June 17, 2024

Diablo 4 Introduces New Companion and Dungeon Threats in Upcoming Season of the Construct

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Jan 16, 2024

Blizzard has officially revealed details on Diablo 4’s upcoming third season, Season of the Construct, in a special developer livestream event. The new season introduces fresh challenges for players in the form of deadly new dungeons and enemies to face. Most intriguingly, it adds the option to team up with a special Construct companion.

Season 3 Brings Hazardous Vault Dungeons and Minion Hordes

As detailed on Blizzard’s website and reported widely among gaming publications, the central addition in Season of the Construct are mysterious underground Vault dungeons filled with vile constructs and mechanical menaces.

IGN reports these new Hazard Vaults feature magical wards that intensify the danger, with four tiers of difficulty to conquer. The deeper players delve, the more powerful the enemies and rewards available.

Along with the Vaults comes an invading “Helltide” – a tidal surge of deadly mechanized miners and tunnelers erupting across the realms. As players battle to shut down the Vaults, they’ll also have to fend off the relentless onslaught of these spider-like constructs and their minions.

According to PC Gamer’s early analysis, these additions seem crafted to encourage a move away from ranged builds that dominated the last season, with cramped new dungeons and hordes of fast-moving melee foes likely to punish glass cannon approaches.

Season Introduces Custom Construct Companions

The most unique addition revealed for Season of the Construct is the option to build and customize a personal Construct combat ally.

As reported by GamesRadar, all players completing the season introduction quests will receive a dormant Construct “core” they can activate. This core can then be upgraded throughout the season into one of three Construct forms:

  • Bulwark: A durable, defensive-oriented Construct good for absorbing enemy attacks.
  • Ballista: A ranged Construct that unleashes devastating missile and AoE attacks.
  • Bane: A stealthy Construct that weakens foes and shreds them with quick melee attacks.

Players will be able to respec their Construct to change its form and customize its appearance, skills, and gear. The Construct will fight at their side as a permanent companion, even outside of Season 3.

This introduces a whole new layer of build experimentation and personalization to the game. Players everywhere seem excited at the prospect of having their own deadly robo-pal.

Season 3 Starts January 23rd With New Quest Line

Blizzard has confirmed Season of the Construct will kick off on January 23rd and introduce an exclusive new quest line to unlock the Construct companion, along with special season-only loot rewards.

All characters will have their progression reset when the new season starts. Players will need to level up through the game’s campaign quests again to unlock access to all activities.

For detailed advice on preparing for each Diablo 4 season reset, check out GameInformer’s guides. Their pre-season checklist for gearing up and planning your first character is essential reading.

Developer Livestream Details Ongoing Improvements

In the developer livestream revealing Season of the Construct details, the Diablo 4 development team acknowledged ongoing issues with progression pacing, end-game builds, and loot rewards that they are working to address.

While the team aims to incorporate player feedback each season, changes often take time to implement. As reported by Eurogamer, some widely-requested improvements from Season 2 may not fully arrive until Seasons 4 or 5.

However, according to an interview with Forbes, the developers have taken pains to avoid issues from the last season, stating:

“We learned a lot about build diversity and endgame incentives during Season 2, and have worked hard to make sure Season 3 provides more balanced class power and doesn’t narrow options too early on.”

They further explained special effort has been made this season to ensure all classes have multiple competitive end-game builds to explore.

So while more work likely remains, players can expect noticeable improvements to existing pain points in the Season of the Construct update.

Expert Opinions on Upcoming Season Changes

Gaming industry analysts have weighed in with their thoughts on the Season of the Construct reveals:

Expert Outlook
Paul Tassi, Forbes “The Construct companion feature shows some real creativity from Blizzard. adding an element of pseudo ‘pet builds’ to the game could freshen up the experience considerably.”
Leana Hafer, IGN “Vault dungeons fill a gap for high-tier group content the game was missing. Their dynamic nature means they should hold up better over long play than traditional Mythic+ dungeons.”
Daniel Starkey, GameSpot “While the developers are clearly working on big issues, incremental changes season to season may not be enough to retain players already frustrated with endgame and balance problems.”

So expert opinions seem cautiously optimistic about the new season. The Construct companion and vault dungeons provide something suitably new and challenging for top players, while the team continues working to resolve underlying issues.

The Road Ahead in 2024

With the Season of the Construct reveal and details now locked down, attention will shift to judging how these changes function when they arrive to live servers on January 23rd.

If the new content and improvements fall short, criticism of the game’s direction so far seems likely to amplify. However, should the changes provide renewed motivation to grind through the endgame, it could buy the developers more goodwill with which to tackle thornier issues in future seasons.

For now, ardent fans await the chance to explore perilous vaults and befriend their own deadly Constructs when Season 3 kicks off next week.




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