Devil’s Coup

This coup is also referred to as the¬†Disappearing Trump Trick. It occurs during a certain configuration of the cards when a seemingly certain trump winner disappears, or becomes no longer a certain trump winner. This situation can be examined with the following illustrations. It is important to keep in mind the configuration of the cards. […]


Drury Convention Mr. Douglas Drury, born 1914 and died 1967, devised the Drury convention. Mr. Douglas A. Drury, of Vancouver, Canada, and later of Sebastopol, California, United States, as an experienced bridge player, realized that an opening in either the third seat or even the fourth seat following two or three passes respectively should and […]

No Trump Defense Methods

In the game of bridge each player has the desire to compete since the game itself is a game of chance and change. It is from this perspective that the following list is presented for those players wishing to compete according to established and conceived guidelines. These are defense methods against No Trump opening bids […]


Aspro Convention Mr. Terence Reese devised this method and based it on the Astro Convention. Mr. Terence Reese also gave a name to the overcaller. The overcaller is called the Astronaut. For whatever reasons behind the choice for the designation, it seems that Mr. Terence Reese decided to name the conventional concept after a popular […]

Rule 9

Rule of Nine – Rule of 9 The Rule of Nine is a concept employed by the responder after a certain bidding situation, which is described below. An example should clarify the situational element. The question for North, the opener, is whether to reopen the bidding with a double. The situation is that North has […]


More Rules, Guidelines Rules and Mathematical Rules There are certain mathematical calculations which enter into the bidding, the play and the defense procedure. These calculations are important in their application and should be used under the correct circumstances. They help in assisting and deciding which card to play, which defense and which offense strategy to […]

Lebensohl Convention

According to Mr. Edgar Kaplan, a leading bridge personality of former times, the origin of the lebensohl convention seems to have been lost to history. In the late 1960s, the convention began appearing on different convention cards, although written in by hand. At first, it was believed to have been devised by Mr. Kenneth W. […]

Aces Scientific System

Mr. Ira G. Corn Jr. of Dallas, Texas, had a goal and that was to reclaim the World Team Championship Title to the United States. With his financial aid, he formed a group of professional bridge experts, purchased a set of computers, and developed the Aces Scientific System. Mr. Ira Corn, born in the year […]

Bridge in Switzerland

Swiss Bridge Federation – This is the official bebsite for the Swiss Bridge Federation and contains all the pertinent information for the bridge player in Switzerland and for all visitors to this beautiful country. Bridge Is Young and Fun – Bridge links for the younger bridge player and for Junior bridge players. Contains locations for […]

Leghorn Diamond

Leghorn Diamond Bidding System This bidding system was developed by Mr. Benito Bianchi and Mr. Giuseppe Messina. It is quite similar to the Roman System and also carries the designation of the Livorno System. Note: Mr. Charles H. Goren wrote a bridge column for the magazine Sports Illustrated, with which he was great friends with […]

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