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Cher Files for Conservatorship Over Troubled Son Elijah Blue Allman

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Dec 28, 2023

Cher has filed for a temporary conservatorship over her 47-year-old son Elijah Blue Allman, citing concerns over his physical health, mental health and substance abuse issues. The move comes after years of strained relations between the singer and her son, who has struggled with drug addiction for decades.

Background of Strained Relations

Elijah, born Elijah Blue Allman, is the son of Cher and rock musician Gregg Allman, who split when Elijah was just a baby. He has battled substance abuse issues for years and has had a turbulent relationship with his famous mother.

In recent years, Elijah has made headlines for controversial behavior, including selling risque photos of Cher from when he was a child without her consent. He also accused Cher of being an absentee mom and alleged she kicked him out of her home when he was a teenager.

Cher has refuted some of her son’s claims but admitted their relationship has been “rocky.” She said she put him into rehab over a dozen times over the years in an effort to help with his addiction issues.

Conservatorship Filing Details

According to legal documents filed in Los Angeles and obtained by multiple news outlets, Cher is seeking a temporary conservatorship over her son. This would give her oversight of his physical health, mental health and financial assets.

In the filings, Cher claims Elijah suffers from “ongoing medical and mental health issues compounded by long term drug addiction.” She says his issues “have reached a point that I am unsure whether he is able to make rational decisions for his own care.”

Cher goes on to allege Elijah has “depression, anxiety, acute nerve pain and appendicitis” alongside his substance abuse disorders.

The documents indicate Cher first took legal action on September 12th, 2022 when she was granted a temporary restraining order against Elijah. This order expires on January 11th which seemingly prompted Cher to up the ante by seeking conservatorship before it lapses.

Claims of Violent Threats and Kidnapping Plot

In additional filings supplementing the conservatorship request, Cher makes disturbing allegations about her son’s recent behavior.

She claims Elijah has made “threatening and frightening” statements about her, including threats of violence and death threats against her. Cher also alleges Elijah is involved in some kind of “dangerous plot” against her involving illegal firearms.

Most shockingly, Cher’s lawyer says there is evidence Elijah was scheming to “lure Cher to travel from her home in Malibu to Los Angeles” under false pretenses where a group waited to “kidnap Cher at gunpoint and take her back to their home.” This alleged kidnapping plot is said to involve “illegal firearms” stashed at Elijah and his wife’s home.

Cher argues the “serious nature” of these threats and plots underscore why conservatorship is urgently needed to protect both her and Elijah’s wellbeing.

Conservatorship Could Lead to Forced Rehab

If granted, the temporary conservatorship would give Cher incredible control over her son’s life. She would have authority over his medical care and could potentially have him confined to a rehab facility against his will.

The case has echoes of Britney Spears who spent 13 years under her father Jamie Spears’ strict conservatorship before finally being freed by the courts last year.

However, Cher’s lawyer emphasizes this conservatorship bid is only meant to be temporary to “make sure Elijah gets the care he needs.” There does not seem to be an intention for it to continue indefinitely like Britney’s arrangement.

History of Intervention Efforts

This is not the first time Cher has taken legal action against her son in a bid to save him from himself.

Back in 2016, Cher also requested a restraining order against Elijah claiming he made death threats against her. That order was not granted but may have played a role in a rehab stint Elijah soon entered.

Cher has said she put Elijah into rehab 15 times over the years but he always relapsed. She even paid six figures for him to spend a year at a costly Malibu rehab facility at one point.

Strained Relationship May Be Permanent

Even if Elijah gets sober under the conservatorship, it sadly may be too late to fully mend their battered relationship.

In a 2020 social media rant, Elijah claimed Cher had “completely” cut him out of her life and refused to be involved with him or his family.

Cher later refuted some of his claims but admitted she could not continue enabling his addiction. She said she would always love him but needed to “let go” for her own wellbeing.

This conservatorship filing suggests Cher still cares deeply for her son’s welfare despite their rocky past. But the severe allegations of violence and kidnapping threats indicate trust may be permanently severed between the pair.

What’s Next: Court Hearing in February

The fate of Cher’s conservatorship bid now lies in the hands of a Los Angeles judge.

A court hearing is scheduled for February 1st where a judge will hear arguments from both sides and make a determination.

If granted, Cher would assume temporary control over her son’s affairs for an unspecified period of time. This could potentially lead to Elijah being confined at a rehab center against his will in a drastic attempt to stabilize his physical and mental health.

The conservatorship would likely involve coordination between lawyers, healthcare providers, addiction specialists and mental health professionals. Cher may also request regular drug testing and status reports on her son’s progress.

Even if denied conservatorship, the judge may order alternative interventions given the severity of the claims. This could include mandatory mental health holds or court orders compelling Elijah to enter rehab.

No matter the outcome, this painful saga highlights the immense strain faced even by celebrities when a loved one grapples with lifelong addiction. One can only hope Elijah will finally get the intensive help he desperately needs.

Table Summary of Key Events

Date Event
September 12, 2022 Cher granted temporary restraining order against Elijah
December 2022 Temporary order set to expire January 11, 2023
December 27, 2022 Cher files for temporary conservatorship over Elijah
February 1, 2023 Court hearing scheduled on conservatorship bid



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