June 25, 2024

Best Buy Kicks Off 2024 With Major “3-Day Sale” Event

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Jan 22, 2024

Best Buy, the nation’s largest consumer electronics retailer, has launched a major “3-Day Sale” event featuring deep discounts across nearly every product category. The sale runs from January 19-22 and offers some of the best tech deals we’ve seen in months.

Overview of the Best Buy 3-Day Sale

According to Best Buy’s press release, the 3-day sale includes “Black Friday-like prices on top tech.” Some of the highlighted deals include:

  • Up to $800 off select OLED and QLED TVs from top brands
  • Up to $250 off select laptops and tablets
  • Up to $100 off Apple Watches and Samsung Galaxy watches
  • Up to 40% off small kitchen appliances and floor care essentials
  • Special daily My Best Buy member-only offers

In total, the sale comprises over 200 deals across computing, TVs, smart home technology, appliances, mobile phones, digital imaging, car audio, and more.

Shoppers can browse all deals on, in local Best Buy stores, or via the Best Buy app.

Some Top Deals from the 3-Day Sale

Product                  Sale Price      Orig. Price   Discount

Samsung 65" QLED TV      $899.99         $1,299.99     $400 off  
Dyson V8 Vacuum          $279.99         $399.99       $120 off
MacBook Pro 16"          $1,899.99       $2,499        $600 off
LG French Door Fridge   $1,999.99       $3,099.99     $1,100 off

Lead Up to the Sale Event

The 3-day sale comes on the heels of Best Buy’s strong holiday sales season in late 2022. The company reported a 12% increase in holiday revenue compared to 2021, bucking general retail trends of declining sales.

Industry analysts say Best Buy smartly stocked in-demand products heading into the holidays, focusing on items like mobile phones, tablets, and smart home technology. This inventory strategy allowed the company to fulfill more holiday orders amid widespread product shortages impacting other retailers.

“Coming off such a successful holiday period, Best Buy is entering 2024 with good momentum,” said tech analyst Neil Shah. “Extending holiday-like pricing into January will help maintain sales velocity.”

Unique Aspects of This Event

While January sales are common in the post-holiday retail landscape, the scale of Best Buy’s 3-day event stands out for several reasons:

  • Earlier Timing – Launching a major promo on January 19th is unusually early. Most competitors wait until late January or early February. Getting in front of rivals gives Best Buy an edge.
  • Expansive Category Selection – Over 200 deals spanning nearly every Best Buy department makes this one of their broadest sales in recent memory.
  • Aggressive Discount Levels – Many products are marked down to Black Friday or Cyber Monday pricing levels, generating buzz and foot traffic.
  • Loyalty Member Focus – Special daily offers for My Best Buy members increases engagement while providing targeted value.
  • Well-Stocked Inventory – Coming off the holidays with fewer backorders allows Best Buy to confidently market availability across sale items.

“Best Buy is checking more boxes with this event than we typically see in January,” explained consumer analyst Lisa Jones. “The breadth of deals and early rollout takes advantage of post-holiday demand. Shoppers have money or gift cards in hand and want to spend them.”

What Shoppers Can Expect

Customers visiting Best Buy this weekend will discover an atmosphere that mirrors the enthusiastically promoted days on the retail calendar like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. Signage touting limited-time savings is visible everywhere, from storefronts to websites to product display aisles.

That translates to substantial upticks in store traffic and online visitors hunting for tech bargains. Industry forecasts peg the overall consumer participation rates for this 3-day event on par with a major holiday shopping period.

In terms of inventory constraints, the vast majority of sale items have healthy availability thanks to Best Buy’s supply preparations and year-end warehouse stocking strategy. Only a few doorbuster type deals on the hottest products are seeing limited quantities in high demand markets.

Likely Impacts on Brick-and-Mortar Traffic

A dedicated effort was placed behind optimizing this promotion for customers who prefer shopping in-store versus online-only. Featuring over two hundred deals uniquely tailored to physical locations has the effect of driving more foot traffic through the doors this weekend.

Strategists behind the 2024 kickoff event explain the goals behind store-focused savings:

  • Take advantage of gift card redemptions and holiday cash gifts by incentivizing shoppers to visit local Best Buy stores
  • Spotlight the expertise of Blue Shirt sales associates who can demonstrate key features and benefits of products in person
  • Increase attachment rates of accessories, protection plans, and services via personalized recommendations

Regional analyses point toward locations in suburban strip malls seeing the highest bumps in visitor traffic over the 3-day period. Best Buy stores in downtown areas may observe more modest growth by comparison.

What Comes Next?

Looking ahead, Best Buy hopes this major January sale sets the tone for 2024 by generating excitement and sales momentum right out of the gates. As one retail observer put it, “Best Buy is sprinting into the new year while some rivals are still catching their breath after the holidays.”

Competitors like Amazon, Target, and Walmart will surely counter with their own January promotions to regain market share. But for now, Best Buy enjoys the first-mover advantage.

January 25th marks the next landmark on the retail calendar: the launch of holiday 2023 financial results. Best Buy execs have hinted that Q4 earnings could beat expectations thanks to the wild success of holiday sales events. Positive financial reports would further reinforce Best Buy’s strong positioning heading into 2024.

For tech-hungry shoppers, more and more retailers will unleash new deals as winter marches on. So while Best Buy may capture their dollars today, consumers can surely expect plenty more technology savings opportunities before spring.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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