May 19, 2024

Dutch Publisher Pulls Translation of “Endgame” Amidst Revelations on Royal Racism Row

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Dec 1, 2023

A Dutch translation of the book “Endgame” by Omid Scobie was hastily pulled from bookshelves this week after it was revealed that the publisher had erroneously printed the names of members of the British royal family alleged to have made racist remarks about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son.

Names of King Charles and Kate Middleton Revealed as Making Comments About Archie’s Skin Color

The Dutch version of Omid Scobie’s bombshell book about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was set to publish this week, but was abruptly withdrawn just a day before its release.

Sources state that the Dutch publishing house accidentally printed the names of the royals alleged to have made racist remarks regarding the skin color of Harry and Meghan’s son Archie. These royals were named by Piers Morgan this week as King Charles and Kate Middleton.

Morgan made the revelation on his TV show, stating:

"I’m just going to say it – because everyone else is thinking it. It’s King Charles and Princess Kate who were accused of making racist comments about Archie’s skin color."

The book’s author Omid Scobie reacted with dismay, tweeting "Let’s be clear: There were no on-the-record allegations publishing in the British version of ENDGAME."

Scobie refused to confirm or deny Morgan’s claims, but stated that printing any names was an "irresponsible decision" taken without his knowledge or permission.

Speculation That Meghan and Harry Orchestrated Leak to Promote Book

Some royal experts have speculated that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex intentionally leaked the names themselves in order to drum up publicity for the book right before its launch next week.

Royal commentator Richard Eden stated on Twitter:

"Am I the only one who suspects that the ‘accidental’ naming of the so-called Royal Racists in the Dutch version of #Endgame is a pre-publicity ploy masterminded by Meghan?"

However, Scobie has vehemently denied this accusation, saying:

“Let me be really clear, okay. This is not a stunt. I know that people love a good conspiracy theory, but this is incredibly irresponsible and bordering on dangerous.”

He swore “on his life” that neither he nor Harry and Meghan orchestrated the release of any names related to the racism allegations.

Palace Considering Legal Options Over "Defamatory" Claims

Buckingham Palace has reacted with anger over the revelations, slamming them as a “deliberate and nasty attack” full of “unfounded claims”.

Sources state the Palace is exploring legal options on how to respond, as theFirm feels it must defend itself from such damaging defamatory allegations.

If the racism accusations are proven to be false, King Charles and Kate Middleton would have grounds to sue for libel.

However, palace insiders admit that taking legal action could conversely draw more attention to the scandal and legitimize the claims. It may be strategic for the royals to simply deny the allegations and refuse to comment further.

Name Alleged racist comment regarding Archie’s skin tone
King Charles III Wondered “what the children would look like"
Kate Middleton Used the phrase “cafe ole” to describe how dark Archie might be

Dutch Publisher Takes Blame for "Regrettable" Error

The Dutch publishing company has issued an apology stating it takes full responsibility for the error and never intended to include any names in the text.

A spokesperson said:

“We are investigating how this could have happened thoroughly. We deeply regret this. Omid Scobie has assured us that there were and are no on-the-record allegations in Endgame.”

While the publisher conducts an internal review, no copies of the book will be available for purchase in the Netherlands. The racism controversy has led to a surge of interest in Endgame, with the English version shooting to the #1 spot on Amazon UK’s bestseller list this week.

Backlash Over Skin Color Remarks Called "Overblown"

Some royal experts argue that the uproar over alleged remarks about Archie’s skin tone has been overblown.

Royal commentator Nana Akua points out that "wondering aloud what skin tone mixed-race children might have isn’t inherently racist." She explains:

"After all, when babies are born, it’s normal for people to speculate about whether they resemble their mother or father. So why is it suddenly taboo to do so about biracial offspring?"

However, many counter that any remark tying worth or belonging to skin color promotes racism, whether consciously or not.

Meghan Previously Accused Palace of Not Standing Up for Her Against Press Attacks

This is not the first time members of the royal family have faced accusations of racism from the Sussexes.

In their 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan claimed palace officials failed to defend her against racially charged attacks from the British press. She says she was left to fend for herself against a torrent of abuse.

Meghan stated:

“No one from my family ever said anything over those three years. And that hurts."

Her revelation sparked questions about whether the royal family harbors unconscious biases that prevent full acceptance of a mixed-race member into the fold.

Scandal Further Strains Relations Between Sussexes and Royal Family

The skin color controversy comes amidst already high tensions between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the royal family.

The Sussexes have levied criticism at the monarchy over its treatment of them through various media interviews and Netflix documentaries over the past two years. However, their airing of grievances to the press has not improved family relations.

King Charles is said to be deeply hurt over his son’s public attacks, while palace insiders describe senior royals as being in "utter dismay" over the repeated criticism. Sources say some royals feel Harry’s public barbs against his father are beyond forgiveness.

The race scandal has plunged the palace back into crisis mode just as King Charles was working to stabilize the monarchy in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Now his first months as monarch risk being overshadowed by damaging racism claims.

Commentators Lambast Sussexes for "Guerilla Warfare" Against the Royals

Royal experts have censured Harry and Meghan for continuing to wage what’s been termed a "guerrilla war" against the palace through strategic media leaks.

Journalist Andrew Neil accused the couple of using "trial by media to intimidate the Royal Family" instead of lodging formal complaints.

He lambasted the Sussexes, tweeting:

"Whatever genuflecting Harry and Meghan have done for their $100m Netflix deal, it is an abuse of power. They are using streaming services to conduct guerrilla warfare against the Royal Family."

The unremitting criticism of the palace coming from Montecito risks permanently rupturing Harry’s relationship with his father and brother William at a time when the royals are still mourning the Queen.

Meghan’s Popularity Plummets While Suspicions Against Her Rise

The former TV actress who was once hailed as a refreshing modernizing force for the ancient institution has seen public opinion in Britain turn sharply against her over the past three years.

At the time of her 2018 engagement to Harry, Meghan enjoyed approval ratings close to 60%. But her favorability has now plunged below 30% according to recent YouGov polls.

Many Britons sympathized with Meghan early on when she claimed to be the victim of racist tabloid coverage. But constant complaints about her treatment coupled with multimillion deals with Spotify and Netflix have caused patience with the Duchess to wear thin for much of the British public.

Suspicions have grown that Meghan is the driving force behind coordinated media leaks intended to keep the royals perpetually off-balance and defensive. Fellow cast members from her former TV show Suits have publicly stated Meghan always had lofty ambitions to become a global celebrity.

If the latest scandal is proven to be another premeditated attempt by the Sussexes to control the media narrative, it could cause lasting damage to their already precarious public standing.

Harry and Meghan Unlikely to Be Invited to King’s Coronation Next Year

As King Charles’ May 6th coronation approaches, commentators increasingly speculate whether Harry and Meghan will receive invitations to the historic event.

The Sussexes announced they will travel to the UK in September for charity events "close to their hearts”. But while His Majesty says the door remains open to his son, relations between the two are said to be "almost unsustainable" after the constant criticism and violations of privacy.

Unless the family tensions are resolved in the coming months, experts say it’s improbable the royal rebel and his American wife will play any visible role in the pomp and pageantry of Charles’ coronation. Their absence would signify a permanent fracture between the Sussex branch and the House of Windsor.

The ongoing saga of family drama risks distracting the King from focusing on his critical duty of ensuring the stability and continuity of the British monarchy as it transitions to a new reign.

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