Churchill Style

Mr. Seymour Garton Churchill, aka Church, of Great Neck, New York, United States, advocated a certain natural style of bidding in the game of bridge. As an intellectual he joined the bridge community and, as a result, enhanced the game by becoming one of the leading American bridge players, by becoming one of the more […]

Muiderberg Defense In English

Translation of: Defense Against Muiderberger Two The predominant objective of the Muiderberg convention is to keep opponents out of the bidding or to confuse the opponents so that they are obstructed in their bidding process. Since the Muiderberg conventional method is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the Netherlands, it is important to have an effective […]

Carrotski Club

Variation of Carrotski Club – Carrot Club This bidding system is a combination of Polish Club and the Swedish systems Svan and Skrot (“metal junk”) developed by Mr. Anders Morath and Mr. Sven-Ake Bjarregard in 1972. Svan/Skrot are five-card-Major versions of the Carrot Club. The Carrot Club, originally Morotsklovern, (Swedish for Carrot Club), was invented […]


The foundation of the L-System is to open a Major suit with as few as 8 to 12 high card points, and to open a Minor suit with as few as 10 to 12 high card points on the one level. Any opening bids on the two level are considered preemptive in nature. Below is […]

Bermuda Bowl Winners

The History of the Bermuda Bowl begins with Mr. Norman Bach, who was born in 1913 in Bermuda and died 1971. He initiated and organized the first post World War II World Championships in the year 1950. During the evolution of these Championships, the Bermuda Bowl came to be the most prestigious Bridge Trophy. Mr. […]

Inverted Minors

The Inverted Minor Suit Raises, better known as Inverted Minors, is defined as a treatment and was devised for the Kaplan-Sheinwold system, which originated with Mr. Edgar Kaplan and Mr. Alfred Sheinwold. Many bridge partnerships have decided to employ the Inverted Minors treatment as part of their partnership agreement. The concept behind Inverted Minors is […]

Cell Phone Bridge Applications

Digital Devices and the Internet in the Pocket With the advancement of the technical and digital age many digital devices are available to perform many and multiple functions both in audio and visual format, which only a decade ago were considered impossible. Cell phones, smart phones, and mobile phones have changed forever the shape of […]

Romex Bidding System

THE ROMEX SYSTEM OF BIDDING This bidding system was devised and developed over the years by Mr. George Rosenkranz of Mexico in cooperation and collaboration with Mr. Phillip Alder. The designation is a combination of the name of the developer and the country of origin of the person, who devised and originated the bidding system: ROsenkranz MEXico. as stated in […]

Blackwood Variations

Blackwood and Blackwood Variations The concept of Mr. Easley Blackwood to ask for certain cards in an attempt to reach a small or even a grand slam has intrigued the bridge community since its conception. Many forms and variations of the original concept have captured the imagination of the bridge player, who has continued to […]

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