France and Bridge Clubs

Bridge Federation of France – Federation Francaise de Bridge – The Official Site and Home Page.

Le Bridgeur – The major bridge magazine for bridge players in France.

The following list constitutes the regional districts or regulating bodies for bridge in a certain area.
These can be found by clicking on the icon above.

  • Comite de L’Adour
  • Comite D’Alsace
  • Comite
  • Comite de Bourgogne
  • Comite de Bretagne
  • Comite de Cote D’Azur
  • Comite de Dauphine-Savoie
  • Comite du Hurepoix
  • Comite de Lorraine
  • Comite du Lyonnais
  • Comite de Basse-Normandie
  • Comite de Picardie
  • Comite du Val de Seine
  • Comite C.B.O.M.E.

Bridge+ – This Is A Must See.

This website has been created by Mr. Quéran Gilles and Mr. Andrei Varlan. The main portion of the website is in French, but, for the international Internet bridge player, they also offer webpages for bridge players in English and in German. The website contains very much information for the bridge player. Mr. Quéran Gilles and Mr. Andrei Varlan also publish a magazine entitled BRIDGE +, 4 issues a year. They also write and edit Bridge Books and computer CDs for the further education and enjoyment of the bridge player.

Bretagne Bridge Comité – In French and contains pertinent information for the bridge player in the Bretagne.

Bridge en Guyenne – Most of the information provided is in English, but the creator of this website has not yet translated everything from the French. You will find this website quite interesting.

Bridge en Hurepoix – In French and contains pertinent information for the bridge player in this region of France.

Bridge Insolite – Only in French. Among many pertinent information for the bridge player in France this website also includes Le Code International 2007 (text officiel), which corresponds to the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge. This is an extensive website offering rules on the game of bridge, employed principles and generalities, and also probabilities.

Canal Bridge – Only in French.

Christian Deryck – In French.

Christian Guyot – In French.

Claire Bridge – In English also. This site is dedicated to Bridge Lovers.

Claude Papet – In French.

Ecole Francaise de Bridge – In French. Introduction (translated): Want to learn bridge, you want to improve, play competitively. The school has trained thousands of bridge players since its inception, and it delivers in Paris at Porte Maillot. Classes for all levels.

Etienne Turpin – In French.

Jacky Menard – In French.

Jacques Dubosc – Enchéres de bridge. In French.

Jacques Goujon – TBP programmes. In French. Also in English.

Jean Gamain – In French.

Jean Michel Mollimard – Bridge Passion. In French.

Marc Bordarier – Bridge Club Maison Carrée. In French.

Michel Giroux – In French. Standard 2000.

Michel Sitterlin – In French.

Olivier Giraut – Club de Bridge des Administrations. In French.

Patrice Boquillon – In French.

Pierre Chidiac – In French.

USF Bridge – Only in French and offers the following.

Website français d’un club de bridge, avec des rubriques concernant:

  • – Le club (Activités et résultats)
  • – Le comité régional (Articles mensuels)
  • – La revue nationale (Rubrique d’arbitrage)
  • – Les règles (Lois et Règlements français).
  • – Les enchères (Système d’initiation et d’enseignement français)
  • – Le jeu de la carte (Donnes remarquables, Coups célèbres)

French website from a local bridge club, with concern in:

  • – The club (activities and results)
  • – Regional body (monthly column)
  • – National revue (Referee column)
  • – Laws (French laws and rules, in French)
  • – Bidding (French learning system and conventions)
  • – Play (Strange and/or famous hands)

Vincent Brévart – In French.