Delayed Canape Rexford Eichenbaum

Delayed Canapé

This is a developing concept originating with Mr. Kenneth Rexford (aka Ken), of Lima, Ohio, United States, blogger, and Mr. Kenneth Eichenbaum (aka Ken), of Columbus, Ohio, United States. The source is archived information on his Internet blog called Cuebidding At Bridge. Mr. Keneth Rexford is the author of Cuebidding At Bridge, published in 2007 by Master Point Press, ISBN-10: 1897106173 / ISBN-13: 978-1897106174.

The first introduction of a possible concept designated perhaps improvisationally as delayed canapé occurs on the pages of the blog, more precisely in the presently archived section (link), operated by Mr. Kenneth Rexbord on Friday, June 11, 2010. The identical article appeared again on the blog at this link.

The fundamental concept behind delayed canapé is the fact that the player can show a particular and precise distribution by employing the concept of the canapé principle on the second rebid. The range of the values of the holding can also be more precisely inferred by what the player does not bid. The following three examples should illustrate the cornerstones and parameters of this concept, and which are conceptually expressed in the written cogitations, intellectual deliberations, and brain-storming sessions of Mr. Kenneth Rexford and Mr. Kenneth Eichenbaum.

Illustrative Examples

The necessity arose owing to those particular combinations of cards, by which there was no accurate rebid by the opener when agreeing to play the two-over-one approach. The following example illustrates the difficulty in finding the more correct contract by introducing the concept of the delayed canapé agreement.

Note: The generally accepted lower limit for a reverse bid is considered to be 16/17 points.

Note: The Impossible 2 Spades bid is employed only in this bidding sequence and only within these partnership parameters.

Note: The support rebid of 2 Diamonds can be interpreted by the partnership as showing minimum values or encouraging values. This rebid remains undefined.