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There are many bridge players who do not have the opportunity to play in the Bridge Clubs. Their schedule does not allow them to get off from work, get into the car, drive those ten miles, and sit down at the Bridge Table, and be expected to be in a relaxed mood. The stress of the day has a great effect on the bidding and play, just as an upset stomach does.

Following are several Internet Bridge websites where the bridge player can sit at home, and play bridge while at the keyboard. These bridge players can schedule a game at their own convenience, can still have fun playing, and actually earn International Match Points.

Please take the time to look at the individual sites and then take your pick.

We are requesting the viewer to aid us in completing this list. If you know of any Interactive Bridge Sites, please drop us a note with the corresponding address and we shall include it. Trying to keep up is almost impossible, but with your help, we can certainly try. And if the visitor discovers that the URL has changed, please contact us.

Al Levy

Participating Computer Bridge Software for the World Computer Bridge Championship and the History of these Software Programs as presented by Mr. Al Levy.

ACBL – Global Online Bridge Club – Discontinued. This information has been left in for historical reference. After downloading the software, the member has access to not only the bridge rooms but also to many other offered features such as News, Calendar Entries, Grand Events, Books and Software, Archives and much more. Associated as the Founding Members of a company called e-bridge Inc, are Pinhas Romik, Bobby Wolff, Samuel Lev and Zia Mahmood. e-bridge Inc. was founded in January 2000 by Pinhas Romik, a high-tech business executive and a well known bridge player (former European and World runner-up). Bobby Wolff, former President of the World Bridge Federation (WBF) and ten-time bridge World Champion, Samuel Lev and Zia Mahmood, both world-renowned top-bridge players, are co-founders of e-bridge.

Bridge Is Cool – An interactive Internet site established and presented in 2005 for younger players. The purpose of the site is to compete in bridge events just for Juniors, meet people from other cultures and visit exciting parts of the world. From tournaments to ACBL-wide masterpoint races, the ACBL offers many opportunities to test your skill against other young bridge enthusiasts. National bridge organizations help fund many of the worldwide competitions.

The site has many things to offer such as instructions on how to learn and play MiniBridge and Bridge. The member can also download software for private use and also download the issues of The Grapevine, which is the Newsletter for members with pertinent information for the young bridge player. The member can also count upon the advice of several of the leading bridge experts in the bridge community.

For additional information, please check out the following article in .pdf file format, for additional Email Addresses and information.

In 2005 e-bridge was incorporated with WorldWinner. After purchasing e-bridge the decision was made by the management of WorldWinner to discontinue offering the online version for bridge. The following information and the links contain only historical information.


The vision of e-bridge’s founders is to create a community portal for the bridge players offering to its members bridge game and bridge information in depth and in breadth. By creating a large bridge community in cyberspace, closely interacting with live games, E-bridge will increase public awarness of bridge, and attract new people from all populations to bridge.

E-bridge’s vision is to create “bridge continent” on the web, linked closely with live bridge conducted in bridge clubs and by federations all across the world. E-bridge Inc. was founded in January 2000 by Mr. Pinhas Romik, a high-tech business executive and a well known bridge player (former European and World runner-up).

Bobby Wolff, former President of the World Bridge Federation (WBF) and ten-time bridge World Champion, Samuel Lev and Zia Mahmood, both world-renowned top-bridge players, are co-founders of E-bridge. The aim of the Company is to offer high-class social and tournament bridge games over the Internet, in addition to broad variety of bridge information.

Bridge products offered by the Company include bridge tournaments played in cyberspace in real-time with the important international bridge tournaments, as well as tournaments and social bridge offered only in cyberspace. E-bridge integrates the application, the technology and the services into one company, thus providing a unique playing opportunity to high-class bridge over the Internet. The E-bridge computer system is capable of providing the services over the Internet.

World Winner – This online Bridge Club offers daily tournaments, at which ACBL Masterpoints are awarded for every tournament. This online Bridge Club is subscriber-based, meaning that the user will have to log on to participate.

OK Bridge

Established in 1994, OKbridge is the oldest and most recognized Online Bridge Club. OKbridge, Inc. is an online bridge club dedicated to serving the worldwide community of bridge players by providing superior software and service.

