June 25, 2024

Apple to Launch New Entry-Level iPad in 2024 Alongside iPad Pro and Air Refreshes

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Dec 10, 2023

Apple is planning a major refresh of its iPad lineup in 2024, according to multiple reports. The overhaul will likely include an updated low-cost iPad to replace the 10.2-inch model, alongside a redesigned iPad Pro featuring an OLED display and the next-gen M3 chip, as well as a larger 12.9-inch iPad Air with 5G connectivity.

New 10th Gen Base iPad Expected in Late 2024

While details remain slim, Apple intends to release a new 10th generation entry-level iPad in late 2024 to replace the existing 9th gen model, according to a recent report.

The current base iPad features a 10.2-inch screen, A13 Bionic chip, Touch ID, and Apple Pencil support. It retails for $329, making it Apple’s most affordable iPad option.

Rumors suggest the 10th generation iPad could usher in some major changes while still hitting a low price point. Potential updates include:

  • Thinner bezels for a more modern design
  • USB-C charging instead of Lightning
  • 5G connectivity
  • Faster A14 Bionic processor

The new entry-level iPad would likely retain Touch ID and Apple Pencil 1 compatibility. Pricing around $329 is also expected again for the baseline configuration.

The move would help simplify Apple’s increasingly confusing iPad lineup while still providing an affordable option. It would give consumers looking for basic functionality an iPad with more modern amenities like 5G and USB-C.

Redesigned iPad Pro With OLED Display to Launch in Early 2024

In addition to the new low-cost iPad, Apple reportedly plans to launch a high-end iPad Pro refresh in early 2024. The updated iPad Pro is rumored to feature:

  • New M3 chip for significantly faster performance
  • Larger 13-inch screen size option
  • OLED displays on both 11-inch and 13-inch models
  • Updated Apple Pencil 3 with new features
  • Next-gen Magic Keyboard case redesign

The use of OLED would bring deeper blacks, increased contrast, better viewing angles, and more vibrant colors compared to the existing iPad Pro’s LCD screen.

The M3 chip is expected to use a 3nm manufacturing process for improved speed and power efficiency over the current M2. And the next-gen Apple Pencil 3 could add additional touch sensitivity for new functionality when drawing or writing by hand.

Overall, the changes would deliver the iPad Pro’s biggest overhaul since 2018, cementing its place as Apple’s top-tier tablet offering. It would also likely come with a higher starting price. But for creative professionals and power users, the upgrades could make it worth the cost.

12.9-Inch iPad Air Rumored for March Launch

Sandwiched between the new affordable iPad and high-end iPad Pro, Apple is also prepping an updated iPad Air for release in March 2024.

The new 5th generation iPad Air will reportedly jump to a 12.9-inch Mini LED display, up from the 10.9-inch screen on the current model. It’s also expected to add 5G support and feature the M2 chip for improved performance.

Other rumored changes include:

  • Four speaker audio system (vs two speakers currently)
  • Brighter 500 nit display (from 440 nits)
  • Improved 12MP front camera with Center Stage support

With the bigger screen and upgrades across the board, the new iPad Air looks poised to blur the lines even more between the mainstream Air and professional iPad Pro models.

The 12.9-inch iPad Air would give users who don’t require the iPad Pro’s utmost performance a more affordable big-screen option. And with 5G connectivity, it could replace a laptop for many people’s daily tasks.

Why the Sudden Focus on New iPads?

The flurry of new iPads reportedly slated for 2024 comes as Apple deals with declining tablet sales and growing competition.

The iPad lineup has remained relatively stagnant in recent years, opening the door for rivals like Samsung. At the same time, economic uncertainty has led consumers to cut back on discretionary purchases.

As a result, iPad sales dropped 19% year-over-year last quarter according to Apple. So the company is now looking to reinvigorate its tablet business with this wave of new models featuring the latest technologies.

The revamped entry-level iPad and iPad Air cater more towards mainstream consumers looking for an affordable but capable tablet. While the high-end iPad Pro update tempts creative pros with cutting-edge features like OLED and expanded iPadOS capabilities via the M3 chip.

If Apple executes well, 2024 could see iPad sales rebound. The increased differentiation between models at different prices should also help simplify purchasing decisions.

But Apple faces production challenges getting these new iPads to market. It recently shifted engineering resources from China to Vietnam to avoid over reliance on one country. How well it navigates these changes alongside developing new technologies could impact release timeframes.

Outlook for 2024 iPad Lineup

If leaks hold true, here is a preview of how Apple’s iPad lineup could shape up for 2024:

Model Screen Size Display Chip Price (USD) Release Timeframe
iPad 10th Gen 10.2″ LCD A14? $329 Late 2024
iPad Air 5th Gen 12.9″ Mini LED M2 $599 March 2024
iPad Pro 11″, 13″ OLED M3 $799+ Early 2024

The new affordable iPad and iPad Air look set to deliver better bang for the buck. While the high-end iPad Pro could see pricing start closer to laptop range with all its improvements.

By covering more prices ranges with the latest features suited for each tier, Apple appears poised to bolster its iPad lineup in 2024. Time will tell whether it actually comes to fruition and successfully reinvigorates iPad sales. But Apple still dominates the tablet market and this product blitz could help it maintain that lead.




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