Find the nearest payday loans – Get started in minutes

You don’t have much time to evaluate and think about various options when you have a financial emergency knocking your door. All you think about is getting money as quickly as possible. You are probably looking for a source of fast cash when you don’t even have $100 to pay for fixing a flat tire. There are many such situations where time is literally money.

The natural reaction to such a predicament would be to look for a payday loan lender within your community or neighborhood. However, not everyone is able to find such a lender. Very few people know the best lending option for their specific needs.

If you urgently need funds, then read the advice on this page for the best experience possible.

How to find a payday loan near me?

Let us assume that you are facing a financial emergency. You are facing time pressure and do not have the luxury of reviewing and picking out the best payday lenders in your town. You might use the internet to look up lenders near you.

If you can pick out a decent lender while being under time pressure, you still have to walk or drive to their office and discuss a loan. Even 30 minutes can be a lot of time in such situations. After all, you might have to pay an expensive late fee if you don’t sort out the finances in time.

A better option would be to work with an online lender like BridgeGuys. All you need to do is go to our website and fill out a simple application form. It will take you about 5 minutes, which is way shorter than researching lenders and then driving to their office.

Once you submit the application, the decisions are instant. If you get approved, then the funds could be in your account within one business day (sometimes in minutes). You basically get a loan in your checking account without leaving your living room.

How do I select a reliable lender among multiple options?

Regardless of whether you decide to work with a conventional payday lender or a payday loan alternative like BridgeGuys, you must always consider certain factors before finalizing the lender. In particular, you must ask the following questions in order to understand if the lender is legitimate or not:

  • Does the lender hold a license which authorizes it to give short-term loans to people in your particular state?
  • Does the lender have high data privacy standards whereby your personal information is not sold to a third party?
  • Does the lender provide a secure website or dashboard on which you can access your loan and profile information at any time?

When you ask these questions, you will sometimes discover certain lenders who operate out of a foreign country or from tribal territories. That way, the US laws that protect US consumers won’t apply to such lenders.

Some lenders may not deny that they sell your information to third parties. Such lenders might not even be licensed lenders. In fact, you might not even find out who you are borrowing money from if you work with such opaque lenders.

BridgeGuys makes sure that it operates only in states where it hold the license to lend. BridgeGuys also does not sell customer information to outside parties. It ensures that the highest standards of data privacy are followed. BridgeGuys does not go on a spree distributing your application to all kinds of banks and lenders. We maintain a direct link with our clients.

BridgeGuys also ensures that its website is secure and that its web address starts with an “https”. If you visit our website, you will also notice a green padlock on the left of the URL in your browser. This padlock indicates that all information is encrypted, ensuring that no one will be able to intercept the data. We ensure that your personal information is safe and secure with us.

What is the process for getting a payday loan with BridgeGuys?

First, you fill out the online application on our website. It takes about 5 minutes to fill out some basic personal information. If you submit your application by 5 p.m. PT (on a weekday) then you will get a decision in a time bound manner and chances are that the loan amount will be in your bank account by the next business day.

To speed up the process, what you can do is gather all the information beforehand. We ask for your name, contact information, address details, and bank checking account info (to be able to transfer the loan amount to you).

You are encouraged to check various lending options because it is always a smart thing to compare and evaluate. However, you should ultimately select a lender who is reliable and safe to deal with.

BridgeGuys is a great option when you need that cash fast. Our application is simple, our process is transparent, and we give out quick decisions on whether you are approved or not. Customer service is our priority.