June 21, 2024

Christina Applegate Receives Standing Ovation in Emotional Return to Emmys Amid MS Battle

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Jan 16, 2024

Christina Applegate made an emotional return to the public eye on Sunday night, attending the 75th Emmy Awards for the first time since revealing her multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis. The actress received a lengthy standing ovation from the star-studded audience as she took to the stage to present the award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

Applegate Makes Surprise Appearance at Emmys

The 2023 Emmy Awards, held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, marked Applegate’s first major public appearance since sharing her MS diagnosis in 2021. The 51-year-old star stunned audiences when she appeared on stage, walking with the assistance of a custom-designed mobility cane. Applegate looked elegant in a long sleeve black gown, sparkling diamond necklace, and styled straight blonde hair as she was welcomed with a heartfelt round of applause from her peers.

The actress became tearful and emotional amid the lengthy ovation, pausing to gather herself before joking, “I have a disease. Did you not notice? I’m not even wearing shoes!” Applegate continued with a tongue-in-cheek quip about how a standing ovation for her was “so ironic.” She went on to hilariously poke fun at herself and the spectacle of the moment.

Applegate Presents Writing Award With Tearful, Self-Deprecating Humor

As the applause died down, Applegate continued with the award presentation, maintaining her signature sharp wit and humor despite the gravity of the moment. She praised the nominated writers in the category, calling them “so freaking gifted” before announcing Quinta Brunson and Sheryl Lee Ralph of Abbott Elementary as the award recipients.

Applegate wrapped up the presentation fighting back tears, noting that she hadn’t been out in public for the past year and appreciating the support and recognition from her peers and the Emmys audience. She quipped that she wished she had “Ozempic ads money” as a nod to the recent trend of celebrities promoting the weight loss drug.

The poignant appearance moved many audience members and viewers, reminding them of Applegate’s significant contributions to television over her decades-long career. The actress starred in iconic sitcoms like Married with…Children and Samantha Who, earning six previous Emmy nominations including a win in 2003 for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series on NBC’s Friends.

Standing Ovation Demonstrates Support Amid Applegate’s Health Struggles

Applegate’s surprise Emmys appearance and the enthusiastic reception she received demonstrated the outpouring of support from Hollywood since the actress first shared news of her MS diagnosis in 2021.

In August of that year, as production was underway on the final season of Applegate’s acclaimed Netflix series Dead to Me, the actress revealed her recent MS diagnosis publicly on Twitter. The autoimmune disease attacks the central nervous system and often leads to mobility issues and other symptoms like numbness or tremors. Applegate noted that it had been a “tough road” coming to terms with the illness.

Production on Dead to Me was initially put on hold to allow Applegate time to pursue treatment options. Series creator Liz Feldman and costar Linda Cardellini released statements praising Applegate’s strength and resilience during such a challenging period. The third and final season of Dead to Me eventually resumed filming early in 2022 and debuted on Netflix this past fall to positive reviews.

Applegate has continued to be open about living with MS and the realities of fighting such an unpredictable disease. At the Critics’ Choice Awards this month, where Applegate was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, the star arrived in style but candidly told reporters, “I’m never going to accept this. I’m pissed.” However, she also noted the support she has received since her diagnosis has served as a “gift.”

This support culminated in the Emmy audience rising to their feet when Applegate took the stage on Sunday night. Beyond recognizing her contributions as a talented actress, the sustained ovation demonstrated the television community’s admiration for Applegate in handling her health battle with fierce honesty.

What’s Next for Applegate After Successful Emmys Appearance?

Applegate’s surprise appearance and well-received presentation at this year’s Emmys seems to mark a significant step in the actress moving forward as she continues to adapt to life with MS. With production wrapped on the third and final season of Dead to Me, Applegate’s next projects remain unclear as she focuses on her health in the wake of her diagnosis.

However some sources indicate Applegate has no plans to slow down or disappear from Hollywood, despite the unpredictability of managing her MS symptoms. While another multi-season television project in the near future seems unlikely, Applegate is reportedly open to taking on cameo roles or making occasional guest appearances. She demonstrated Sunday night her determination to not let the disease define her, poking fun at her condition even on the heels of an emotional awards season moment.

Applegate also continues to work as an advocate for those living with MS and other chronic health conditions. Earlier this year she partnered with the pharmaceutical companies Biogen and Roche to raise awareness about the realities of an MS diagnosis and the continuing search for improved treatments. Applegate brings authenticity and visibility to these efforts as someone newly adjusting to the ups and downs of the disease herself.

Conclusion: Standing Ovation Affirms Applegate’s Resilience While Living With MS

In an awards season that has prioritized serious illness and personal health struggles—with Sag Award and Golden Globe wins for actors Jeremy Renner and Angela Bassett who suffered severe injuries over the past year—Christina Applegate’s appearance at the 2023 Emmys fit the same narrative. Applegate surprised audiences not only by attending the ceremony but then also stealing the show with her self-deprecating speech, earning laughs despite fighting back tears after initially being overwhelmed by the standing ovation.

Both in her raw honesty about living with MS and her insistence on still finding the humor in everyday life, Applegate continues to be beloved in Hollywood and among television audiences worldwide. By warmly applauding Applegate on Sunday night for nearly two minutes straight, her peers demonstrated their utmost respect for the actress as she moves forward in the public eye while privately adapting to the harsh realities of her diagnosis. For Applegate, the moment seemed to mark new beginnings rather than any farewell or slow fade from the spotlight.

The standing ovation that left Applegate emotional but smiling will be remembered as one of the 2023 Emmys most poignant moments. But it likely won’t be the last audiences see or hear from the apparently unstoppable actress and advocate who is determined not to let illness stand in her way.




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