June 24, 2024

Elordi Brings Charm and Laughs in Widely Praised SNL Hosting Debut

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Jan 22, 2024


Hollywood heartthrob Jacob Elordi made his much-anticipated debut as host of Saturday Night Live this past weekend. The 26-year-old Australian actor starred in a variety of hilarious sketches and delivered a charming opening monologue that poked fun at his steamy on-screen moments. Reviews of Elordi’s performance have been glowing, with critics and fans agreeing that he exceeded expectations with a strong comedic aptitude and willingness to not take himself too seriously.

Elordi’s episode, which aired on January 21st, also featured musical guest Renée Rapp and cameos from Rachel McAdams reprising her iconic Mean Girls role and the original Regina George. The show garnered high ratings and marked an auspicious start to Elordi’s efforts to redefine himself beyond just a pretty face. As he continues to take on more complex film and TV projects, this SNL hosting gig seems likely to further endear him to audiences with his humor and humanity on full display.

Opening Monologue Sets Tone with Self-Deprecating Humor

Kicking off the night, Elordi immediately referenced his steamy cemetery sex scene from the 2023 film Saltburn in which he passionately made out with co-star Barry Keoghan inside an open grave.

“I just wanted to apologize to my fans who had to watch that scene with their parents. I’m sorry,” joked Elordi.

He went on to thank audiences for supporting his career so far, before poking fun at internet chatter over his 6’5″ height.

“I’m actually not that tall. I’m average height. All of you people are just short,” he quipped.

Critics praised Elordi’s monologue for “finding the funny” instead of relying solely on his leading man looks. By poking fun at himself over his most explicit on-screen moment and super-sized stature, Elordi immediately won over the crowd.

Memorable Sketches Highlight Comedic Chops

Elordi showed off impressive comedic skills throughout the night in sketches that often played up the incongruity between his hunky appearance and absurd situations.

In one of the most talked-about sketches, Elordi and cast member Chloe Fineman played unlikely couple “Tall King Henry” and “Short Queen Marika” in a reality dating show for height-mismatched pairs called Extremely Average. Elordi trumpeted being 6’5” while Fineman clocked in at 5’2” “on a warm day.” Their attempts to prove to the show’s judges that they could make it work despite the drastic height difference made for big laughs.

“It was smart for SNL to play up the funny contrast between Elordi’s statuesque frame and more average-sized co-stars,” wrote one reviewer. “And he fully committed to looking absolutely ridiculous.”

Another sketch cast Elordi as the lone male guest at a ladies’ adult slumber party, growing increasingly uncomfortable amid girl talk about celebrity crushes and menstruation woes. Rather than playing it suave, Elordi portrays the hapless character to an amusing effect.

And in what’s been dubbed the episode’s most surreal sketch, Elordi undergoes a full glam makeover to transform into Mrs. Raquel, an eccentric art teacher with a passion for her mammoth pet iguana Iggy. Complete with long grey wig, cat-eye glasses, and shapeless dress, Elordi disappears into the offbeat role for a truly bizarre sight gag.

Sketch Summary
Extremely Average Elordi plays the towering “Tall King Henry” dating petite “Short Queen Marika” (Chloe Fineman)
Ladies’ Slumber Party Only male guest at a girls’ sleepover party where sex and periods are discussed
Mrs. Raquel Unrecognizable as eccentric art teacher with giant pet iguana

Musical Guest Rapp Delivers Showstopping Rendition of “Fearless”

Making her solo SNL debut as musical guest was Renée Rapp, who starred as villainous Regina George in the Broadway musical Mean Girls. She first performed her single “Fearless,” delivering impressive vocals and a high-energy dance number supplemented by backup dancers.

For her second song, Rapp sang the emotional ballad “I Beat Me” while seated at a piano. Her powerful voice soared during the stripped-down performance, earning loud cheers from the audience. Critics singled out this “goosebump-raising rendition” as a highlight of the night. Rapp’s commanding stage presence and vocal talents mark her as a rising star to watch in 2024.

Surprise Cameos from McAdams and Original Regina George

In a surprise SNL appearance, Rapp’s Mean Girls predecessor Rachel McAdams crashed her second musical number. McAdams reprised her iconic role as villainous queen bee Regina George from the 2004 film comedy.

“I invented Regina George,” McAdams haughtily declared about Rapp’s stage portrayal before trying to upstage her song. McAdams slipping back into the snide snarky voice of her legendary character was a treat for fans.

But an even bigger shock awaited later in the night when Lindsey Lohan emerged playing the “real” original Regina George who inspired the fictional character. Lohan reprimanded McAdams for falsely claiming credit as the OG Regina George.

Seeing Lohan assume her former Mean Girls crown 14 years after portraying Cady Heron in the Tina Fey-penned teen comedy made for a gasp-inducing cameo. Critics raved over this “delightfully meta” surprise and Lohan’s “commanding stage presence ripe for more future SNL hosting duties.” Between the three Regina Georges, fans got a Russian nesting doll of comic treats.

Critical Reception Overwhelmingly Positive

Reviews for Elordi’s hosting debut have been glowing, with critics dubbing it an “undeniable slam dunk” and “massively successful.” Outlets praised his displayed versatility and noted that he refused to simply coast on his dimples and dreamy good looks.

“Rather than play the affable hunk in each sketch, Elordi attacked roles that made him look positively unglamorous at times,” wrote Vulture’s reviewer. “Kudos to him for diving head first into the silly, surreal, and risque with gleeful abandon.”

Fans on social media also chimed in with raves for Elordi. Many expressed surprise at his previously untapped comedic chops. Other viewers admitted to now finding the heartthrob funny and hot in equal measure after initially doubting his skills.

Both audiences and critics agree that Elordi smashed this high-pressure test that’s tripped up many handsome actors before him. With Hollywood betting big on him to become their next bankable leading man, Elordi’s acclaimed turn hosting SNL seems certain to further boost his rising star.

What’s Next for the SNL Host?

Fresh off wowing audiences with this SNL victory lap, Elordi shows no signs of slowing down in 2024 with more ambitious film and television projects lined up.

He’s currently filming the action thriller Son of the South alongside Samuel L. Jackson. This year will also see the release of the fantasy romance Time Guardians which some have described as “The Notebook meets The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Elordi stars opposite up-and-comer Joey King as time-crossed lovers.

And the actor has expressed interest in eventually trying his hand at more comedic roles after getting a taste for bringing the laughs through SNL.

“I’d love to do more comedy,” Elordi told press after the show. “People don’t expect it from me and that makes it even more fun to surprise them by acting a fool.”

Wherever Elordi’s rising star takes him next, his acclaimed SNL hosting duties prove he’s got both the dramatic chops and comedic timing to become a versatile, bankable leading man likely to thrill audiences for years to come. SNL was just the beginning!




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