June 15, 2024

Adam Harrison, Son of ‘Pawn Stars’ Star Rick Harrison, Dead at 39 After Reported Overdose

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Jan 20, 2024

Adam Harrison, the son of Rick Harrison who stars in the hit reality show “Pawn Stars,” has died at the age of 39 from a reported drug overdose.

Lead Up to Adam’s Death

Adam, the eldest son of the Harrison family that runs the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop featured on “Pawn Stars,” had struggled with substance abuse issues over the years. He began using drugs as a teenager and had been in and out of rehabilitation centers trying to get clean.

Just last year in 2023, Rick had revealed during an episode of “Pawn Stars” that Adam had fallen back into addiction after being sober for quite some time. “He was doing so good, then he started taking prescription pills,” Rick said. “And it’s just hard, because he has to want it, not me.”

At the time, Rick remained hopeful Adam would recover, saying: “He’s trying. He’s still my son, and I’m going to do everything I can. I can’t force him to get better. All I can do is pray.”

Adam Found Dead on January 19

On January 19th, 2024, tragedy struck when Adam was found dead in his Las Vegas home at age 39.

According to initial reports from TMZ and the New York Post, his death was caused by a fatal drug overdose. The specific substance involved has not been made public yet pending full autopsy results.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have confirmed they responded to a residence in Vegas in reference to an unresponsive male. The unidentified man was pronounced dead at the scene.

While police have not officially named Adam Harrison as the deceased man, the Harrison family lawyer has seemingly confirmed his passing. Additionally, Rick Harrison broke his silence for the first time since the news broke, indicating it was indeed his son Adam who died.

Rick Harrison Releases Statement on Son’s Death

On January 20th, Rick Harrison gave a heartbreaking statement on the death of his eldest son:

“It is with tremendous sadness that I confirm my beloved eldest son Adam passed away yesterday at the young age of 39. While the official cause of death is yet to be determined, it does appear to be an accidental overdose and likely related to the substance abuse problems Adam battled on and off for many years.

Adam was incredibly bright, passionate, and full of life despite his struggles, and he had so much more life ahead of him to live. I loved my son dearly and his passing leaves a massive hole in my heart that can never be filled. I am also devastated for his brother Jake and the rest of our family, as well as everyone who knew and loved Adam. We greatly appreciate the outpouring of sympathy and support from friends, fans, and the Las Vegas community as we try to cope with this sudden, shocking loss. I kindly request privacy for our family as we attempt to heal and process our indescribable grief.”

Rick’s statement confirms Adam’s history of substance abuse issues ultimately led to his premature death at just 39 years old. The pawn shop owner expressed profound grief over losing his eldest child while conveying Adam’s struggles with addiction despite his positive qualities.

Adam Had Appeared on ‘Pawn Stars’ Over the Years

While less prominently featured than his father and grandfather Richard “Old Man” Harrison, Adam had made several appearances on “Pawn Stars” over the show’s 18 season run.

Viewers got glimpses of his role working behind the scenes of the pawn shop early on. However, later episodes shed light on Adam’s substance abuse problems and the toll it took. An episode in 2015 showed the Harrisons staging an intervention to convince Adam to go to rehab, which he eventually agreed to.

During a confessional interview on the show, Adam once acknowledged: “Working with family can be difficult…I feel a lot of pressure. My dad and grandfather built this business from nothing. I want to prove I can live up to the Harrison name.”

Sadly, Adam was never able to permanently overcome his addiction demons. But his monumental battle was made more difficult under the glare of the reality TV cameras and insurmountable expectations laid upon him.

Outpouring of Grief from Friends, Costars, and Fans

News of Adam’s unexpected death has resulted in tremendous grief and a massive outpouring of sympathy, remembrances, and condolences.

Fellow cast members and friends from “Pawn Stars” expressed their shock and sadness over Harrison’s passing:

  • Corey Harrison, Rick’s son and Adam’s brother: “I’m absolutely heartbroken over the sudden loss of my big brother Adam. He was always so full of life and humor no matter how tough things got. I’ll never forget our endless hilarious childhood adventures driving Dad nuts. He may be gone but those cherished memories will live in my heart forever.”

  • Austin “Chumlee” Russell: “I’m in total disbelief that Adam is gone. He brought so much passion, authenticity and fun to our crew at Gold & Silver Pawn shop and the show. My heart breaks for the entire Harrison family.”

  • Richard “Old Man” Harrison (in one of his final interviews before passing away in 2018): “My grandson Adam was one of the brightest, funniest kids I’ve ever known growing up. Underneath the struggles he has with addiction and finding his place in this world, that infectious, lovable spirit is still there.”

Additionally, legions of loyal “Pawn Stars” fans have taken to social media to express sadness over Adam’s untimely death:

  • @PawnStarsFan123: “As a longtime viewer of Pawn Stars my heart sank hearing this tragic news of Adam Harrison’s passing. Sending deepest condolences to Rick and the rest of his family.”

  • @RealityTVAddict: “Adam always brought humor and personality working behind the counter. So awful to lose someone clearly still so young with so much more life to live.”

  • @LVResident2018: “The Harrisons are local legends here in Vegas. Just devastating for Rick and Corey to lose Adam. Far too young.”

The sheer breadth of emotional reactions highlights the immense impact Adam made despite his private struggles. His personality touched numerous lives across the nation through 14 seasons starring on cable TV’s most popular reality show.

What Caused Adam Harrison’s Death?

While we await final confirmation from the Clark County Coroner regarding Adam Harrison’s exact cause of death, all signs point to an accidental drug overdose based on initial reports.

The type of substance involved has not been disclosed, though prescription pills and opioids are a strong possibility given Adam’s past addiction issues. The Harrisons’ family lawyer also made vague references to Adam “losing a battle that has been going on for some time.”

Year Event
2006 Adam first appears on early seasons of “Pawn Stars”
2015 Intervention staged for Adam’s substance abuse on the show
2023 Rick reveals on the show Adam had relapsed after being previously sober
January 19, 2024 Adam found dead at age 39 from reported overdose

This tentative timeline shows Adam had over 15 years publicly battling addictions since first appearing on “Pawn Stars” in 2006. His premature death demonstrates the insidious dangers and destructive power of substance abuse.

What’s Next for Rick Harrison and Family

Rick Harrison now faces the unimaginable grief of burying his eldest son while the family’s reality TV show presses on for a 19th season later this year on History Channel.

It remains to be seen what Adam’s tragic passing means for the future of “Pawn Stars” and how exactly the show may pay tribute to him. The recent death of a main character presents hugely difficult decisions for the producers behind-the-scenes.

For now, Rick Harrison understandably requests privacy as his family attempts to process this shattering loss. The normally stoic, wise-cracking businessman beloved by fans showed profound heartbreak and vulnerability in his statement. Heaped on the lingering grief from patriarch Richard’s death in 2018, Adam’s shocking overdose may change the long-running show’s tone significantly.

The Harrisons also now rally around Adam’s brother Corey while fearing the possibility he turns back to alcohol himself to cope with overwhelming trauma and pain. Viewers witnessed Corey previously requiring rehabilitation for drinking issues years ago brought on by the pressures of fame and their unique family dynamic.

Undoubtedly this will forever mark the end of an era for TV’s first family of pawning. The show navigated tense dynamics and adversity in the past, but losing a son and brother that grew up on-screen is no ordinary hardship. Fans now hope Rick, Corey and the rest of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop crew can lean on support and memories of Adam while slowly adjusting to life without him.




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