Finding a trusted and legitimate online casino

Reputable online casinos all over the world, Canada included are  licenced by a local body governing online casinos. The licenses are provided to guarantee safety for their players.  Whether gambling on a mobile phone or any other device, online casinos have to provide clear information concerning the random number generators used to determine the outcome of casino games. 

Safe online casinos should assure their players that state of art algorithms are used to verify their random number generators.  The player’s personal information, especially those involving their finances also have to be protected. 

To achieve this, online casinos ensure that the information in their database is encrypted using the TSL or SSL method. The eCOGRA seal should also be included on their website, which is an indication that the company is certified by a regulatory body.

If an online casino achieves all the above, it means that you are safe to go for real money play on the casino website either on a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop.


1. Expert review of online casinos


Here, we give a review of the best online casino sites that are safe for real money play both in Canada and other parts of the world. The decision on whether to choose one of the online casinos in our review  is on you. You can also check other sites to find out which online casinos are worth your time. Here are important features that summarize what each of the online casinos in this review has to offer.

Spin Palace Casino Up to 1000 600+ 2001
Leo Vegas Casino   Up to 1000 1000+ 2011
Royal Vegas Casino Up to 1200 630+ 2000
Casimba Casino   Up to 500 500+ 2017
Betway Casino Up to 1000 600+ 2006
Guts Casino Up to 500 600+ 2013
888 Casino   Up to 1500 200+ 1997


Zodiac Casino   Up to 480 600+ 2001
Dunder Casino  Up to 600 900+ 2016

Lucky Nugget Casino

Up to 1000 650+ 1998


2. Features to look for in the best online casino


Bonus offers

There are bonuses offered freely by online casinos that are especially attractive to first-time players. Still, ensure that you go through the terms and conditions section before applying for the welcome bonuses. This is because there may be some requirements that can hinder you from withdrawing real money if you happen to win with these bonus money.

Withdrawal options

Safe online casino Canada also allows gamblers to withdraw money using their e-wallet withdrawal methods or credit card within one or two days. But if you win a huge amount of money, challenges can occur concerning the withdrawal limit. These are the best reasons why you should always pay close attention to the terms and conditions of an online casino. 

It is equally important to read through the responsible gaming section.  If it is easy to access these pages, then it means that the casino is transparent in their dealings and is not trying to hide any information from their players.  

When looking for a safe online casino, another important feature to look for is the deposit and withdrawal options. For fast withdrawals, there should be the following options;

  • E-wallets like Neteller, Skrill or InstaDebt etc. (for gamblers in Canada)
  • EZLpay (for gamblers in Australia)

Wire transfers are not the best options for fast withdrawals since it can take time for banks to release the funds.

Large  and quality game variety

This question is quite common; what comes first, is it demand or supply?

This question is well answered at reputable online casino Canada 

If an online casino only contains a few games from mediocre developers or their games are not responsive on mobile phones, do not waste your time on them. Legitimate online casinos should offer a rich variety of games that are up to 1500 in number.  Such games can only be found in the largest online casinos.

Customer support

24/7 support is vital when it comes to real money play. Reputable casinos strive to ensure that customers get the necessary assistance on registration, deposit and withdrawal issues.  In short, the online casino should ensure that their players get a smooth customer experience.

Multiple language and currency

A trusted online casino Canada should also provide multi currency and Multi Language support.  This shows that the online casino is transparent and aims to enhance their relationship with customers.


When searching for a reputable and trusted online casino, do not hesitate to check whether it is licensed by a top casino licensing body.  The work of casino licensing bodies is to protect players against scammers in the industry.

To confirm that an online casino is legitimate, it should have the eCOGRA seal. eCOGRA is tasked to conduct audits on online casinos upon request from governmental bodies.

 Basically, the work of eCOGRA is to protect consumer safety. Even so, there are dishonest online casino sites that show fake eCOGRA seals on their website. it is therefore important to do background research on an online casino to ensure that they are not fraudsters.


