July 25, 2024

Apple Slashes iPhone 15 Prices Ahead of 2024 Launch Events

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Jan 1, 2024

Apple has slashed prices on existing iPhone 15 models by up to 12% on various ecommerce platforms as it prepares to unveil the next generation iPhone 16 series in September 2024. This presents a unique opportunity for consumers to purchase the latest iPhones at record low prices.

Overview of iPhone 15 Price Cuts

The iPhone 15 series was launched in September 2023 with a starting price of $799. However, retailers like Amazon and Flipkart have now discounted these devices significantly just 3-4 months after launch:

iPhone Model Launch Price Discounted Price
iPhone 15 $799 $699
iPhone 15 Plus $899 $785
iPhone 15 Pro $999 $875
iPhone 15 Pro Max $1099 $965

This translates to straight discounts of $100-135 depending on the variant. Additional bank discounts can further sweeten these deals.

For example, the 128GB iPhone 15 Plus is now available for just ₹58,000 ($700) on Flipkart, compared to its launch price of ₹79,900 ($965) – marking a huge 27% discount within months of its introduction.

Why is Apple Dropping Prices?

While Apple rarely discounts newly launched iPhones so soon, industry experts cite the following possible reasons:

1. Lower than expected demand: Early reviews suggest the iPhone 15 series has witnessed lukewarm market response due its incremental upgrades over predecessor iPhone 14 models. This seems to have forced Apple and its retail partners to boost demand via price drops.

2. Inventory management: Channel checks indicate Apple has heavy iPhone channel inventory that needs to be corrected before the iPhone 16 launch. Price cuts are an attempt to sell through existing stocks.

3. Softening India demand: Affordability has been a historic challenge for Apple in price-sensitive India, which is now its fastest growing market. Generous iPhone 15 price cuts can help Apple consolidate its premium leadership here vs Android rivals.

4. Preparing ground for iPhone 16: Price cuts on residual iPhone 15 stock will help create marketing noise and consumer interest right before the important iPhone 16 launch. This can aid upgrade sales.

What Further Discounts Can Consumers Expect?

Industry analysts believe consumers can expect iPhone prices to fall further in the coming months as Apple attempts inventory correction ahead of the iPhone 16.

We expect at least two more rounds of major iPhone discounts in the lead up to the iPhone 16 launch:

February-March 2024 – Retailers will offer deals during prominent shopping festivals like Amazon Great Indian Sale etc. Expect minimum 10% additional price drops here.

June-July 2024 – Peak discounting season before new iPhone launch. iPhone 15 devices could see up to 20% overall price cuts by July.

During these sales, prices of older generation iPhones like iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 will fall even more drastically.

What Next After the iPhone 15 Price Cuts?

  • Apple will be closely tracking demand stimulated by these iPhone 15 discounts to target inventory sell-through before the iPhone 16 launch. Further price corrections cannot be ruled out if inventory movements remain slow.

  • Android vendors like Samsung too expected to undertake price cuts to retain competitiveness vs discounted iPhones. Foldables like Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 are likely to see price drops.

  • Apple expected to take the wraps off iPhone 16 series in first week of September 2024 at its annual mega launch event. Major focus on under-display cameras and connectivity upgrades (5G, Wi-Fi 7).

  • The discounted iPhone 15 series will act as crucial affordable alternatives once the iPhone 16 is launched. Expect them to drive continued value demand alongside flagship iPhone 16 sales.

Overall, the surprise iPhone 15 discounts make it a no brainer time to upgrade. This could be a game-changing moment for Apple to consolidate its premium leadership as global markets enter early stages of tech spending revival in 2024.

So consumers wanting to grab the latest iPhones cannot miss out on these limited time deals on both ecommerce platforms and offline retail chains. Make use of available bank discounts and exchange offers to sweeten the iPhone deal further.

Expert Views and Commentary

Industry experts have lauded Apple’s proactive iPhone discounts while also issuing words of caution:

“Apple has taken a very smart approach with upfront iPhone 15 discounts rather than waiting for demand to crash after the iPhone 16 launch,” notes Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group at CyberMedia Research (CMR).

“Such financial flexibility indicates Apple’s premium positioning and leadership. However, it needs to take care that discounting doesn’t become a recurring sales strategy every year,” he added.

Counterpoint Research Associate Director Tarun Pathak echoed similar views:

“Apple enjoys strong branding power and basing iPhone upgrades on pricing alone would be ill-advised. It needs focus on real technology innovations via the iPhone 16 rather than resort to reactive pricing measures,” he said.

Nonetheless, analysts termed the iPhone 15 discounts as a positive, strategic move ahead of Apple’s all-important September 2024 iPhone launch.

Consumers keen on grabbing Apple’s cutting edge devices are surely not complaining about the unexpected yet welcome new year bonanza either!

So don’t hesitate and lock-in these limited period iPhone 15 price cuts before stocks run out.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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