one partner opened a Major suit. This is a conventional method devised by Mr. Marty Bergen, and was first published in the ACBL Bulletin in April 1982. Using the responses of this method, the partner could show his overall […]


Suction Convention This conventional defense method is ascribed and credited to Mr. Harold Feldheim of Hamden, Connecticut, United States. The Suction conventional defense method is employed after the opponents open the auction with No Trump. The guidelines of this convention are neither involved nor complicated, but the partner must first make an assumption, and then […]

Acol System

The Acol System is used by many bridge players around the world, and is employed mainly in British tournament play. It is a different system than the American 5-Card System. For a list of further Bidding Systems available to the bridge player, click on the icon below. The Acol System was the brain-child of bridge […]

Acol Bridge

For interested Bridge Players, who would like to learn the Acol Bidding System, we have tried to accumulate sufficient material regarding the Acol Bidding System. As with all Bidding Systems, there are modifications, different approaches, even conventions devised and borrowed, and we have included these for the edification of our visitors and for the curious. […]


Bridge in Pakistan and the History of the Sport of Bridge Duplicate Bridge was introduced in Pakistan in 1957 by a civil engineer Mr. Kh. Azeemuddin, the founder and Managing Director of Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE) private limited. He, with the active support of his colleagues Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed, Mr. Qavi Khan, Mr. Mahmood Ali, […]


The Blue Team Club System was devised by Mr. Benito Garozzo, who has won many championships during his bridge career. During his time as an active bridge player, Mr. Benito Garozzo was viewed by his peers as perhaps the best bridge player of his time. That is quite an accomplishment. Mr. Benito Garozzo was a […]

Gambling Three No Trump

GAMBLING THREE NT GAMBLING 3 NT Everyone loves to gamble. Bridge is a gambling game, although it is considered unmannered to play for money. To take guessing out of the equation and the auction, conventions and logical treatments, etc. have been invented, devised and created. However, the Gambling Three No Trump Convention is used to […]

Multi Two Diamonds

The Multi 2 Diamonds opening was devised in the 1960s by Mr. Terence Reese and Mr. Jeremy Flint (* see following insert), assisted by fellow bridge partners Mr. Robert Sheehan, Mr. Jonathan Cansino and Mr. Irving Rose. The concept behind this opening is to make the interference by the opponents difficult and to obstruct their […]

Oswald Jacoby

Mr. Oswald Jacoby was born in Brooklyn on December 8, 1902, and died in 1984. He was a bridge columnist and first achieved international preeminence as partner of Mr. Sidney Lenz in the Culberson Match, but he had already established himself` as a champion at Auction and Contract. He next became a member of the […]

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