3. New online casinos monthly update


Every month, you can’t miss dozens of new online casinos online.  But the fact that an online casino is still new doesn’t mean that you should shy away from enjoying what they have to offer. After all, it is only a handful of casinos that become popular immediately after being established. 

A majority of new casinos usually have outstanding features that attract players to the site. For instance, a new online casino Canada can be equipped with the latest games that can also be played on a mobile phone. such casinos are worth your time if you are looking for a rich gambling experience.

New casinos sites are also the best place to visit if you want to win huge.  For one, the casinos come with best offers in order to attract more players. The year 2018/2019 has specially recorded a large number of new casinos not only in Canada but also in other parts of the globe.


4. Online gambling laws in Canada


Canadian gambling laws have been an area of concern. This is because the gambling laws of the country usually cover land-based gambling activities that may or may not apply in online gambling.  The fact that each Canadian province has its own gambling laws makes things even more confusing.

In the text below, we are going to explain how the Canadian government perceives online gambling and how their attitude towards the same has changed over time. We will also advise you on the best online casino sites to play and what to expect as far as the future of online gambling is concerned.

to start with, you may want to know;


5. Is online gambling legal in Canada?


The answer is yes. (Although this answer varies depending on the province, which we will explain later) it is legal to play in a licensed online casino in Canada. Besides that, Canadian players can also play in foreign online gambling sites without facing prosecution.

We can’t talk about safe online casino play in Canada without bringing the Kahnawake Gaming Authority in the picture. The commission is widely known to be among the powerful licensing authorities in Canada.

When it comes to the attitude of the country toward gambling, it hasn’t changed much.  It is only that the government is trying hard to legalize online casino Canada. This is to ensure the safety of players. Here is what you need to know concerning casino laws in Canada.


This year saw the first gambling regulation put in place. The Criminal Code of Canada banned any form of gambling in the region. Just a few years later, bingo games and horse races were legalized.


The Canadian government introduced gambling laws under the provincial jurisdictions.  This year, land-based gambling places mushroomed throughout Canada.


The very first commercial casino in Canada opened.  Since this time, the criminal code has not been amended and has nothing concerning online casinos in Canada. So no one can really say whether online gambling is right or wrong.

That said, the future of online casino Canada is also not clear. A lot of people expected the new government to make things clear concerning the legalization of online casinos in  Canada. Still, nothing has happened.

Canada online gambling in provincial level

As already stated, provinces in Canada have the power to control any kind of gambling within their jurisdiction. Most of the provinces have the same gambling laws. But there is a slight difference in some. We are going to discuss how these laws are in each province to have a better understanding of how the rules are.


Online casinos in Quebec are regulated in the same way as land-based casinos. The Quebec alcohol racing and gaming commission created a  gambling platform called Espacejeux. In this state-run platform, you can create an account and purchase lottery tickets, place bets and play casino games. Quebec is quite different from other provinces in that offshore gambling companies are not allowed.


Ontario is quite unique since online gambling is regulated in this province.  This means that it is safe and secure to gamble in Ontario.  PlayOLG is a state-managed online casino where gambling enthusiasts can play.  Gambling activities in the province are regulated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, OLG.

British Columbia

This is the first province to open an online casino run by the state.  Gambling activities are also regulated in British Columbia.  Thanks to the many years of experience, every online casino in the province can now operate smoothly with less interference.  This is in terms of how these online casinos operate, gambling regulation culture and customer support.  Online gambling in the province is regulated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The corporation also has an online gambling site under its name, referred to as PlayNow.

Besides that, gamblers in British Columbia are allowed to play on other platforms as well.


Saskatchewan has many land-based casinos, most of which are operated by the First Nations population. There is yet to be a single online gambling site in the province. There was an online casino called Northern Bear that opened in Saskatchewan, but it later closed due to financial constraints.


 There is no authority that regulates online gambling in Alberta. This means that gambling is not prohibited and not allowed at the same time. You can, therefore, play on any online casino website that you can access or visit any land-based casino in the province.

