June 16, 2024

Florida Man Sues Dunkin’ for $50,000 After “Traumatic” Toilet Explosion

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Jan 5, 2024

A Florida man is suing Dunkin’ Donuts for $50,000 in damages after an alleged explosive incident at a Dunkin’ location in Winter Park. Paul Kerouac claims that a toilet exploded while he was using the restroom, covering him in feces and urine and leaving him “drenched, covered and dripping in human waste.”

Timeline of Events

The alleged incident occurred on December 2, 2023 at a Dunkin’ store located at 482 S Orlando Ave Suite 104 in Winter Park, Florida.

  • 10:15 AM – Paul Kerouac enters the Dunkin’ store and purchases an iced coffee
  • 10:30 AM – After sitting in the dining area for 15 minutes, Kerouac uses the restroom
  • 10:31 AM – According to the lawsuit, the toilet Kerouac was sitting on “exploded causing the contents to be forcefully ejected onto and all over him”
  • 10:35 AM – Kerouac exits the restroom “drenched, covered and dripping in human waste”
  • Over the next month – Kerouac claims he experienced significant emotional distress and anxiety requiring medical treatment
  • January 4, 2024 – Kerouac files a lawsuit against Dunkin’ Donuts seeking $50,000 in damages


53-year old Paul Kerouac is an Orlando resident who was a regular customer at the Dunkin’ location in Winter Park. According to attorney Lee Cohen who filed the suit on behalf of Kerouac, his client was “extremely traumatized” by the incident which caused injuries and emotional distress.

The lawsuit filed in Orange County alleges that Dunkin’ failed to maintain safe bathroom facilities and should have been aware that the toilet was faulty. It states that Kerouac suffered bruising in the explosion and has since experienced anxiety, stress, loss of appetite, loss of consortium and intimacy with his partner.

Dunkin’ has not yet provided public comment on the lawsuit or Kerouac’s claims regarding the exploding toilet. The company is expected to respond formally once served with legal documentation.

Details of the Incident

The toilet explosion allegedly covered Kerouac’s entire body in human waste fluid. The contents ejected forcefully onto his legs, torso, face and head.

Kerouac’s attorney Lee Cohen stated: “He was drenched in every way possible. Covered from head to toe in feces. It was also in his nose, in his mouth – just everywhere.”

Upon emerging from the restroom covered in waste, Kerouac reportedly went into shock. An employee assisted by providing new clothes from Lost & Found, but Kerouac claims the emotional damage was already done.

The lawsuit alleges that the toilet had a faulty flush mechanism which caused pressurized air and waste contents to violently release upwards when triggered. It claims Dunkin’ staff should have been aware of the faulty toilet and failed to properly maintain safe bathroom facilities.

Kerouac Seeks $50,000 in Damages

With medical bills from treatment over anxiety and PTSD following the event, Paul Kerouac and his lawyer decided to take legal action. They filed a personal injury lawsuit against Dunkin’ Donuts seeking compensation for the alleged toilet explosion incident.

Some key points related to the $50,000 damages demanded:

  • $25,000 for “pain and suffering” covering medical costs, emotional distress, anxiety, PTSD
  • $15,000 for loss of consortium due to anxiety and intimacy issues
  • $10,000 punitive damage amount aimed at punishing Dunkin’ for negligence

Lee Cohen, Kerouac’s attorney, says the case is about dignity:

“No person should have to endure an incident like this. Mr Kerouac was going about his day, not hurting anyone, when he suffered this incredibly traumatic and embarrassing event through no fault of his own.”

He expects Dunkin’ to settle rather than take the case to trial.

What Comes Next

Dunkin’ Donuts now has 20 days to prepare a formal response to the lawsuit once served. The company will likely deny responsibility or blame Kerouac for improper toilet use.

If no settlement is reached out of court, an Orange County judge will have to preside over arguments from both sides before deciding liability and if any damages should be awarded.

Paul Kerouac may also consider contacting the media directly to share his toilet explosion story if he feels Dunkin’ isn’t taking it seriously. Viral social media attention could pressure the company into a quick settlement.

While Kerouac claims this experience caused emotional trauma, legal experts say it will be difficult proving significant psychological impact from a single toilet incident. If taken to trial, Dunkin’ could easily contest the $50,000 amount.

Ultimately if no settlement is reached out of court, the final damages amount would be determined by a jury hearing the full details of this rather unusual traumatic injury case.

Timeline of Events
| Time | Event | 
|10:15 AM|Paul Kerouac enters Dunkin' store, purchases drink|
|10:30 AM|Kerouac uses the restroom|
|10:31 AM |Toilet explodes while Kerouac is sitting on it|
|10:35 AM|Kerouac exits restroom covered in waste|  
|Over next month | Kerouac treated for emotional distress|
|January 4, 2024|Lawsuit against Dunkin' seeking $50K filed|

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