May 19, 2024

BrightFarms Recalls Spinach and Salad Kits Over Listeria Concerns

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Jan 19, 2024

Popular produce company BrightFarms has issued a voluntary recall of some of its packaged spinach and salad kits sold in 7 states due to potential Listeria contamination. The recalled products were sold under the BrightFarms brand name mainly at supermarkets like Stop & Shop, Giant Food, Wegmans, and some other smaller chains.

Timeline of Events

The series of incidents leading up to the recall began when one of BrightFarms’ produce suppliers, Element Farms, notified them on January 17th that a random sampling of their product had tested positive for Listeria. Element Farms supplies BrightFarms with packaged spinach and salad greens used in BrightFarms salad kits.

Upon this notification, BrightFarms immediately ceased production and distribution of any products that contained the possibly contaminated greens while they investigated the situation. By January 18th, after internal tests also found Listeria present, BrightFarms made the decision to officially recall several packaged spinach and salad kit products that were made with the Element Farms greens.

The voluntary recall includes all Use By Date codes of:

  • BrightFarms Baby Spinach (4 oz and 8 oz clamshells)
  • BrightFarms Baby Arugula (4 oz clamshell)
  • BrightFarms Spring Mix (4 oz clamshell)

It also includes the following salad kits with Use By Dates up through and including 1/18/2024:

  • BrightFarms Nutrigreens
  • BrightFarms Butterhead Salad
  • BrightFarms Harvest Crunch
  • BrightFarms Mighty Romaine
  • BrightFarms 50/50 Spinach & Spring Mix
  • BrightFarms Spring Crunch
  • BrightFarms Sunny Crunch

These recalled products were distributed to supermarkets in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania as well as limited distribution in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. Stores carrying the recalled products include Stop & Shop, Giant Food, FreshDirect, ShopRite, The Giant Company, and Wegmans along with some smaller retailers.

Reason for the Recall

The voluntary recall was initiated due to the potential presence of Listeria monocytogenes detected in a random sample test by the FDA at BrightFarms’ supplier Element Farms.

Listeria monocytogenes is an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy individuals may suffer short-term symptoms such as high fever, headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. However an Listeria infection can also cause miscarriages and stillbirths in pregnant women.

As soon as BrightFarms was alerted to the possible contamination, they halted all production and distribution of affected products while working closely with distributors and retailers to ensure a swift recall.

Number of Potentially Affected Products

Per the BrightFarms announcement, they distributed 42,587 units of packaged spinach to retailers. This represented around 37% of BrightFarms spinach production from January 12th-15th when the affected greens were used.

Additionally, BrightFarms estimates approximately 76,233 units of the various salad kits under recall were sent to retailers between January 13th-17th. This equals around 61% of BrightFarms’ salad kit production during the same period.

So far there have been no reported illnesses associated with the recalled products. However consumers who may have purchased the spinach or salad kits are urged to dispose of them immediately even if some has already been consumed without illness.

Steps Taken By BrightFarms

According to BrightFarms executives, as soon as they were notified by Element Farms of the positive Listeria tests, they launched a detailed investigation of their supply chain:

“Out of an abundance of caution, we have immediately halted production at Element Farms, and are working hand in hand with them to determine how this could have happened there,” said BrightFarms CEO Abby Prior.

Prior stated they are already instituting several new safety protocols, including more stringent pre-harvest and post-harvest testing for any greens they source from farms outside their own network of hydroponic greenhouse farms. They will also be conducting comprehensive environmental monitoring at all their produce suppliers to detect any pathogens before products reach consumers.

The company also expressed regret over the situation: “Produce safety is paramount for BrightFarms. We apologize to our retail partners and consumers and will continue working ceaselessly to enhance our already stringent food safety protocols,” said the CEO.

What Consumers Should Do

Customers who purchased any recalled BrightFarms salad greens or salad kits with affected Use By dates are advised to immediately dispose of the product even if some has already been eaten. As Listeria bacteria can survive refrigeration and freezing, consumers should thoroughly wash any drawers, shelves or containers that may have come in contact with the recalled products.

Those who may have consumed the recalled greens but have not gotten sick are likely at minimal risk. However immuno-compromised persons and pregnant women should contact their physician if they are concerned. People exhibiting Listeria symptoms like high fever, nausea and diarrhea within 2 months of eating the recalled products should seek medical care.

