May 22, 2024

HanuMan Soars at Box Office, Lauded as Triumph in Storytelling

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Jan 18, 2024

HanuMan, the recently released Indian superhero film starring Teja Sajja, is proving to be a blockbuster hit, earning over ₹100 crore globally in just 5 days. The mythological action film is smashing records in India, North America, and beyond.

Huge Success Defies Expectations

The Prasanth Varma directorial, produced by Primeshow Entertainment, opened on Jan 12, a busy holiday weekend with several high profile film releases. Despite facing stiff competition, HanuMan has won over audiences and critics alike with its novel premise reinventing Hindu deity Hanuman as a contemporary superhero.

“A perfect family entertainer…the VFX work done on the film is something that gives it an international feel” – Indian Express

Backed by positive word of mouth, the film’s box office numbers have snowballed beyond initial projections.

5 Day Worldwide Box Office Collections:

India Nett - ₹47 crore 
Overseas Gross - $4.5 million (₹37 crore)
Worldwide Gross - ₹100 crore

Lead actor Teja Sajja expressed delight at the film’s phenomenal reception. “We faced a lot of hardships in making this film. Most people discouraged us saying devotional films don’t work anymore. But the love from audiences has proved them all wrong,” he said.

North America Response Sensational

HanuMan is rewriting box office history in North America, beating out even mega budget films like RRR.

In its 4-day extended opening weekend, the film grossed $2.15 million in the US and Canada, emerging as the no. 1 Indian film. For perspective, SS Rajamouli’s RRR had collected $1.93 million, while Bahubali 1 managed only $1 million in their respective opening weekends.

Industry tracker Taran Adarsh noted the remarkable achievement:

Positive audience feedback is fueling a strong hold. As per early estimates, the film has added another $1 million from Monday-Wednesday. A $3 million+ first week appears guaranteed at this point.

Exhibitors are happy with the response as well. “This small Telugu film is bringing in houseful shows here, mostly from the youth audience. Word of mouth from friends and contacts back in India is driving sales,” said a leading US theater owner.

Storytelling Triumph Applauded

While strong box office numbers testify to the film’s widespread appeal, what has pleasantly surprised many is HanuMan’s compelling, emotionally resonant storyline defining a new-age hero.

Kantara star Rishab Shetty called HanuMan a triumph in storytelling that takes Telugu cinema beyond regional boundaries. Leading actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu also praised the film, as have stars like Nandamuri Balakrishna and Ram Pothineni.

Director Prasanth Varma had first explored the devotional superhero premise with his 2019 film Awe featuring Hindu goddess Kali. HanuMan expands the Astraverse universe with a more mainstream dynamic hero.

“We plan to introduce six superheroes in Phase One of our Prime Universe (PVCU), before eventually crossing them over in an Avengers-type team up film,” Varma revealed.

What Does the Future Hold?

With no major Hindi or Tamil releases this week, HanuMan is set to dominate the box office into its second weekend. Strong word of mouth and repeat viewings will boost collections further.

The film is eyeing a ₹175-200 crore gross in its full theatrical run worldwide. A China release is also on the cards, which could take it to stratospheric levels.

OTT rights for HanuMan are valued at ₹50 crore, as per insider reports. Several streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and ZEE5 are actively bidding for it.

An official digital release is still a few weeks away though. For now, HanuMan continues its heroic run on the big screen for movie lovers seeking a thrilling cinematic experience.

More on HanuMan

Hindu Groups Protest Film

Right-wing Hindu groups have strongly protested HanuMan, taking offense to the modern depiction of a revered mythological figure. Multiple police complaints have been filed seeking a ban, and theater owners threatened with vandalism in some parts of the country.

Director Varma defended his film, calling the backlash premature and unjustified. “Those who have actually seen the film realize their protests are misguided. Hanuman in our film symbolizes power used wisely in service of dharma,” he said.

Made on a Modest Budget

Produced on a tight budget less than ₹10 crore, HanuMan faced several roadblocks during production. Special effects driven superhero films typically cost ten times more. Yet clever writing and innovative VFX helped realize the grand vision on a limited scale.

Teja Sajja’s Rigorous Preparation

Lead star Teja Sajja underwent intensive physical training and martial arts sessions in Thailand for over six months to get into superhero shape. This was followed by practice in wire works and complex VFX scenes. The hard work has paid rich dividends judging by glowing audience reactions.

Story & Character Details

The film presents the classic tale of Hanuman with a sci-fi twist. As a child, Hanu’s special powers caused destruction, forcing his panicked father to lock his abilities using an enchanted amulet.

Years later, with the world facing existential threat, the young man rediscovers his destiny as supernatural hero reborn. How he masters his inner demons and lives up to his larger than life Hanuman persona form the crux.

Critical Reception

Publication Verdict
Indian Express 4/5 Stars
The News Minute 3.5/5 Stars
Pinkvilla 4/5 Stars
The Hindu 3.5/5 Stars
  • Positive word of mouth is converting skeptics into fans
  • Visually spectacular with a gripping narrative
  • Social media buzzing with countless fan art and memes
  • Screenplay balances mythology and sci-fi inventively
  • Teja Sajja shines as the fiery superhero HanuMan


Defying all expectations, HanuMan has emerged as the surprise hit of the season, finding acceptance even beyond hardcore mass audiences. Its success proves the potential for original homegrown superhero franchises. A bright future awaits the Astraverse as the classic underdog story plays out for Team HanuMan!




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