Not having a credit history can prove to be quite tricky. If you ever need to avail a loan, then a lack of credit record is a problem. One might say that he/she does not need a loan. But, there are times when the money in your checking or savings account simply isn’t enough.

After all, how much money to people really have in their checking and savings accounts? What happens when you are faced with a financial emergency and need urgent money? Perhaps your car had a massive breakdown and the repair costs are substantial. You cannot avoid those expenses as you need your car to go to work.

Having the option of availing a loan is like a safety net that can help you tide through a financially tough situation. BridgeGuys offers loans to people with no credit. In fact, by borrowing and repaying such loans, you can start building your credit record too.

What does it really mean to have No Credit?

You may have heard of something known as credit scores. Every person has one. In fact, even people without any credit history has a credit score. Not having credit does not mean having a credit score of zero. It simply means that you have not established your credit history and that way, lenders will not know how safe or risky it is to lend money to you.

FICO is a commonly used credit scoring system. It rates the credit scores as follows:

  • Scores between 750 to 850 are considered to be excellent
  • Scores between 660 to 749 are considered to be good
  • Scores between 620 to 659 are considered to be fair
  • Scores between 350 to 619 are considered to be poor

Why would a person have No Credit?

A person can have no credit record if he/she has never borrowed a loan, held a credit card, or had a had a utility bill in his/her name. Someone who has not done either of the three has a very high chance of having no credit. That person is basically out of the credit grid and no lender will be able to figure out how risky it is to lend to that person.

While it is not necessarily a wrong thing to stay off the credit grid and pay every expense using cash, it can hurt you in the long run. If you ever face a financial emergency and need to borrow a small amount, then you will face problems with many lenders. Hence, it is always a good idea to have some sort of credit record.

What do I need to apply for a BridgeGuys personal loan?

If you want to start building your credit scores or simply need some cash for meeting expenses, then you should consider applying for a loan with BridgeGuys.

We do not discriminate against those who have who have bad credit or a less favorable credit profile. We also do not conduct a hard credit check which lowers your credit scores.

All we need from you are some basic qualifications. The information that we require is as follows:

  • Your name and contact information
  • A valid email address and phone number
  • Details about a recurring source of income
  • A functional checking account where we can transfer the loan money if you are approved

We also require that you are at least 18 years of age. You have to reside in a state where we are licensed to lend. Also, you should not be in active military service or be a dependent of someone who is currently serving in the military.

BridgeGuys works with anyone who is in urgent need of funds. BridgeGuys also offers free financial education resources so that its customers can build their financial knowledge and find the right path towards financial well-being.

BridgeGuys is committed to helping individuals access credit at the lowest rates and move up the financial ladder. We accept applications from borrowers in states where we are eligible to operate. We do not conduct hard credit checks that can lower credit scores.

BridgeGuys is also unique in the sense that it rewards its borrowers for being financially responsible. BridgeGuys has a rewards points system in which every borrower who makes repayments on time accumulates points.


These points then allow the borrower to access larger loans at favorable terms in the future. Those who accumulate a certain number of points get flexible repayment terms and longer duration to repay the loan. We essentially reward financially responsible behavior and help you build up your credit profile.

We do not punish borrowers who do not have good credit. We are open to working with people from a wide variety of credit profiles. We, in fact, are committed to helping them build their credit by offering them financial education resources along with loans.

Disclaimer: BridgeGuys does not provide legal, tax, or financial advice. In order to get professional advice, please contact a qualified and reputed advisor.