New Brunswick

In this province, land-based casinos are highly regulated. But when it comes to online gambling, there are no laws for such. Land-based casinos, however, offer a chance for casino lovers in the region to place their bets.


Players who want to play online gambling in Manitoba can use PlayNow. Gamblers can also place bets on offshore websites, but not all considering that some of them are blocked. There are also land-based casinos in Manitoba.  This large number of casino players in the region can be attributed to the gambling age, which is 18 in Manitoba while other provinces make it 19.


Newfoundland is also unique considering that any gambling activity, whether online or land-based is completely banned. Plans to amend this law have already been discussed so there is a probability that the situation will easen in the future. However, residents  have the option to play on other foreign sites.

Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, there are no laws relating to online gambling. So there is no Nova Scotia online casino run by the government. It is however not prohibited to place bets on other online casinos out of the region.

Bottom line

As the situation is, the Canadian government isn’t discussing the online gambling issue any time soon. So if you are casino enthusiasts, you are free to place bets on any online casino you want. Just ensure that the casino is reputable by confirming important issues that we have discussed at the beginning of the article. These include reliable customer support,  licensing, wide variety of games, convenient deposit and withdrawal methods, etc.

We are following the emerging issues in online casino Canada very closely. So don’t despair.  You will be the first to know even when a slight change is made.


6. Online casino worldwide


In general, you may wonder, are online casinos legitimate? The answer to this question will depend on the country. An online casino may not be legal in a specific country, but citizens are usually free to place bets in other foreign online casinos.

Online casinos in the USA

Just like Canada. The status of online casinos in the USA remains unclear. 14 years ago, the government prohibited banks from processing transactions between US residents and online casino sites. But in the recent past, some states have started licensing local online casinos. And these sites are increasingly becoming popular day by day and are among the best online casino sites in the United States.

Online casinos in the UK

The UK stand on online casinos is different to Canada and the USA. The government has legalized online casinos in the UK and the industry itself is experiencing exponential growth.  But as much as online casinos are 100% legal, the government imposes high taxes on the industry.  The UK Gambling Commission is tasked with licensing these casinos.

Online casinos in Australia

Land-based casinos in Australia are legal. But these companies are not allowed to have an online platform. However, Australian players can still enjoy online sites from Canada and the UK. So if you reside in Australia and want to enjoy the online casino experience, considering playing at Canadian online casinos.  ‘

Online casinos in New Zealand

New Zealand casino players are free to gamble online as well. But just like Australia, local casino companies are prohibited from offering their services online. So if you are in New Zealand, consider online casinos in the UK and Canada.


7. Types of online casinos and which ones suit you best


Instant play casinos

This only requires registration and you can start real money play even without downloading an app.  It is a preferred option when you don’t want to be noticed. E.g. when playing using a computer in your office.  Just remember to erase the playing history. It can also be a good playing mode in places with a low internet connection. After all, no one has the patience to wait for ages for a casino app to download.

Download casino

For those who prefer playing download casinos, you first have to download the casino app. It is easy to download a casino app and you can as well download a mobile app for real money play. Contrary to flash mode casinos, download modes have diverse playing features. Download versions also have high-quality graphics and a wider game variety.

To facilitate real money play on either in flash or download mode, the casino sites are usually developed with responsive design in order to fit in any screen size.  Mobile casino apps are also available in AppStore or play market.  Using a mobile app is convenient in the sense that you can play from any location.  The only downside is that you may spend a lot of time and money in online casinos. Even the most popular venues in Las Vegas, like MGM resorts have now introduced mobile app gambling options for the convenience of their players.

There are users who do not prefer real money play to be operated by an online RNG. Rather, they prefer live dealer casino sites. These people also have a special offer in online casinos; they can now play with real dealers. However, human beings take more time compared to algorithms. You also should have access to high-speed internet for live streaming.

