An alternative to risky payday loans

Not all short-term loans are high risk. Some alternatives that we can offer you are worth exploring. These loans are offered by a licensed lender.

Some of the benefits that BridgeGuys can offer you are:

Soft credit checks: BridgeGuys does not perform a hard credit check which can lower your FICO credit score.

Rewarding timely repayments: Traditional lenders offer you a payday loan at similar terms regardless of whether you have been a responsible borrower or not. However, we at BridgeGuys do things a little bit differently. We recognize your timely repayments and will reward you with more favorable terms once you establish a track record with us.

Transparency: We pride ourselves in being completely transparent with your customers when it comes to disclosing the loan details. We never charge any hidden fees and show you all the terms and conditions at the very beginning.

No debt traps: Many lenders tend to push their customers into debt traps by compelling them to take a new loan to repay the old one. This practice is known as a “rollover”. Instead of allowing rollovers, we work with our customers and work out a solution as per their individual situations.

Data privacy: Many online loan companies are actually lead generators and aggregators. They can sometimes sell personal information which then results in spam and annoying sales calls. We at BridgeGuys never sell our customer data and hold data privacy as one of our highest priorities.

Timely processing: We work on the principle for providing quick decisions to our customers.

Electronic money transfer: If you loan is approved, then we ensure that the money is transferred as soon as possible. Depending on where you bank, the money can reach your account within one business day.

A payday loan is money that is borrowed against your next paycheck. There are some limitations to this approach:

  1. You can only borrow what you earn
  2. The repayment schedule is short and the money needs to be paid back within weeks.
  3. If a major chunk of your paycheck goes into paying back the payday loan, then you might find it challenging to service other financial obligations.

What you don’t want it loosing all your paycheck money towards loan repayments. Then, you are guaranteed to borrow another loan to fulfill other financial obligations. Thus, a debt cycle will keep on perpetuating. Alternatives to conventional payday loans can allow you to avoid such a debt cycle.

Is there a payday loan alternative?

A traditional payday loan is generally a loan that a conventional lender will expect you to pay by your next pay check date. However, doing so might put you in a tight financial spot as you may have other expenses that also need to be paid with your salary check.

An alternative payday loan is one in which the lender allows you a 30-day window for repayment. That way, you will be able to meet all your other financial obligations as well.

Many payday loan companies are simply businesses that collect your information and then look for lenders before passing on your information to those lenders. Some companies may even sell your contact information.

They may not care about the fact that it is you that will have to face annoying spam emails and phone calls. Our business practice never involves selling any customer information. Data protection and privacy gets the utmost attention with us.

Why is BridgeGuys the best place from where I should get my payday loan?

We understand that nobody is interested in constantly paying debts and getting caught in a dangerous debt trap. Those problems are exactly what happens when payday loan companies roll over old loans with new ones. Our philosophy is pretty straight forward. If you cannot make your debt repayments, then we will work out a solution with you. We are customer-centric.

BridgeGuys also helps borrowers with bad credit or limited credit history. Both of these limitations can keep a prospective borrower from getting loans at conventional financial institutions. Even buying a car or getting a credit card can become a challenge.

At BridgeGuys, we help out lender by providing them access to financial education resources. We also allow borrowers to set relatively flexible repayment terms for long term and short term loans.

What is so different about BridgeGuys when compared with other online lenders?

Short term loans often carry high interest rates and payday loans have some of the highest within that category. BridgeGuys tries to keep its costs to a minimum. We do not charge any hidden fees or surprise you by claiming outstanding dues when you are paying back the loan. We are quite transparent in our dealing and list out the entire cost of the loan upfront.

We at BridgeGuys also provide each customer with his/her very own online dashboard where all the loans details can be accessed. You can pretty much track all your recent payments and other details at any time of the day or night. If there is ever a query, then simply write us an email and we will provide your with the answer in a time-bound manner. our convenience is at the center of the entire experience in dealing with us.

Our quick and efficient application process ensures that you get an instant decision on your loan application. Besides getting a yes or no right away, we also do not require you to have good credit. Since you get a decision soon after you apply, you will know whether to stick around or go somewhere else for your loan. We understand that your time is important.

We ask for the following information when applying:

  • Name and contact information, including email and telephone numbers.
  • Income and employment information.
  • Bank account info so that the loan amount can be electronically transferred.

We don’t call your employers for telephone verification. So, no need to worry about your boss or HR person receiving awkward phone calls. This simple application can be made on a computer or your mobile phone and it takes less than 5 minutes.

Best of all, approved applications can get the money in their accounts within one business day. We don’t guarantee a specific time because the speed of the money transfer depends on which bank you use.

FAQs on Payday Loans

Why do people go for payday loans?

A payday loan, sometimes also known as “payday advance”, “paycheck advance”, payroll advance”, “check advance”, “cash advance”, or “payroll advance”, is a popular means to raise cash quickly. Short-term and immediate financial requirements caused by unexpected events or situations can be fulfilled via payday loans. Unexpected expenses can be car breakdown repairs, medical expenses, or other household requirements.

Sometimes, people need money to pay for basics like rent, utility bills, and food. A payday loan is useful for such situations where money is needed in between two paychecks.

Payday loans are high interest loans. Hence, they should be used during an emergency only. It is not a good idea to repay credit card debt or buy a fancy new car using a payday loan.

What information needs to be submitted during the application process?

On the payday loan application, we ask for the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your current and permanent address
  • Your contact information
  • Your social security number
  • Your income/salary amount (Certain states have laws according to which we ask for additional documents related to income for verification purposes)
  • Your account information (so that money can be transferred to you electronically)

After receiving all of this information, we evaluate an appropriate loan amount which you can easily pay off. We do not want you to be stuck with a loan that you cannot pay back.

Do you have a physical location where I can visit and apply?

Our application process is completely online. You can sit in your living room or bedroom and apply. There is no need to leave your home. The online application also means that decisions are instant and approved applicants can expect to receive the funds in a time-bound manner as well.

Can loan applications at BridgeGuys be made 24/7?

Yes! Our online application interface is functional at all times. If you get approved, then the time when you receive funds in your account will depend on the time when you got approved for the loan. Normally, the funds arrive in your account within one business day after approval.

If I require a payday loan right away, then should I choose BridgeGuys?

BridgeGuys offers you a compelling alternative to a traditional payday loan. The benefits of getting a loan from BridgeGuys are:

  • You can apply from the comfort of your home. No need to drive around town.
  • Our customer service team is a US-based in-house group of helpful agents who know how to deliver customer service. They work extended hours as well.
  • We are transparent with our terms and conditions. No more hidden fees and surprise charges. We are upfront and clear with all the details.
  • The more you work with us, the better your chances of getting more attractive terms on future loans. We reward responsible borrowers.
  • We are committed to customer service and best practices. If you have financial needs, then we are here to help you out and fill the gaps. You can rely on us.