May 26, 2024

McDonald’s Vows to Improve Affordability After Backlash Over Prices

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Feb 7, 2024

McDonald’s is pledging to make its menu more affordable after the fast food giant received significant customer backlash over rising prices. The company’s stock also took a hit following its latest earnings call where CEO Chris Kempczinski promised shareholders that McDonald’s would refocus on providing value to retain budget-conscious customers.

Recent Price Increases Spark Customer Outrage

Over the past year, McDonald’s has steadily increased prices across its entire menu. A typical Big Mac meal that once cost around $5 now runs closer to $9 or $10 at many locations. Breakfast sandwiches and hash browns have seen similarly dramatic hikes upwards of 40-50% at some restaurants.

In July 2023, one McDonald’s franchise in New York came under fire for charging $18 for a Big Mac meal. While an extreme example, it highlighted growing customer frustration as the affordability long associated with McDonald’s eroded.

An analysis by found that McDonald’s price increases over the past two years significantly outpaced broader inflation rates:

Item % Price Increase
Big Mac +41.4%
6 pc McNuggets +39.1%
Filet-O-Fish +37.9%
Large Fries +36.1%
Hash Brown +41.4%
Egg McMuffin +60.0%
Sausage McMuffin +50.3%

With many consumers already dealing with painfully high grocery bills, further inflation at McDonald’s crossed a tipping point. Customers unleashed their dissatisfaction over the price hikes on social media, slamming the company for abandoning its reputation for affordability.

Quarterly Earnings Disappoint Due to Lagging Sales

The swelling customer dissatisfaction clearly impacted McDonald’s sales in recent months. On February 5th, the company reported disappointing financial results for Q4 2022. Global comparable store sales increased by a modest 5.8%, far below the double-digit growth McDonald’s delivered earlier in 2022.

Sales stagnated particularly in the United States, only rising 1.3% compared to over 10% growth for international markets. McDonald’s attributed the lagging domestic performance to reduced store visits from lower-income consumers scaling back discretionary purchases amidst inflationary pressures.

CEO Chris Kempczinski acknowledged the company went too far in its price increases, saying McDonald’s “pushed [customers] to the brink on price.” With household budgets stretched thin, many lower-income patrons simply could not afford McDonald’s elevated costs.

McDonald’s Pivots Focus to Affordability in 2023

Facing slumping sales and fierce criticism over affordability, McDonald’s is charting a return to its budget-friendly roots. During the company’s earnings call, Kempczinski told shareholders McDonald’s would make improving affordability a top priority in 2023.

“We’re focused on regaining and retaining lower-income consumers in the weeks and months ahead,” he stressed. “We have a responsibility and obligation to ensure McDonald’s remains affordable to them.”

Kempczinski explained McDonald’s would slow the pace of price increases moving forward while finding opportunities to lower costs. New promotions like discounts on family meals or value bundles could help attract price-sensitive diners back through the doors. Restaurant operators may also be given more flexibility around customized offerings that resonate in their local markets.

The renewed emphasis on affordability comes after McDonald’s stock dropped over 3% in the wake of its earnings release. Investors are clearly concerned about the loss of budget-conscious customers that make up McDonald’s core audience. According to an internal memo obtained by The Daily Caller, McDonald’s franchisees have been advised to identify opportunities to lower prices by at least 1-2% over the next year.

Will McDonald’s Actually Deliver More Affordable Menu Options?

McDonald’s bullish talk around improving affordability has sparked doubts over whether meaningful price cuts will actually happen. Labor and ingredient costs remain high, squeezing restaurant profit margins. Slashing prices could negatively impact McDonald’s operators or clash against the demands of franchise owners.

However, with both customers and investors voicing growing impatience, McDonald’s has little choice but to back up its promises around affordability. Some Wall Street analysts believe minor reductions in pricing could occur through subtle moves like scaling back the size of price increases or rolling back costs for a few high-visibility items.

“I think we’ll continue to see aggressive discounting come through the US business,” said Morningstar analyst R.J. Hottovy. “McDonald’s has brand permission to take small increases over time, but they can’t pull huge levers.”

While immediate relief may prove elusive, McDonald’s track record of thriving during periods of economic uncertainty bodes well for its renewed value push. If affordable favorites bring back lower-income consumers, McDonald’s could rebuild sales momentum to keep shareholders happy. Still, the coming months will test whether this iconic chain can truly get back to its budget-friendly roots.

Table inserted summarizing key developments:

Timeframe Key Developments
July 2023 NYC McDonald’s location charges $18 for Big Mac meal, sparking initial price complaints
Q4 2022 Earnings (Feb 5, 2024) Disappointing US sales growth of only 1.3%.
CEO acknowledges losing lower-income customers to inflation.
2024 Outlook McDonald’s pledges renewed focus on “regaining and retaining” lower-income consumers.
Promises to improve affordability through fewer/smaller price hikes.
Open Questions Will meaningful price reductions actually occur given still high costs?
Can McDonald’s rebuild sales growth if lower-income consumers return?

So in summary, after customer frustration boiled over regarding aggressive price hikes over the past two years, McDonald’s is now vowing improve affordability in 2023. Sales slumped in the US recently as lower-income consumers in particular cut back on eating out due to inflation. McDonald’s CEO admitted the company went too far raising prices and is now attempting to lure budget-focused customers back. However, it remains unclear whether McDonald’s can truly deliver substantive price relief given still elevated expenses for labor, ingredients and other operating costs. The coming year will demonstrate if McDonald’s can live up to its renewed promises around value without hurting profitability or sparking franchise owner resistance.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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