The latest developments in virtual reality gears also create a real casino atmosphere. As much as there are only a few VR casinos, this is the future trend when it comes to gambling for real money. You first have to confirm that your hardware is suitable for virtual reality. This is also an addictive way of playing an online casino, so you should be extra cautious when playing VR casino.

In short, it is possible to play real money casinos on almost every platform.

iPhone casinos

To play an online casino via an iPhone, you will first have to download the casino app since flash play in most casino sites is not supported on the iPhone.  Once you download, real money play on an iPhone can be an experience to remember, thanks to the high processing power and superb graphics that iPhone are widely known for. Most table games with complex features can also be found in iPhone casinos online kits.

IPad casinos

If you are using an iPad, there are several real money play options available for you. You can also find casino apps for iPad at AppStore if you prefer playing on full screen.

Casinos on Mac

Only a few casinos are equipped with the necessary technology for Mac users to enjoy real money play. For those that do, you can benefit from quality graphics and high speed available in Mac computers. These features are much better in Mac compared to mobile devices and PCs.

Android casinos

It is easy to play online casino games on androids. But before doing this, confirm whether the casino offers online in-browser playing options for android.  If not, you can check android online casino apps in Google Play.  It is only recently that android phones were equipped with real money play apps. Usually, playing on a mobile phone can guarantee quality graphics and this will achieve a superb gambling experience. However, not every type of gaming can be downloaded on a mobile phone.

Tablet casinos

When playing on a larger screen, it is easier and more convenient to play your favorite game. This is why tablets are becoming popular online casino playing devices as an alternative to mobile phone and laptop gambling. It won’t be surprising to see online casinos giving out tablets for their online gamblers in the future.


8. Common banking methods



PayPal casino sites are great places to play online casino games. This is because you can manage your deposits without spending much. PayPal is also one of the safest options for online money transfer. If you are a Canadian player, then you may not be able to use PayPal when playing online since this is not allowed. But there are also other safe options like instaDebit.


Most online casinos also accept debit and credit cards. However, the use of Visa as an online casino payment method is prohibited in the United States.  Deposits using a MasterCard is also popular in online casinos. And the best online MasterCard casinos also offer a large game variety together with rich graphics even when using a mobile device.


This is the best casino deposit option to use if you want anonymity when playing online.  This is because you don’t need to have a credit card or bank account with Paysafecard. You can remain anonymous while playing and also control your limits. Most banks have a negative perception of online gambling, which makes it difficult for players to access credit. With Paysafecard, you can also limit your expenditure. Like a mobile voucher, it should be purchased afresh once you have spent the entire amount.


Instadebit is also a convenient option for players inside and outside Canada to deposit and start betting in as little as 15 minutes. You won’t have to spend a lot of time in the registration stage. Thanks to its user-friendly nature, you can easily download funds to your bank account.


It can take several minutes to register at the Skrill website. It is also one safe means of transferring money. You can also benefit from other services for free. Skrill is a great option when you want your casino payments to remain private.


Unlike other deposit and withdrawal methods, Neteller was specifically created for online casino transactions. If you frequently use this option, you may get bonuses from online casinos. It is easy to register at Neteller. There are also no government restrictions when using Neteller casino. Besides, you can use Neteller and Skrill if you want to deposit at bitcoin casinos.


If you want total safety when transacting money online, then this can be the best option for you. Actually, this is the main reason why Idebit was developed. Mark you, safety is also an area of concern when it comes to e-wallet casinos. So you have to confirm each and every transaction taking place from your bank account. It can take a maximum of 5 days to transfer funds from Idebit to your bank account. Idebit also has responsive customer support and you can get immediate assistance, especially on issues relating to suspicious activities.


9. Types of online casino games



These are simple online casino games that you can play for real money. You can win big on slots and the experience is even better when using a mobile device to play.


This is one of the oldest games that we currently have in online casinos. Regardless of what your bets are, the edges remain the same.


Blackjack is a casino game that gives you the chance to use mathematical strategies to win bets.


This can be a perfect option for those who just want to try luck since no strategy is required when playing.