OKbridge began as a by-product of founder Mr. Matt Clegg’s courtship of Merja, now his wife. The couple met in 1989 when Merja, a native of Finland, came to California to study with a famous geneticist, the father of Mr. Matt Clegg. After Merja returned home, Mr. Matt Clegg took a year off from graduate school to be with her in Finland.

While in Finland, Matt developed an Internet bridge program as a way of playing bridge with his friends back in the US. OKbridge was first released to the public in August 1990 and the idea caught on. The players sent Matt a steady stream of suggestions, many of which were incorporated into the program. After several years, there were thousands of people from around the world using the OKbridge software. Due to the increasing demands placed on his time, he conducted a survey of users in 1993 to determine if they would be willing to pay a subscription fee if he continued to upgrade the software and provide service. The users approved of the idea, and commercial OKbridge was launched in 1994.

OKBridge, Inc. has thousands of members from all over the world. It is the place where the bridge player can spend hours with other bridge players live on the Internet. You can either be a spectator, a guest, or become a member and sit down to play bridge with people around the world. In December 1997, OKBridge hosted its first ACBL-sanctioned duplicate game on the Internet. At the moment, each ACBL member can earn masterpoints while playing on OKBridge.

Unibridge Club

BBO Portugal

This is the website for online bridge players, who use the BBO-version. Originated and operated by Mr. Luis Carlos Batista Correia of Portugal. The site offers the visitor Ranking and Tourneys, Schedule, Conventions and Articles, and much more.

Bridge Base Online

Bridge Base Inc. was founded in 1990 by Fred Gitelman, President, and Dr. Sheri Winestock, Vice-President. Their first two products, BASE II (1990) and BASE III (1991) were analytical tools designed for serious students of bridge. In 1992 Bridge Base Inc. released the DOS version of Bridge Master, an educational software product designed for players of all levels of ability. Bridge Master has been translated into several languages, including Dutch, Danish, French, German, and Italian. Bridge Master is widely considered the greatest medium ever devised for learning declarer play technique.

In 1994 Bridge Base Inc. began the development of Bridge Engine. Bridge Engine is an authoring tool for creating bridge software products for Windows. One of the uses of Bridge Engine is to convert bridge books into interactive software products. The Club Series (1995), Counting at Bridge (1996), and Private Bridge Lessons, Volume I, (1998) Volume II, and Defense are all examples of these sorts of Bridge Engine applications. Bridge Master for Windows (1996) is another Bridge Engine application. Bridge Base Inc. developed the Pendergraph vugraph software using Bridge Engine. Pendergraph is the vugraph program used in all North American Championships and all World Championships held in North America.

The advantage of using one program (Bridge Engine) to create several applications is that all of the resulting applications will have the same look and feel, making it easier for the user to learn to use our software. We have recently added the ability to create web pages to Bridge Engine. The bridge hand and auction diagrams on this site were created using Bridge Engine. In 1999, the user interace and special features of Bridge Engine were enhanced. Learn to Play Bridge, a free program available through the American Contract Bridge League, was the first program generated by the updated engine. Bridge Master 2000, an upgrade to Bridge Master for Windows, soon followed and all new programs will be generated using the state of the art Bridge Engine.

Fred Gitelman is currently responsible for all software design and development as well as bridge analysis. In 1998 Fred began a contract with Microsoft to develop their online bridge service which is now available as free at The Gaming Zone.. Dr. Sheri Winestock is responsible for documentation, software testing, and running the day-to-day operations of the company. Sheri is in charge of “animation” – the process of using Bridge Engine to convert written bridge material into computer software products – and is the Webmaster of this site. Bridge Base Inc. also employs Chrys Schock and Shelagh Paulsson of Toronto on a part-time basis. Chrys and Shelagh are responsible for data entry, software testing, and artwork.

Fred Gitelman, (1965), has a strong background in both computer science and bridge. Fred learned to program in BASIC when he was 12 years old. He studied computer science at the University of Toronto. Before founding Bridge Base Inc., Fred worked for three years in the Research and Development department of Netron Inc. of Toronto, a world leader in developing software engineering tools.

