June 25, 2024

ASUS Takes Mobile Gaming to New Heights with Redesigned ROG Zephyrus G14 and G16

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Jan 9, 2024

ASUS recently unveiled revamped versions of its popular ROG Zephyrus G14 and G16 gaming laptops at CES 2024. With redesigned chassis, upgraded components, and new display options, these lightweight and powerful machines aim to push the boundaries of portable PC gaming.

Sleeker, More Refined Designs

The new Zephyrus G14 and G16 feature cleaner aesthetic designs while retaining signature ROG elements. ASUS slimmed down the laptops’ profiles to just under 20mm thick, with the G14 weighing just 4.2 pounds.

Several sites like Digital Trends and PCWorld specifically praise the laptops’ premium metal builds. The lids now sport an off-center ROG logo, and there are fewer loud embellishments. Yanko Design calls the G16 “a sleek, thin aluminum chassis with diamond-cut edges and trim.”

Cutting Edge Display Technology

The displays see major upgrades on both laptops. The Zephyrus G14 offers a 14-inch 2560 x 1600 120Hz panel with Dolby Vision support.

More exciting is the ROG Nebula display debuting on the Zephyrus G16. This 16-inch 2560 x 1600 240Hz Mini LED panel hits 1100 nits peak brightness with full-array local dimming for superb picture quality rivaling OLED.

Display Comparison ROG Zephyrus G14 ROG Zephyrus G16
Panel Size 14 inches 16 inches
Resolution 2560 x 1600 2560 x 1600
Refresh Rate 120Hz 240Hz
Panel Type LED Mini LED (ROG Nebula)
Peak Brightness 500 nits 1100 nits

Reviewers unanimously praise the displays. NotebookCheck calls the ROG Nebula display “simply stunning” while TechRadar describes it as “gorgeous.” For those wanting an OLED alternative, a 2.8K 120Hz OLED option is offered on the G16 as well.

Latest CPU and GPU Upgrades

The new Zephyrus laptops offer cutting edge AMD or Intel processors combined with high-end Nvidia RTX 4000 series graphics:

Model CPU Options GPU Options
ROG Zephyrus G14 AMD Ryzen 9 Zen 4 Up to Nvidia RTX 4060
ROG Zephyrus G16 13th-gen Intel Core i9 Up to Nvidia RTX 4080

These upgraded internals promise big leaps in gaming performance. PCWorld writes, “You can expect buttery smooth gaming frame rates well above 100 fps.” Reviewers at NotebookCheck measured the RTX 4080 GPU averaging 182fps in Cyberpunk 2077 at WQHD.

Battery capacities are also increased to 76WHr in the G14 and 90WHr in the G16. ASUS quotes over 10 hours of video playback on the G16. Tech Advisor praises the much improved battery lives after the “disappointments of previous models.”

Aggressively Competitive Pricing

While official US pricing is still unannounced, models launched in China indicate aggressive positioning. The ROG Zephyrus G14 starts at around $1450 with the flagship G16 coming in close to $2300.

If US pricing follows similar conversion rates, Engadget believes these could become “new bang-for-buck gaming laptop recommendations.” Competing devices like the Razer Blade 16 cost almost $1000 more.

Outlook and Availability

The new ASUS ROG Zephyrus laptops should become available for purchase in Q2 2024. Overall, reviewers widely praise the redesigns and upgrades. Digital Trends calls the changes “hugely promising” while Engadget believes ASUS has “struck the right balance between performance, design, and portability.”

If prices stay competitive, these could become some of the most popular high-end gaming laptops of 2024. Between the gorgeous displays, compact chassis, excellent performance and improved battery lives, ASUS looks to have winners on their hands.

Hands On Impressions and Reviews

Several sites have published early hands-on impressions and reviews from the CES 2024 show floor:

Sleek Yet Strong Build Quality

Laptop Mag: “The lid and underside…are made from magnesium alloy. Asus claims this helps keep structural integrity high while keeping weight down. Regardless, the G16 felt superbly premium.”

PCWorld: “A thin-bezeled 16-inch screen makes the new G16 design feel polished and premium.”

Vibrant, Gorgeous Displays

TechRadar: “The ROG Nebula Display on the G16 is simply gorgeous…I was wowed by the panel’s vibrancy.”

Digital Trends: “The G14’s display looked just as excellent to my eyes despite lacking the Mini-LED backlighting…I was impressed by the image quality.”

Significantly Improved Battery Life

NotebookCheck: “The uptick to a 90 Wh battery results in considerably longer runtimes away from an outlet.”

Tech Advisor: “The disappointment of previous models has been addressed with the new 2024 models significantly increasing battery capacity.”

Still Best-in-Class Performance

NotebookCheck: “New CPUs and GPUs allow them to deliver even more performance than their predecessors.”

TechRadar: “You’re still getting that power that ROG laptops are known for.”

The Previous Generation

While the CES announcements represent major leaps forward, even the prior generation Zephyrus G14 and G16 released in 2022 earned strong reviews. Key features included:

  •   AMD Ryzen 6000 series processors
  •   Nvidia RTX 3060/3070/3080 graphics
  •   Up to 165Hz QHD displays
  •   Up to 1TB of SSD storage
  •   Dolby Atmos audio

These precursor models set high bars for portable gaming performance against competitors like the Razer Blade 14 and Alienware X14. The G14 in particular won several awards as 2022’s best gaming laptop under $1500.

Reviewers praised the laptops’ premium builds, vivid screens, and impressive speeds but had complaints about middling battery lives under 5 hours. The newest generations address nearly all these weaknesses for what look to be dominant offerings in 2024.

The Road Ahead

While rivals like Razer and Alienware have yet to fully unveil their 2024 lineups, ASUS and ROG have set an intimidating target with their latest Zephyrus updates.

Gamers eagerly await pricing and availability details in the next few months. But if ASUS can deliver on the promise shown with competitive prices, these could become some of the most sought after portable gaming machines of the next generation.




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