June 17, 2024

Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Pre-Orders Begin, Launch Set for February 2nd

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Jan 17, 2024

Apple’s long-rumored augmented and virtual reality headset, dubbed Vision Pro, is now available for pre-order ahead of its official launch on February 2nd. The $3499 wearable device, positioned as a breakthrough in spatial computing and immersive experiences, has garnered significant interest from both consumers and developers.

Pre-Order Process Requires iPhone Face ID Scan

Apple is requiring customers to scan their face using an iPhone’s Face ID during the Vision Pro pre-order process. This face scan will be used to optimize and customize the headset’s fit and settings to each individual user.

The pre-order process involves reserving a Vision Pro online, then visiting an Apple store to complete the Face ID scan and order finalization. Appointments for in-store visits are required due to anticipated high demand.

“Getting a comfortable, customized fit is essential for prolonged use of Vision Pro. By using each customer’s unique facial geometry to tailor the headset, we can deliver groundbreaking all-day wearability in a snug yet comfortable design,” said an Apple spokesperson.

Over 150 Immersive 3D Films Available at Launch

Apple announced that Vision Pro will launch with over 150 3D and immersive films optimized for viewing in the headset. Major streaming services like Disney+ are onboard to provide specially-formatted films in spatial audio and video.

Disney+ will offer classics like Avatar and multiple Marvel titles in 3D at launch, with its full catalog of over 14,000 titles eventually being adapted to VR and AR formats. Other streaming platforms are also developing content for Vision Pro, aiming to drive headset sales through compelling software experiences.

“Vision Pro fundamentally transforms viewing your favorite films. It’s like having a portable IMAX theater strapped to your head, transporting you inside the world of any film’s creative vision,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Advanced Technology Enables Visual Fidelity Never Before Possible

Featuring innovative micro-OLED displays manufactured by Sony, the Vision Pro headset has visual fidelity unmatched by any existing VR/AR device. With ultra-high resolution panels delivering seamless 3D effects and lighting that accurately simulates real-world conditions, Vision Pro aims to set a new standard for immersive digital experiences according to early hands-on testers.

“Watching films in Vision Pro feels indistinguishable from reality – when the lights went down and the movie started I forgot I even had a headset on,” said tech journalist Joanna Stern.

The headset also features advanced eye-tracking and scene-mapping capabilities thanks to surround view LIDAR sensors and custom Apple silicon. These features enable intuitive control, improved safety when moving within VR environments, and enhanced realism.

Cutting-Edge Apple Silicon Powers Breakthrough Experience

Dubbed the M2 Pro chip, Vision Pro’s custom processor is the first Apple silicon designed specifically for mediating augmented and virtual reality. The M2 Pro builds upon the neural engine capabilities of Apple’s M-series chips to render expansive 3D worlds, spatialize audio, apply complex effects and lighting, and visualize data in innovative ways.

Coupled with 16GB of ultra-fast LPDDR5 unified memory, the M2 Pro offers speed and bandwidth never before packed into a wearable device. This hardware combo unlocks graphics-intensive applications from AAA gaming to commercial design suites that were previously only possible on high end desktop workstations.

Unique ‘Travel Mode’ Feature for Use in Motion

Recognizing VR poses unique challenges in moving environments like vehicles and planes, Apple developed a custom technology dubbed Travel Mode for the Vision Pro headset. Travel Mode utilizes the stability sensors and eye-tracking cameras to horizon-balance and stabilize visuals during motion.

By smoothing out visual artifacts caused by movement, Travel Mode enables using the Vision Pro headset during travel without motion sickness. This extends the possible use cases and improves overall user comfort.

Developers Flock to Apple’s VisionOS Platform

Alongside Vision Pro, Apple unveiled its new VisionOS software platform for crafting immersive apps and experiences. Combining extended reality frameworks with robust developer tools, VisionOS aims to kickstart the VR/AR app ecosystem in a similar manner to how the App Store drove iPhone software innovation.

In the months ahead of Vision Pro’s launch, major developers like Adobe, Niantic, Industrial Light & Magic, and leading game engines have already committed to building software for VisionOS. More partnerships are expected after Vision Pro sales commence.

Launch Date February 2, 2024
Price $3499
Key Features – Ultra-high res 3D OLED displays
– M2 Pro custom silicon
– Surround view lidar/cameras
– Over 150 immersive 3D films at launch
Pre-Order Process 1. Reserve online
2. Visit Apple Store for Face ID scan
3. Complete order

With its combination of bleeding-edge technology in a polished prosumer package, Apple’s Vision Pro headset aims to push the categories of augmented and virtual reality into the mainstream. As pre-orders ramp up ahead of launch on February 2nd, eyes are on Cupertino to lead the next paradigm shift in personal computing with their envisioned “spatial computer”.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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