July 13, 2024

Gisele Bündchen Opens Up About Divorce Adjustment and Co-Parenting Challenges

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Jan 18, 2024

Gisele Bündchen graces the cover of Harper’s Bazaar this month and gives a candid interview about life after her divorce from Tom Brady. The supermodel speaks openly about the challenges of co-parenting and adjusting to changes in her routine.

Split From Tom Brady Brings Family Changes

Bündchen filed for divorce from Brady in October after 13 years of marriage. The former couple have two children together – son Benjamin, 12, and daughter Vivian, 9. In her Harper’s Bazaar interview, Bündchen admitted the divorce has led to some difficult adjustments for the family:

“I’ve been having definitely some challenges in just adjusting to the new routine with the kids and my work and just everything that’s been going on,” she said.

Bündchen said she’s faced some resistance from Benjamin and Vivian as they adapt to having two homes and shuffling between mom and dad’s places:

“Sometimes I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, if I’m being a good mother,'” Bündchen confessed. “And then I talk to my friends who divorced their husbands and left their family homes and created a whole other life. And they’re happy, and their kids are thriving.”

The model went on to share that her priority is ensuring her children feel safe, loved, and supported. She’s leaning on the lessons from her own challenging childhood, saying:

“I only want them to remember me as someone who loved them very much,” Bündchen said of Benjamin and Vivian. “That’s all I care about. That they felt loved.”

Co-Parenting Styles Differ Between Bündchen and Brady

Both Bündchen and Brady have discussed their different approaches to parenting in the wake of their split. Brady admitted that he is more lenient with Benjamin and Vivian:

“I almost look at a relationship, and I’m like, ‘I wish it could be this easy.’ I think for me, my heart is so full of gratitude for everyone that has contributed to my life,” Brady told “Let’s Go!” podcast.

He explained he aims to keep his kids happy, while Bündchen enforces more discipline and structure.

Meanwhile, Bündchen told Harper’s Bazaar she also struggles with being patient and working on herself:

“I’ve been working on taking things personally because, in the beginning of relationships, everything is beautiful, and you don’t take things personally,” she said. “But over time, for some reason, they start getting under your skin.”

Despite differing parenting styles, both Brady and Bündchen are committed to amicably co-parenting their two children.

Cryptic Instagram Post Hints at Brady’s Perspective

Shortly after news broke of Bündchen’s candid interview, Brady raised eyebrows by posting a cryptic quote to his Instagram Stories suggesting he had been hurt in relationships:

Tom Brady Instagram Post

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make,” the post read.

The quote was attributed to author Lewis Carroll, but left fans speculating if Brady was referring to his split from Bündchen.

Some perceived the post as a thinly veiled dig at his supermodel ex after she spoke about the challenges of their breakup.

What’s Next for the Former Couple

While Bündchen adjusts to solo parenting and lets go of any public scrutiny, Brady is throwing himself into football in his first season post-divorce.

Bündchen said she aims to live her truth and tune out speculation about her personal life:

“I feel very fulfilled, I’ve been working since I was 14—now it’s going to be my first year to kind of take a break from that,” she said. “It’s never too late to change.”

She also told Harper’s Bazaar she refuses to worry about judgment from outsiders:

“I think that after going through what I went through, I feel much more prepared for whatever is to come,” Bündchen said. “I am working on myself.”

As for Brady, he recently announced he will become a Fox Sports analyst when he retires from football for good. The 7-time Super Bowl champion continues pursuing his passion while navigating co-parenting duties off the field.

Year Key Event
2009 Bündchen and Brady marry in Santa Monica, California
2012 The couple welcome their first child, son Benjamin
2015 Daughter Vivian is born
2022 Brady briefly retires from NFL before reversing decision
2022 Bündchen and Brady announce divorce after 13 years of marriage
2023 Brady leads Tampa Bay Buccaneers to NFC South title in his first season post-divorce

In the coming years, both Bündchen and Brady will likely continue focusing on supporting their children while pursuing their respective careers. Despite the challenges of their split, they seem committed to an amicable co-parenting relationship and moving forward.


Gisele Bündchen’s revealing interview and Tom Brady’s cryptic Instagram activity gives rare insight into the emotional fallout from the power couple’s shocking divorce. As they navigate changed family dynamics, Bündchen admits to difficult adjustments while Brady hints at relationship regrets. However, both express dedication to their children’s well-being first and foremost. While tabloid scrutiny will inevitably continue, the former pair emphasize embracing new chapters in life and personal growth.




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