June 17, 2024

iPhone 16 Pro Leaked Details Reveal Major Upgrades Coming in 2024

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Jan 5, 2024

Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro lineup for 2024 has leaked months ahead of the expected launch, providing an early look at the upgrades and changes coming to the next generation of premium iPhones. Sources reveal Apple is planning its biggest display size bump ever for the iPhone 16 Pro Max along with camera, battery and charging improvements across all Pro models.

Larger Displays With Nearly Bezel-Less Design

The iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are expected to come with larger displays than their predecessors, according to leaked information. The iPhone 16 Pro will likely increase from 6.1-inches to 6.2-inches while the iPhone 16 Pro Max is rumored to jump more significantly from 6.7-inches to a massive 6.9-inches.

This increase for the iPhone 16 Pro Max display would make it the largest screen ever offered on an iPhone. Apple is achieving the bigger displays through slimmer bezels with the Pro models expected to be virtually all-screen on the front. Along with larger sizes, the displays are said to include some technical upgrades as well:

Display Improvements
Brighter panels with 2500 nits peak outdoor HDR brightness
Higher contrast ratio and deeper blacks
120Hz ProMotion with always-on display
In-screen Touch ID fingerprint sensor

By reducing the bezels and expanding the display sizes without increasing the overall device footprint, the iPhone 16 Pro models will deliver more immersive viewing and usability experiences.

Redesigned Dynamic Island

The unique Dynamic Island interface introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro is also getting refreshed on the iPhone 16 Pro. Renders show a smaller, pill-shaped cutout at the top of the display to house the front-facing camera and Face ID sensor.

Some sources indicate the Dynamic Island may extend functionality to work on landscape orientation in addition to portrait. This would allow the Dynamic Island to adapt seamlessly as users rotate their device.

Upgraded Cameras With New Periscope Lens

The iPhone 16 Pro camera system will likely see notable improvements including the addition of a periscope lens for vastly extended optical zoom capability.

Early reports on iPhone 16 Pro camera upgrades include:

  • New periscope lens enables 5x – 10x optical zoom
  • Increased 48MP primary camera resolution
  • Possible switch to Sony’s advanced second-generation image sensor
  • Enhanced image stabilization for steadier long zoom photos
  • Software and processing tweaks to enable new features like improved night mode performance

Apple is expected to retain the same triple-lens setup but with upgrades across the board to maintain its reputation for class-leading smartphone photography.

Redesigned Chassis With New Materials

While keeping the same general slab-like shape, Apple is rumored to introduce new materials and finishes on the iPhone 16 Pro models. Some possibilities based on early leaks include:

  • Matte back glass option instead of glossy
  • Use of titanium alloy metal frame for increased durability
  • Introduction of brighter color options beyond just graphite, silver, gold

These chassis changes would reinforce that the iPhone 16 Pros represent the highest-end devices in Apple’s smartphone lineup. The new materials and colors provide an easy visual differentiator from prior models.

Faster A18 Processor With More Efficient Chip Design

The iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max will be powered by Apple’s latest A18 system-on-chip expected to be manufactured on an enhanced 3nm fabrication process.

Details are light but the A18 Bionic chip should deliver performance and efficiency gains over the already extremely fast A16 powering the iPhone 14 Pros:

A18 Bionic Chip Upgrades
New CPU cores with speed increase TBD
Upgraded 5 to 7 core GPU for enhanced graphics
16 to 24 core Neural Engine improves machine learning capabilities
Redesigned internal architecture enables better thermals and lower power draw

Developers are eager to tap into the extra horsepower of the A18 for more visually impressive games and professional creative apps.

Battery Life Extension Through Hardware and Software

While exact mAh battery capacities are uncertain, multiple sources have indicated the iPhone 16 Pro models will include larger batteries compared to their predecessors. This will work in conjunction with the more efficient A18 chip to extend run times.

However, Apple is planning more than just battery bumps to improve away-from-outlet usage:

  • Software tweaks to system efficiency with iOS 17 update
  • New low-power display panel technology
  • A18’s reengineered architecture reduces power draw of average tasks
  • AI-driven optimizations to balance performance and longevity

Collectively through hardware and software advancements, many experts anticipate the best battery life ever for an iPhone with the 16 Pro series.

Faster 30W Charging With USB-C Port

In a long anticipated move, the iPhone 16 Pro models are expected to replace Lightning with a USB-C charging port according to multiple reports. While a bit slower than leading Android flagships, switching to USB-C enables faster 30W charging speeds, up from 27W peak on iPhone 14 Pro.

Added charging improvements coming to iPhone 16 Pro:

  • 30W fast charging from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes
  • Upgraded onboard battery charging/management ICs
  • Continued MagSafe and Qi wireless charging support

The USB-C shift finally allows iPhone users to charge with the same cables and adapters used on most other personal electronics. Still no battery percentage indicator on the outside though based on current leaks.

Additional Upgrades: Storage, Haptics, Connectivity

Some other enhancements rumored for the iPhone 16 Pro family include:

  • Base storage doubles from 128GB to 256GB
  • Screen vibrating haptics for new tactile feedback experiences
  • WiFi 7 compatibility with multi-gigabit speeds
  • 5G network aggregration for faster mobile data
  • Dual eSIM + physical SIM card tray

While not major new features, these smaller upgrades bring appreciated improvements over past iPhone models in key areas.

iPhone 16 Pro Rumored Pricing and Availability

Based on Apple’s typical annual upgrade cycle, the iPhone 16 Pro lineup should be announced around September 2024. This would be 13 months after the iPhone 14 series introduction.

Pricing is expected to remain consistent with last year’s models, starting at:

  • iPhone 16 Pro – $999
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max – $1,099

Some sources indicate we may also see a new higher-end iPhone 16 Pro Ultra variant at around $1,199 to created a widened pricing range.

Outlook: Most Significant iPhone Camera Upgrade in Years

While the iPhone 16 Pro is shaping up to be a fairly incremental update in some areas like processor and connectivity, the camera system looks primed for one of the biggest year-over-year leaps ever.

The rumored periscope zoom paired with resolution bumps and better stabilization should give a noticeable boost in optical quality. This will help the iPhone 16 Pro maintain competitiveness with top Android rivals that currently boast superior zoom capabilities.

If early leaks play out, the iPhone 16 Pro camera may end up being its banner feature that convinces owners of iPhone 12 Pro models or older to finally upgrade. For heavy smartphone photographers and video shooters at least, skipping the iPhone 15 Pro generation in favor of the iPhone 16 Pro looks like it could be worth the wait.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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