June 17, 2024

Beloved ‘Seinfeld’ Actor Peter Crombie, Known for His Role as Crazy Joe Davola, Dies at 71

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Jan 13, 2024

Peter Crombie, the actor best known for his unforgettable guest appearance as the mentally unhinged “Crazy Joe Davola” on the classic sitcom “Seinfeld,” has died at the age of 71. Crombie passed away on January 12th, 2023 after a brief health battle.

Early Life and Pre-Seinfeld Career

Crombie was born in New York City in 1952 and showed an early aptitude for performance. He started acting in off-Broadway productions as a teenager before landing small roles in films like “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three” and “Dog Day Afternoon” in the 1970s.

Though he struggled to find consistent work early on, Crombie persevered and continued acting in theaters while supporting himself with odd jobs like driving a cab. His big break came in 1981 when he was cast as the colorful promoter Mad Dog Massey in the Sidney Lumet film “Prince of the City.” Crombie’s unhinged and intense performance earned him attention from casting directors.

Over the next decade, Crombie worked steadily, landing guest spots and supporting roles in over a dozen film and TV projects. He appeared on shows like “Miami Vice”, “The Equalizer”, and in movies such as “The Manhattan Project” and “Weird Science.”

Crazy Joe Davola Role on Seinfeld

But Crombie’s most iconic part came in 1994 when he guest starred in the Emmy-award winning sitcom “Seinfeld” as Joe Davola, a temperamental writer working on the fictional NBC show “Jerry.”

Davola was intensely jealous of the real-life Jerry Seinfeld’s success and harbored violent tendencies towards him and the other main characters. Over the course of a 4-episode arc in the show’s sixth season, viewers saw “Crazy Joe” progressively lose touch with reality.

Crombie’s magnetic and unsettling performance was critically acclaimed. His terrifying rants and explosive scenes opposite Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were among the most memorable moments of the entire “Seinfeld” series.

The character of Crazy Joe Davola became an instant fan-favorite and is still considered one of the greatest sitcom villains of all time over 20 years later.

Post-Seinfeld Career Renaissance

The huge reaction to Crombie’s Crazy Joe Davola character sparked a career renaissance for him.

He was suddenly a recognizable character actor in demand for more comedic and offbeat roles. Crombie capitalized on this second wave with scene-stealing appearances in films like “The Cable Guy” starring Jim Carrey and “Where’s Marlow?” with Danny DeVito.

Year Notable Peter Crombie Roles
1995 Crazy Eddie in “The Cable Guy”
1996 Francis Dunleavy in ” Matilda”
1997 Uncle Velvel in “Private Parts”
1998 Ernesto Julio in “The Imposters”
1999 Lucky Al in “The Out of Towners” remake

Crombie also continued working in television, guest starring on popular 90s shows such as “The Larry Sanders Show”, “ER”, and “The Pretender.”

And while none quite matched the impact of his star-making turn as Crazy Joe Davola, Crombie proved himself to be much more than a one-hit wonder. His reliable comedic chops and squirrely screen presence made him an always watchable presence up until his final role.

Later Years and Unexpected Passing

Even as he entered his 70s, Crombie continued acting, primarily in independent films and TV projects filmed around his native New York. His final role came as a geriatric mob boss named Johnny “The Nose” DiNapoli in the 2022 dark indie comedy “Never Too Late to Dig the Scene.”

Crombie was reportedly in good health up until recently when an unspecified illness arose and forced him into the hospital. After a brief stay, Crombie passed away peacefully the evening of January 12th, 2023 at the age of 71.

The actor was not married and had no children at the time of his death. But the outpouring of fond remembrances from former co-stars following the news showed how beloved Crombie was within the entertainment industry.

Industry Reaction and Remembrances

Both Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus posted emotional tributes to Crombie on social media shortly after his passing.

Alexander recalled Crombie’s “dangerous charm and magnetism,” while Louis-Dreyfus praised the late actor’s “committed creative spirit.”

Comedian and fellow New York actor Jerry Stiller also chimed in, crediting Crombie for much of Crazy Joe Davola’s “Hair-raising looniness.”

And ESPN personality Keith Olbermann shared a more personal tribute on his blog. Olbermann and Crombie had apparently been close friends for over 30 years. His essay spoke to Crombie’s underrated talents as both an actor and “raconteur.”

But perhaps the most poignant memorial came from Seinfeld himself via an official statement:

“Peter’s Crazy Joe was terrifying and hilarious all at once. His chaotic energy could fill up a soundstage. I feel lucky to have worked with him. Though he never got all the acclaim he deserved, anyone who watched him on screen will never forget Peter Crombie.”

What’s Next for the Seinfeld Legacy

The unexpected death of Peter Crombie now leaves the hit sitcom without two of its most iconic recurring figures. Estelle Harris’ passing last year means both she and Crombie’s legendary characters will likely never appear in any future Seinfeld projects.

Rumors continue to swirl regarding some type of “Seinfeld” revival or reboot. But Jerry Seinfeld has been noncommittal on the idea up to this point. And now with two of its most crucial supporting stars gone, any hypothetical revisiting of the show would be missing much of the magic that made it beloved in the first place.

At the same time, the loss of two beloved cast members further cements the legendary 90s sitcom’s place in history. As the years pass, there will be fewer and fewer tangible connections back to television’s seminal “show about nothing.”

And that shrinking pool of direct links to the iconic series continues to raise its revered stature. Much like the comedy of Abbott & Costello or Laurel & Hardy, the comedic alchemy of Alexander, Louis-Dreyfus and Seinfeld grows more mythical as its living symbols pass on.

So while Peter Crombie’s death is certainly mourned by both his creative collaborators and generations of “Seinfeld” fans, his passing also serves as another reminder of the show’s rarefied place in the pop culture pantheon.


With his manic energy, pointed intensity, and willingness to lose himself completely in a role, Peter Crombie embodied some of acting’s most thrilling attributes.

While he may have first broken through late in life, the 71-year-old built up an impressive and varied resume. And his spectacular guest run as the unhinged “Crazy Joe Davola” ensured Crombie himself a permanent place in the annals of great sitcom performances.

Peter Crombie’s unexpected death robs the entertainment world of one of its most unique comedic voices. But the beloved character actor leaves behind both a significant body of work and one immortal TV character in Joe Davola that will continue inspiring deranged laughter for generations to come.




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