Bad Credit Payday Loans

Bad credit or no credit history? Don’t despair. There is a payday loan available

Banks and other conventional financial institutions take into account a wide range of factors to qualify an applicant for personal loans with guaranteed approval and rapid cash with bad credit. While borrowers with a good credit score stand a higher chance of getting approved, those with bad credit scores are turned down. They may also be required to provide collateral, which may include a house, personal car, or savings account to be approved for bad credit loans or online cash advances.

Missing a few credit card payments or failing to pay your previous loan on time can lead to poor credit. If you have not established a credit history yet, being approved for a traditional bank loan may not be that easy. Bridgeguys provides the best online personal loans for people with poor or no credit scores. Online cash advances and payday loans are the most convenient ways to get fast cash without going through credit checks and you also don’t require an asset to put up as collateral. If you are looking for a payday loan online with no credit check and instant approval, make Bridgeguys your ultimate solution.

Where can I apply for an online loan with bad credit?

For 5 years, Bridgeguys has gained the reputation of offering emergency cash to people with less than perfect credit to cover for financial emergencies. The loans also come in handy if you want to meet ends before your next payday. We are privileged to offer short term loans to thousands of our clients who had fewer chances of getting the assistance they needed for traditional banks due to less-than-stellar credit scores. Whether you have bad credit or you don’t have a credit history yet, you can be sure of getting instant approval for a payday loan from Bridgeguys, provided you comply with our easy to meet requirements.

Please check our website for special promotions, current deals, and to confirm if our personal loans with no traditional credit checks, short term personal loans and quick cash loans for bad credit are available in your state.

How can I apply for an instant approval loan for people with poor credit and no credit history?

Bridgeguys provides payday loans online with instant approval from an alternative lender with a fast and simple application process. The application process is completed online, no paperwork is required. The process can take as little as 5 minutes! Once you complete the loan application, you can be eligible for same-day funding which will be deposited into your bank account by 5.00 pm your time( If you submit your loan application online by 11.40 pm your time).

What is the maximum amount I can qualify for from a fast payday loan online?

If you are a new customer, you can qualify for a maximum amount of $1000 on a fast payday loan online. Once you pay off the debt, you will be eligible for another online loan from Bridgeguys. The maximum amount that you request for increases by up to $100 every time you apply for a new payday loan. If, for instance, you borrow $1000 and pay the loan on time, you can apply for a $1200 online loan.  You can also request for a small loan amount depending on your needs. With a short term payday loan from Bridgeguys, you will be able to cover all your emergency needs before your next paycheck. This financial support can come as a relief for most people with poor or no credit. Find out our loan requirements and apply today!

Same day and next day funding cut off times

If we receive your application and approve the loan before 11.20 am EST Monday to Friday, you will be eligible for same-day funding, which will be sent to your account by 5.00 pm your time.

If we receive and approve your payday loan application after 11.40 am EST Monday through Friday, you will receive the funds on the next business day.

If we receive and approve your payday loan application on Saturday or Sunday, you will receive the funds on Monday by 5.00 pm your time (if you request for same day funding)

If we receive your application on a bank holiday, we will review and approve the funds on the next business day