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Hot New Tech Dominates CES 2023

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Dec 28, 2023

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas is known for unveiling the latest and greatest in tech gadgets and 2023 was no exception. Several hot new products stole the spotlight this year, sparking excitement among tech enthusiasts.

Foldable Devices Fold Toward Mainstream

Foldable devices were all over CES 2023, indicating this form factor is on the cusp of going mainstream. Companies unveiled innovative new foldable smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold wowed audiences with its folding OLED display transforming from a compact 10.8-inch tablet to a large 16-inch monitor. The unique form factor allows for extreme portability when closed while providing ample screen real estate when open.

TCL showed off several foldable device concepts including a slide-out smartphone extension and a rollable phone that expands vertically. While still concepts, these prototypes exhibit the potential for foldables to reinvent mobile devices.

Experts predict foldables will comprise over 25% of high-end smartphone sales by 2025, making this CES a preview of things to come.

Battle of the ePaper Tablets

ePaper technology went head-to-head at CES through dueling tablets. Huawei’s MatePad Paper and Lenovo’s ThinkBook Paper both feature low-power monochrome displays perfect for reading.

The MatePad Paper wows with its 10.3″ flexible ePaper display, thin 6.7mm body and high-precision stylus. The ThinkBook Paper fights back with its 12.2″ screen and convenient computer integration for easy syncing. While quite similar, Lenovo’s offering edges out Huawei’s on display size.

These energy efficient tablets fill a niche between E INK readers and LCD tablets. Their ultra-long battery life and paper-like screens make them ideal for book lovers. With two tech giants pushing the technology forward, ePaper tablets are sure to carve out a dedicated user base.

Immersive Gaming Reaches New Heights

CES showcased bleeding edge gaming tech taking immersion to the next level. LG’s new 97″ OLED EX TV with anti-glare coating enables unmatched contrast and true blacks. Paired with Dolby Atmos, gaming feels more cinematic than ever before.

The Asus ROG Swift OLED PG248QP brings a zippy 240Hz refresh rate to a 24.1″ OLED laptop screen for buttery smooth visuals. With mini-LED backlighting and quantum dot tech, colors and details leap off the display.

On the portable front, the Lenovo Legion Pro laptop line debuted Q-OLED panels on some models – an evolution of OLED promising higher brightness ideal for outdoor gaming.

Between OLED, mini-LED and Q-OLED, display advancements are making games spring to life like never before. Gamers have much to be excited for.

Quirky Concepts Offer Peek Into Future

Some of the most buzzworthy gadgets at this year’s CES were out-there concepts that, while impractical today, offer a glimpse at future possibilities.

The wildest by far was Dyson’s wearable air purifier dubbed the Dyson Zone. Looking like sci-fi goggles, this contraption features a visor that blows purified air in your face while noise-canceling headphones provide audio. The idea is to create a refreshing personal bubble while combating urban pollution.

Another head-turning concept was LG’s rollable wireless TV – aptly named the StanbyME. Mounted atop a mobile stand, this TV rolls vertically from a compact tube into a full 27″ OLED panel. Supposedly perfect for moving rooms or enabling pop-up movie nights.

While pricey and clunky now, zany innovations like these often pioneer new categories. Before written off, they should inspire curiosity into future use cases.

Battle of the Foldable Phones

Foldable smartphones also continued to make a splash at CES 2023. Multiple manufacturers unveiled new foldables indicating the technology is close to hitting critical mass.

Phone Screen Size Key Features
Vivo X Fold+ 8.1″ inner, 6.5″ outer
  • Hurdle-free creaseless display
  • Best-in-class image stabilization
  • Ultrasonic large fingerprint sensor
Honor Magic VS 7.9″
  • Powerful new processor
  • Massive battery capacity
  • Light and thin magnesium alloy body
TCL Flex V 6.7″ inner
  • Waterfall display with reduced creasing
  • 5G-enabled
  • AI visual enhancement features

Vivo wowed with its crease-free inner display made possible by a water drop hinge. This allows visual content to flow across the folding point without interruption.

Honor packed incredible processing power and a beefy 5,000 mAh battery to enable all-day productivity into an ultralight yet durable chassis.

While not as refined, the TCL Flex V undercuts rivals on pricing while still delivering baseline foldable functionality and 5G connectivity.

With market leader Samsung continuing iteratively improve their folds, the space just keeps getting more competitive. Unique approaches like Vivo’s creaseless display push boundaries that will eventually become standard features. Despite still carrying premium price tags, foldables are now capable enough to go truly mainstream and could supplant tablets and laptops for many everyday tasks.

Autonomous Vehicles Inch Toward Reality

Though not electronics themselves, vehicles heavily reliant on complex gadgetry had a huge presence at CES. Multiple car manufacturers brought along their latest electric and autonomous vehicle models – two rapidly developing complementary technologies.

The show allowed the public to experience vehicles like BMW’s i Vision Dee concept sedan which can operate at Level 3 autonomy meaning completely self-driven but with human oversight as a backup.

Meanwhile, Sony pulled the wraps off its new Afeela smart car developed alongside Honda. Packed floor to ceiling with cameras, radars and sensors, Afeela exemplifies the future integration of automotive and technology.

CES provided promising updates that autonomous driving combined with electric propulsion could redefine transportation in the coming decades.

What Happens Next?

While CES 2023 transiently turns Las Vegas into a tech lover’s paradise each January, the reverberations from product announcements and setting of trends shape the entire marketplace moving forward.

Foldables, ePaper devices and immersive gaming hardware are now cemented as staples Tablets will keep getting lighter and more capable. Home entertainment will become more cinematic. Cars closer to driving themselves.

Concept gadgets offer crystal ball glimpses even further out to possibilities once only found in science fiction. Through incremental improvements to existing categories like phones and televisions plus introductions of new ones like wearables, the technological landscape shifts gradually each CES.

With this year’s conventions wrapping up, early adopters anxiously await the chance to purchase and test the next generation devices for themselves. Meanwhile, the broader public gains familiarity with innovations through media coverage that dispels their novelty and builds acceptance.

Come next year’s CES, some of the dazzling prototypes unveiled will hit store shelves as refined products while fresh announcements again capture attention as the cycle continues.

Technology may develop faster than any one convention can encapsulate but CES nonetheless serves as the tech industry’s annual check point chronicling where groundbreaking gadgets stand today and where they appear headed tomorrow in this endless progression.




AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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