Fred currently does most of his programming in C, C++, and Java. Fred learned to play bridge at age 18 and was immediately captivated by the game. Fred has studied and played bridge intensely ever since and he is now widely considered one of the top bridge players. Fred has twice finished second in World Championship events (1991 World Junior Championships and 1995 Bermuda Bowl).

Fred won the Gold Medal in the 2002 IOC Grand Prix and won the Silver Medal in the 1997 Maccabiah Games. He won the 2003 Cavendish Invitational Pairs and has won a number of North American Championships, including the 2001 Resinger Board-A-Match Teams. Along with invitations to play in international bridge events (Netherlands, London, Indonesia, Denmark, China, and Iceland), Fred has maintained a career as a successful bridge writer as well as a part-time professional player. Fred’s other interests include: downhill skiing, tennis, golf, juggling, computer science, and mathematics.

Dr. Sheri Winestock, (1962), completed her Doctorate in the History and Philosophy of Psychology at York University in Toronto. Sheri has worked full-time for Bridge Base Inc. since her graduation. Her excellent management, organizational, bridge, and language skills have made a major contribution to the success of the company.

Sheri has some programming experience as well. Sheri is a high level bridge player and represented Canada in the 2000 Venice Cup. Sheri was a silver medalist in the 1997 Maccabiah Games. Sheri’s other interests include: golf, downhill skiing, tennis, jigsaw puzzles, and cryptic crossword puzzles.

Bridge Club Live

The IOBC, or International Online Bridge Club, was formed in 1994 as dedicated consortium totally focused in providing a high quality, Windows based on line bridge system. Since then it has evolved into a sophisticated on line playing software system that includes a Java Web based program.

We constantly work with NCBO’s and in particular, over the last 2 years, developed the Online Bridge Club for the English Bridge Union (EBU) whose members now are accomodated within the club. All on line bridge is professionally managed and supervised by EBU staff in partnership with the IOBC.

Our combined and complimentary skills enables us to provide a professional system that is rugged, responsive and has all the facilities that bridge players desire. We are unique in being able to cater for both SAYC and ACOL players. We are based in London, England and our server is directly located on the LINX Internet exchange at 10 Mbyte within our ISP at Telehouse in London Docklands where 95% of the UK Internet traffic peers.

Backbone connections to the USA are via 2 Independent SPRINT lines for maximum performance and resilience for all our International players.

JBridge.NET is rebuilt based on our previous Windows version with latest technologies from Microsoft .NET and Sun Microsystems Java2 platform. JBridge offers bridge players all over the world to play our online duplicate MP/IMP/XIMP boards 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Player’s rank is calculated based on weekly duplicate scores by comparing to the same board played by others.

Weekly top players will be selected and posted on web, personalized ScoreBook and RecordBook will provide you the board you played played online for review and comparison, each player’s best partners will also be listed based on the scores for different game (MP/IMP/XIMP). As one of the best designed web based Java programs, we wish you enjoy your play at JBridge.NET.

MeinGames Spiele Online

MeinGames is an website for online games, including the game of bridge. The subscribers can enjoy the game played by many prominent personalities such as Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and Omar Sharif now online.

MeinGames is a multiplayer games online site for games such as chess, checkers, Go, Backgammon, Domino, Texas Poker, and Mahjong among others. The site supports languages in English, German, and Russian.

Swan Games

Software Features include an easy to use interface for play 24 hours a day with people from all over the world. Competitive MP and IMP scoring. Advanced rating system with instant update. Trick by trick animated hand review. Built in forums let you discuss boards. Individual chatboxes for managing private conversations. Online helpdesk with live assistance.

Graphically enhanced hand review. Statistics. Player profiling lets you keep notes on your friends (and foes). Over 100 configurable colors and sounds. SWAN Games Company is headquartered in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. The company’s mission is to create the best online club for playing bridge on the Internet. For more information, visit the SWAN Games Company website.

Bridge Online

The bridge player can play online with Bridge Online, which is based in New Zealand. Bridge Online runs on Adobe Flashplayer, which is pre-installed on almost all computers and the player can play on either a Mac or PC-based computer.

The site is subscriber-based and there is a certain fee attached. The bridge player can play against the computer, play against other bridge players. The operators also offer ‘play as you learn, with lessons and videos’.