June 13, 2024

Founding Mr. Bungle Member Arrested for Girlfriend’s Killing

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Jan 6, 2024

Theo Lengyel, a founding member of the experimental rock band Mr. Bungle, has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, Hawaii resident Alyx Herrmann. Herrmann had been missing since mid-December before her remains were discovered this week in a California park, leading to Lengyel’s arrest on Wednesday.

Background on the Couple

Lengyel and Herrmann had reportedly been dating for over a year. Herrmann was a yoga instructor living in Capitola, California, while Lengyel resided in nearby El Cerrito. The couple met through the Northern California music scene.

Herrmann, 32, was described by friends and family as a gentle, caring soul who loved the outdoors. She worked at Capitola Yoga and often spent her free time hiking area parks or walking Capitola Beach. Lengyel, 55, was known in the 1980s and 90s as the keyboardist and backing vocalist for avant-garde metal band Mr. Bungle. The group was formed in Eureka, California in 1985 when the members were just teenagers. They gained a cult following but officially disbanded in 2000.

The Disappearance

Concern arose when Herrmann did not show up to teach scheduled yoga classes on December 15. Friends checking her Capitola cottage found no sign of Herrmann or her vehicle. Her mother, who resides in Hawaii, contacted Capitola Police on December 17 to officially report Alyx missing.

Herrmann’s Toyota RAV4 was found on December 20, parked at Tilden Regional Park near Berkeley. The vehicle showed no signs of damage or struggle. Police searched the heavily wooded park but found no immediate traces of Herrmann.

The Discovery & Arrest

The investigation took a grim turn on January 2nd when a visitor to Tilden Park discovered human remains near the site where Herrmann’s vehicle had been found. While authorities have not officially confirmed the identity, it is believed to be Herrmann based on personal items found with the remains. **

On January 4th, Capitola Police arrested Theo Lengyel at his home in El Cerrito. He was taken into custody on charges of homicide and is currently being held without bail in Santa Cruz County Jail. Police had named Lengyel a person of interest shortly after Herrmann’s disappearance when it became clear he was one of the last to see her.

What is Known & What Comes Next

Authorities have released few details, wishing to keep parts of the investigation confidential as it continues. However, some key facts have come to light:

  • Lengyel admits being with Herrmann hiking in Tilden Park in mid-December
  • Data from Herrmann’s phone and FitBit show her last known location as Tilden Park
  • An autopsy will determine cause of death, expected in the coming weeks
  • Lengyel will be formally charged, likely with 1st or 2nd degree murder pending autopsy results
  • If convicted, Lengyel faces 25 years to life in prison

The Capitola Police Chief gave a brief statement that while they cannot share full details yet, they are confident they have a solid case against Lengyel for Herrmann’s killing. He offered assurance that justice would be served. Meanwhile, Herrmann’s family, friends, students, and the community mourn her loss.

Lengyel’s attorney has cautioned the public not to “rush to judgement,” claiming his client’s innocence will prevail when all facts are shown. However, given the known evidence, prosecutors remain confident Lengyel will be found guilty.

Key Figures Description
Alyx Herrmann 32-year-old yoga teacher from Capitola, CA, Lengyel’s girlfriend
Theo Lengyel 55-year-old musician from El Cerrito, CA, founding member of Mr. Bungle, Herrmann’s boyfriend
Capitola Police Local law enforcement leading the investigation into Herrmann’s disappearance and death
Santa Cruz County Jail Holding facility where Lengyel is being held without bail on homicide charges

This tragic case has only begun, with many details still unclear. What is apparent is a beloved young woman full of promise is dead, her remains callously dumped in the forest. The man she trusted, her partner of over a year, sits in jail accused of her murder. It is a painful loss for all those who cared for Alyx Herrmann.

About the Band Mr. Bungle

As a member of Mr. Bungle, Theo Lengyel was part of one of the most daring bands to emerge from Northern California’s experimental metal scene in the late 1980s and early 90s.

Formed by a trio of Eureka teens – including vocalist Mike Patton, who would later front the band Faith No More – Mr. Bungle blended extreme metal, funk, pop, ska, and other eclectic influences into a highly unpredictable sound. Their stage shows incorporated costumes, masks, and absurdist humor to match their music.

Mr. Bungle Albums Year Released
The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo 1986
Bowel of Chiley 1987
Goddammit I Love America 1988
OU818 1991
Disco Volante 1995
California 1999

Critics praised their musical daring and subversiveness, while the band won a fiercely devoted cult following. Their talents also caught the attention of a major label – Warner Bros. signed Mr. Bungle in 1991.

They released three full-length albums in the 1990s that, despite their challenging nature, reached impressive sales thanks to the growing alternative rock explosion. Their final album, 1999’s California, proved their most accessible and successful, incorporating pop, surf rock, and jazz to tame some of their earlier aggression.

Mr. Bungle officially disbanded in 2000, with members scattering into other bands or leaving music altogether. Over the decades, they have reunited a handful of times to perform live shows or record demo material. But the band has remained defunct since a final reunion tour in 2019.

Many fans hoped someday the gang would reunite in earnest to record and tour once more. Whether Theo Lengyel’s shocking arrest dashes those far-fetched dreams remains to be seen. For now, the focus is on justice for Alyx Herrmann, not the future of a long-dormant band.




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