If you want to deal with a live person, live online casinos will give you the chance to do so.  Here, you can chat and play with a real dealer.


10. Top casino bonuses


Online casinos offer bonuses to players that they can use without depositing any money. However, These bonuses come with certain restrictions and requirements.  It is therefore advised to go through the terms and conditions of the online casino before using the bonuses. You can also go through our online casino Canada guide for information concerning the same.

Free spins bonus

For promotion purposes, online casinos may offer free spins bonus at a slot game. These types of bonuses have requirements that you have to meet. For instance, you have to confirm what the maximum cash out amount is.

No deposit casino bonus

If you have never deposited real money in an online casino, you can qualify for a signup bonus. Current users, on the other hand, can be offered no deposit bonuses.

Bonus codes

Bonus codes work the same way as coupons. The prospective player usually enters this code in the cashier section which is thereafter redeemed.

With improvements in technology, the number of casino users for real money play is increasing every day. And this seems to be the trend for years to come. This may eventually lead to overwhelming numbers of online casinos not only in Canada but also in other parts of the globe.

We highly encourage you to go through our online casino review and follow the recommendations.  By doing so, you can avoid getting scammed and benefit from maximum casino safety in terms of deposit and withdrawal as well as the bonuses.  Our review will also guarantee the best gaming experience that a safe and reliable online casino can offer.


11. Online casino Canada FAQs


 Is online casino Canada legal

As simple as this question may be, it really doesn’t have a straight answer. Online gambling is legal in some provinces, while in others, the laws are not very clear. To determine whether online gambling is legal in Canada, it is best if we concentrate on specific provinces. As much as laws concerning online gambling in Canada are not very clear, you can place bets on foreign online casinos, nobody can question this. You also should worry about your safety when placing the bets, just ensure that you are playing on a safe website.

How is gambling regulated in Canada?

Canada is divided into provinces and each of them has its own laws and regulations concerning online land-based casinos.  You can, therefore, have to look at a specific province to see which body regulates online gambling.

Is it safe to play in online casinos?

Reputable dealers always do their best to ensure that they offer a safe gambling environment for their players.  But this does not mean that you can play at any online casino without doing a background check. Ensure to confirm that your preferred casino is legal and licensed by a known body like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.  To be on a safe side, we suggest that you try one of the casinos in our review since we did a background check on each of them to ensure that they are legit and safe.

Which is the best online casino?

  After going through the review of online casinos, the choice will now depend on you since people have unique tastes and preferences. What we can advise is to play on any of the casinos in our review.  Our experienced and dedicated team sacrificed their time to come up with this list.  Customer reviews on these casinos are also impeccable.   Take a closer look at each of these websites and choose one that suits you best.

How can you choose a good casino?

First and foremost, you have to check how safe the online casino is. Confirm whether the company is licensed, has a large variety of games and multiple payments and deposit methods.  You should also ensure that they have good customer support that can respond to your questions on time. After this, go through their game section to find out whether they offer your favorite games as well as their bonuses.

Which banking methods are offered by online casinos?

Today, online casinos are trying their best to ensure that they have multiple deposit and withdrawal methods. By this, every gambler can benefit from choosing a banking option that suits them best. Whether you prefer MasterCard, Skrill, PayPal or any other option, chances are that the casino can accept it. If you like, you can choose a prepaid card casino. It is however important to first confirm whether the casino accepts the deposit option you want to use.

What types of games are available in online casinos?

Whatever game you like. You can play any game you wish depending on your moods. If you want ultimate fun after a long working day, online casino slots are recommended in such a situation. Do you like competition and adventure? Why not try some table games offered by online casino Canada? Every online casino displays a wide variety of games that you can choose from. Some of them offer as much as 1500 games or even more.

What is the legal gambling age in Canada?

To play online without attention from authorities, you should be at least 19 years to stay playing in online casino Canada. Quebec residents are however lucky. Here, you can start playing as soon as you reach 18 years.