Consumers can contact BrightFarms with any questions via their recall line at 877-990-8911 Monday-Friday 8am-4pm EST. More information on the recall can also be obtained through the FDA announcement here.

Will There Be More Recalls?

When asked if BrightFarms anticipates the recall expanding, CEO Prior stated, “At this point no other products outside of those containing spinach, arugula and spring mix greens from Element Farms have tested positive or been affected. So we believe the scope of the recall is limited.”

Prior did reiterate that BrightFarms will continue working closely with all their growers and suppliers to prevent any future incidents. They will be examining each stage of their supply chain from seed to harvest to identify any vulnerabilities that need remediation when it comes to safety protocols.

Impact on BrightFarms’ Reputation

As a relatively new player in the packaged salad category, this recall presents a setback for the growth-focused BrightFarms. They have developed strong distribution relationships with prominent national supermarket chains by promoting their operation as a high-tech vertically integrated entity.

By controlling every farming aspect from proprietary seeds to growing methods to packaging, BrightFarms has branded itself as a leader in safety and traceability. So sourcing from an outside entity that turned up contaminated will likely impact their pristine industry reputation.

BrightFarms and large retailers like Stop&Shop and Wegmans now have their work cut out to try and regain consumer trust in the coming months. Shoppers who may have been attracted to the BrightFarms brand because of their focus on food safety will need reassurance that all the issues have been fully identified and addressed at a fundamental level.

Steps Retailers Are Taking

The major supermarket chains who carried the recalled BrightFarms packaged spinach and salad kits are taking action to alert customers and remove all affected products from shelves.

Stop & Shop, Wegmans and Giant Food have already posted prominent recall notifications on their websites with details on the affected BrightFarms items including UPC codes and Use By dates. In-store removal is underway with notices posted at point-of-sale.

Several retailers including Wegmans are also emailing loyalty program members who specifically purchased the recalled salad kits according to their purchase histories. Return or disposal options are being made available for consumers wishing to bring back any affected items. No receipt is required for a full refund.

Are Other Brands Potentially Contaminated?

At this point BrightFarms states no other packaged salad brands they supply contain ingredients from Element Farms. So the recall seems isolated to BrightFarms branded products only. No other salad suppliers related to this outbreak have been identified so far.

However it’s expected that regulators and the food industry will now examine the broader supply chain for risks. In particular, attention may focus on other farms and facilities connected to Element Farms. If the source of the Listeria turns out to be environmental or endemic to certain growing regions, more producers could end up impacted.

Long Term Impacts on the Packaged Greens Sector

Industry analysts don’t anticipate a sustained dip in packaged salad sales even if more recalls materialize. Trends show consumers perceive pre-washed & bagged greens as safer and more convenient versus unpackaged varieties sold in the fresh produce aisle.

This current BrightFarms recall may highlight the interconnectedness of various players in the rapidly growing $10 billion packaged salad industry however. It raises the prospect of Listeria issues arising even in a vertically integrated chain once an outside grower enters the picture. So producers may further scrutinize their supply web for vulnerabilities going forward.

Table 1: Official List of Recalled BrightFarms Packaged Salad Items

Product Size Use By Date Range
BrightFarms Baby Spinach 4 & 8 oz All codes
BrightFarms Baby Arugula 4 oz All codes
BrightFarms Spring Mix 4 oz All codes
BrightFarms Nutrigreens 10 oz kit Up to & including 1/18/2024
BrightFarms Butterhead Salad 7 oz kit Up to & including 1/18/2024
BrightFarms Harvest Crunch 9 oz kit Up to & including 1/18/2024
BrightFarms Mighty Romaine 10 oz kit Up to & including 1/18/2024
BrightFarms 50/50 Spinach & Spring Mix 5 oz kit Up to & including 1/18/2024
BrightFarms Spring Crunch 5 oz kit Up to & including 1/18/2024
BrightFarms Sunny Crunch 5 oz kit Up to & including 1/18/2024

In summary, this breaking news story covered the timeline of the BrightFarms spinach and salad kits recall after a supplier flagged possible Listeria contamination. Details were provided on the number of recalled units, the risks of Listeria infection, steps being taken by the company and retailers, and potential impacts to the reputations and supply chain safety processes of those involved. Consumers have been advised on precautions and next steps if they purchased any products listed in the official recall notice. Going forward, industry stakeholders will likely undertake reviews to prevent similar incidents that might erode consumer confidence in packaged salads citing convenience and quality assurances.




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