July 25, 2024

Bravo Greenlights Vanderpump Rules Spinoff The Valley Starring Former Cast Members

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Jan 18, 2024

Bravo has announced a new spinoff of their hit reality series Vanderpump Rules titled The Valley. Premiering this spring, The Valley will follow former Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, Kristen Doute and others as they navigate parenthood and suburban life in California’s San Fernando Valley.

Vanderpump Rules Producer Developing Spinoff For Years

Vanderpump Rules executive producer Alex Baskin revealed that the idea for a spinoff has been in the works for years. “It felt like there was an opportunity to take people that audiences felt like they knew and throw them into a different set of situations and see how they navigate this new stage of adulthood,” said Baskin.

He has been carefully crafting character arcs over Vanderpump Rules’ nine seasons to organically transition stars into The Valley. “We’ve been teeing up subtle ways that as Vanderpump Rules has gone on, we’ve focused more on milestones like weddings, proposals, and now babies being born,” explained Baskin. “So this allows us to take it to the next level.”

What Is The Valley About? Suburban Life After Vanderpump Rules

Described as a “new chapter” for former Vanderpump Rules personalities, The Valley will follow Jax, Brittany, Kristen and friends as they trade wild Hollywood nights for suburban family life in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley.

Centered around working parents building fledgling careers, navigating marriage, parenthood and group dynamics, viewers will see “familiar faces take on a whole new set of real-life challenges,” said Bravo.

Meet The Cast: Jax, Brittany, Kristen and More Vanderpump Alums

In addition to Jax, Brittany and Kristen, The Valley cast includes:

  • Stassi Schroeder – Also a new mom balancing career and family after being fired from Vanderpump Rules.
  • Katie Maloney – Jax’s ex and Brittany’s maid of honor, now focusing on her fertility journey.
  • Beau Clark – Stassi’s husband trying to support his family as a casting director while renovating their new home.
  • Brock Davies – Scheana’s fiancé and new father adjusting after his fitness empire crumbled.
  • Scheana Shay – Brock’s longtime partner now pivoting to become a mom influencer after the death of her father.
Name Relationship Status Children
Jax Taylor Married to Brittany 1 son named Cruz
Brittany Cartwright Married to Jax 1 son named Cruz with Jax
Kristen Doute Dating Alex Menache None
Stassi Schroeder Married to Beau 1 daughter named Hartford
Katie Maloney Married to Tom Schwartz None
Beau Clark Married to Stassi 1 daughter named Hartford with Stassi
Brock Davies Engaged to Scheana 1 daughter named Summer with Scheana
Scheana Shay Engaged to Brock 1 daughter named Summer with Brock

What To Expect From The Valley Based on the Trailer

The Valley’s newly released trailer teases plenty of drama, tears, laughter and chaos despite the picture-perfect suburban setting.

Highlights include:

  • Jax and Brittany disagreeing while assembling baby furniture.
  • Stassi clashing with Katie and Kristen at a barbecue.
  • The couples seeking marriage counseling and advice on raising young families.
  • Brock punching a wall during an argument with Scheana.
  • Palm trees on fire as the fiery cast brings suburban escapades to the typically quiet Valley neighborhood.

Where Will The Valley Take Place? Filming Location Revealed

The Valley takes place in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, specifically the suburban area of Encino in the hills northwest of Los Angeles.

The exact filming location has not been disclosed, but the sprawling Valley suburbs are known for gated communities with large, expensive homes. This sets the stage for a privileged circle of former SURvers struggling to balance family life with lingering Vanderpump Rules drama and excess.

Why A Spinoff Now? Timing and Vanderpump Rules’ Future

The Valley comes at an opportune moment for Bravo and the Vanderpump Rules franchise.

Vanderpump Rules remains successful nine seasons in, but faces an uncertain future as the original cast reaches their 40s and transitions into parenthood. Launching a spinoff allows Bravo to keep fan favorites on air during this transitional period.

It also breathes new life into the franchise after firing four original cast members in 2020 for past racist actions. The Valley features two of those fired stars – Stassi and Kristen – who viewers continue to support despite their controversy.

Finally, suburban family dynamics are on trend following recent successes like The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip and below deck spinoff Below Deck Adventure. The Valley lets Bravo capitalize on viewers invested in OGs’ evolving lives offscreen.

What Do Vanderpump Rules Stars Think? Mixed Opinions

Current Vanderpump Rules cast members have mixed opinions on the spinoff.

Tom Sandoval is “not thrilled” about reformed bad boy Jax Taylor returning to the small screen. But he wishes his ex Katie Maloney and former friends “the best” on their new endeavor.

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump has thrown her full support behind The Valley despite no longer being involved with Vanderpump Rules. “I wish them well and I’m happy to see the franchise continuing for the fans,” she told Daily Mail.

What Happens Next? Spring 2024 Premiere on Bravo

The Valley is slated to premiere on Bravo in Spring 2024 – likely March or April.

It will consist of 8-10 episodes airing weekly, with potential for future seasons depending on viewership and fan reception.

Given Vanderpump Rules’ history, viewers can expect plenty of dramatic moments, surprises, laughs, tears, scandals and chaos as the OGs try to balance suburban family life against their reality TV instincts.

After almost a decade together on Vanderpump Rules, there is still more story left to tell for these longtime Bravolebrities. The Valley provides an exciting new platform to continue their journey into marriage, parenthood and fame beyond the lights of Hollywood.




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