June 24, 2024

Funding Crisis Threatens UN Palestinian Refugee Agency’s Vital Services

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Feb 3, 2024

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) is facing an unprecedented funding crisis that threatens its ability to provide critical services to millions of Palestinian refugees. The crisis stems from allegations of misconduct and potential Hamas ties among some UNRWA employees. Major donors like the United States and Israel have reacted by suspending or threatening to suspend funding.

Allegations Surface About UNRWA Employees

In October 2023, Israel’s defense establishment gave the Biden administration a classified dossier alleging that more than 90 UNRWA employees and their family members have links to Hamas. The dossier claims 12 employees played an active role in Hamas militant activities, including a rocket attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

On January 26th, 2024, Israel’s UN envoy sent Secretary of State Antony Blinken a letter detailing allegations from the classified dossier. The letter claimed UNRWA management was aware of illicit activities by employees but chose to cover them up rather than act. It called for accountability and reform within UNRWA.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has pledged to fully investigate the allegations and take appropriate action based on the findings. Guterres said if any staff are found to have engaged in militant or political activity, there will be severe consequences, “as that goes against everything the UN stands for.”

Meanwhile, UNRWA has “unequivocally” rejected what it calls “baseless allegations.” The agency says it has stringent screening procedures and zero tolerance for inappropriate conduct among its over 30,000 Palestinian staff across the Middle East.

Key Donors Suspend Funding Over Allegations

In light of the allegations, major donors have begun pausing or threatening to permanently cancel vital funding to UNRWA.

United States

The US provides roughly $400 million per year to UNRWA, by far the agency’s largest donor. On January 27th, 2024, the State Department announced a freeze on the $51 million intended for the 1st quarter of 2024.

A State Department spokesperson said the funding pause will allow time to further review the allegations and UNRWA’s response. They emphasized this is not a severed tie and that “the humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees remain acute.”

Some US lawmakers are urging a permanent funding cut. Senator Marco Rubio has introduced a bill to halt US payments until reforms are enacted, including a change in UNRWA’s leadership. Senator Bernie Sanders and several House Democrats have condemned the freeze and called for restored support to prevent a humanitarian emergency.

US Funding for UNRWA
2023 Total $400 million
2024 Q1 Pledged (frozen) $51 million


Shortly after sending allegations about UNRWA staff to Secretary Blinken, Israel announced on January 29th that it too will suspend all support to UNRWA. This includes roughly $22 million in annual contributions.

Israeli officials said they “cannot support organizations involved in terrorism” and called UNRWA “irredeemably flawed.” Israel’s UN ambassador urged the US, EU, UK and others to permanently defund and dismantle UNRWA altogether.

Additional Responses

Several other donors have taken actions following the allegations:

  • Australia has suspended $20 million in funding
  • Netherlands paused $22 million in support
  • Japan froze $27 million in pledged aid

These three countries said they will await results of an external UN audit before potentially restoring contributions.

Crisis Threatens Humanitarian Aid for Millions

The sudden loss of hundreds of millions in funding has sparked panic that UNRWA will be unable to continue delivering desperately-needed aid to Palestinian refugees. The agency is facing its worst cash crisis ever according to officials.

Gaza Strip

The situation is especially dire in Gaza, home to over 1.4 million registered refugees dependent on UNRWA for food, healthcare, education and other services. The agency directly supports over 1 million Gaza residents.

UNRWA officials warn they only have enough funds to continue full operations through March. Cuts to food aid and cash assistance programs are likely if new funding does not materialize. Gaza’s unemployment rate already exceeds 65% amidst a 15-year Israeli blockade.

Aid groups say health, water and sanitation services are also at risk. Gaza narrowly avoided a cholera outbreak amidst an acute water crisis last year. UN doctors have warned another outbreak could prove catastrophic given the crippled healthcare system.

West Bank & Regional

While less aid-dependent than Gaza, limiting services in the West Bank refugee camps and across the region could have profound effects. UNRWA operates over 700 schools serving 533,000 students across the Middle East. Education cuts could deprive thousands of children access to classrooms.

International Response Mixed as Crisis Deepens

UN Leadership

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has urged member states to continue supporting UNRWA during the investigation and avoid financial decisions that could harm Palestinian refugees. But some countries are heeding Israel’s call to permanently dissolve the agency.

The UN General Assembly has scheduled an emergency session February 5th to address the escalating UNRWA funding crisis and its impact on regional stability. Guterres is expected to propose governance reforms during his planned testimony.

European Union

The EU has struck a middle ground, pledging to accelerate delivery of its scheduled 2024 funding, while avoiding long-term commitments. The EU and its member states contribute nearly $250 million to UNRWA per year.

Some right-leaning European governments have aligned with the Israeli position, questioning whether UNRWA’s model remains viable. But most EU states wish to see reforms rather than dismantling UNRWA, which they argue remains vital pending an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

Arab & Muslim Countries

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Arab states have also pledged emergency UNRWA funding. But their contributions still leave a massive shortfall.

United States

Within the bitterly divided US Congress, Democrats have introduced legislation to restore 2024 funding if the UN probe finds no evidence of systematic or widespread misconduct. Republicans remain split on the path forward.

Some influential lawmakers like Senator Lindsey Graham support Israel’s call to dismantle UNRWA based on its alleged irredeemable flaws. But others want to await investigation results while expressing concern over the humanitarian implications of rash actions.

The Future of UNRWA

After over 70 years in operation, UNRWA faces an existential crisissparked by misconduct allegations that remain unproven. While investigations are pending, millions of innocent Palestinian refugees urgently require the vital services only UNRWA can provide after decades depending on its operations.

With global powers split over the appropriate response, the fate of UNRWA and regional stability hang in the balance. If sufficient alternate funding does not emerge quickly, an already grim humanitarian emergency seems imminent.

Over the coming weeks, UN leaders will attempt to implement reforms and account for alleged staff misconduct. Western donors must decide whether and under what conditions to restore UNRWA funding. Their forthcoming actions could determine the future of the agency and its vulnerable beneficiaries.




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