July 18, 2024

Jacob Elordi Makes Memorable SNL Hosting Debut with Steamy Monologue and Hilarious Sketches

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Jan 21, 2024

Jacob Elordi, star of the hit Netflix film franchise “The Kissing Booth,” made his highly anticipated debut as host of “Saturday Night Live” last night. The 26-year-old actor brought plenty of charm and comedic talent to Studio 8H, delivering a steamy opening monologue that poked fun at his breakout role in “Saltburn” and participating in hilarious sketches throughout the night.

Steamy Monologue References Infamous ‘Saltburn’ Scene

Elordi wasted no time addressing the elephant in the room – his full-frontal nude scene in last year’s critically acclaimed indie drama “Saltburn.” As he began his monologue, Elordi joked about needing to change clothes after spilling coffee on himself on the way over before suddenly stripping down to “get into character.”

The move referenced his revealing “Saltburn” scene, which he joked left him feeling “exposed.” Elordi quipped that although the moment provided great “material” for his SNL debut, his parents probably weren’t too pleased. The cheeky monologue set the tone for an evening full of self-deprecating humor from the Australian actor.

Falls Down SNL Steps in Promo Video

In a promotional video released ahead of last night’s show, Elordi poked fun at himself by literally tumbling down the SNL steps. Costars Reneé Rapp and Bowen Yang found Elordi face down at the bottom of the stairs before questioning if he was okay. “Should we kiss him?” Rapp asked jokingly.

The viral promo foreshadowed the pratfalls to come as Elordi later tripped over a couch and walked into a wall during actual sketches. The actor proved willing to sacrifice his dignity for laughs.

Participates in Hilarious Sketches

Elordi’s comedic fearlessness resulted in standout moments throughout the night. Highlights included:

  • A pre-taped sketch parodying the recent movie “Plane” in which Elordi played a man trapped inside an airplane bathroom. His increasingly desperate attempts to escape brought major “Ace Ventura” energy.

  • A sequence set at an old age home where Elordi belted out Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets” while wearing large glasses and flashy sequined clothes. His committed performance earned laughs and applause.

  • A “Weekend Update” bit starring Elordi as a eccentric movie reviewer obsessed with the Disney film “Lilo & Stitch.” Criticizing Meryl Streep’s work as Elvis Presley in the upcoming biopic “Elvis,” he declared that Stitch’s Elvis impersonation was superior.

In each sketch Elordi embraced physical comedy and showed no hesitation about looking foolish. His stint as SNL host proved that he’s much more than just a handsome leading man.

Shares Sweet Moments with Reneé Rapp

Offscreen romance rumors have swirled around Elordi and his “Saltburn” co-star Reneé Rapp lately. The two fanned flames by engaging in cute banter throughout promos leading up to last night’s episode. Rapp continued to flirtatiously call Elordi “babygirl,” a nickname that originated from their “Saltburn” love scenes.

Last night the duo shared several sweet moments together, including slow dancing while gazing into each other’s eyes during a sketch set at prom. Rapp also made multiple cameos to support Elordi, cheering him on from the sidelines in the airplane bathroom and old folks home sketches.

Their natural chemistry and inside jokes added a touch of realism to the evening’s comedy. Whether Elordi and Rapp’s relationship is platonic or romantic hardly seems to matter when they simply enjoy each other’s company this much.

Elordi Reflects on His Journey

During his opening monologue, Elordi took a moment to express gratitude over how drastically his career has shifted during recent years. He recalled that the last time he stood on the SNL stage was as an extra in a sketch three years ago during Harry Styles’ hosting stint.

After decades of struggling actors, Elordi is now the one with his name in the iconic SNL title sequence. The rising star graciously acknowledged his privileged position in the industry.

Critical Praise for Hosting Performance

Reviews of Elordi’s SNL debut have been overwhelmingly positive so far. Critics have applauded his willingness to commit completely to each zany premise with enthusiasm.

Los Angeles Times TV critic Mary McNamara declared, “Elordi exhibited no vanity or awkwardness even when portraying the most ridiculous characters.” She added, “His humble charm and comedic fearlessness brought a fresh vibrant energy to the veteran program.”

Table: Highlighted Reviews of Jacob Elordi’s SNL Hosting Performance

Publication Excerpt
Hollywood Reporter “The equally steamy and silly episode allowed Elordi to show off his surprisingly impressive knack for physical comedy.”
Rolling Stone “Elordi fully embraced the show’s outrageous possibilities with go-for-broke enthusiasm.”
Variety “A game and shameless Elordi contributed to one of this season’s strongest outings.”

Early viewership data indicates one of this season’s highest ratings thanks in large part to Elordi’s popularity among younger audiences.

Social Media Reacts to Standout Moments

Elordi’s striptease monologue in particular blew up across social media yesterday evening. Multiple clips of the risqué moment have gone viral on Twitter and TikTok. Initial reactions praise Elordi for poking fun at his own expense while flaunting his sculpted physique.

However, a vocal minority have accused the bit of gratuitously objectifying Elordi in a way that reinforces double standards. Debates around the gender dynamics of male vs female nudity in Hollywood have arisen as a result.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of tweets about Elordi’s hosting stint remain positive. Fans are showering him with compliments:

“can we talk about how Jacob Elordi absolutely CRUSHED his #SNL hosting debut last night? our unproblematic king of comedy!”

“Currently watching Jacob Elordi’s SNL monologue on a loop for the next several hours”

“LITERALLY crying at his lilo and stitch sketch. his comedic timing is so underrated”

So far it seems that Elordi’s willingness to go the extra mile has paid off by winning over viewers.

What’s Next for Jacob Elordi?

Last night capped off a whirlwind month for Elordi filled with awards shows, talk show appearances, magazine profiles and countless red carpets. The non-stop publicity tour helped turn Elordi into a household name seemingly overnight thanks to his acclaimed performance in indie sensation “Saltburn” last fall.

However, Elordi hasn’t stopped hustling yet. He’s already begun filming the wartime romance drama “Across the Wire” opposite Florence Pugh. Oscar pundits predict major awards attention for his lead role when it releases next year.

On top of more serious fare, Elordi also plans to flex his newfound comedic chops soon. He starts production in March on the body swap action comedy “Freaky Exchange” with Daisy Edgar-Jones.


Elordi’s stellar SNL hosting stint demonstrated his range beyond the swoon-worthy romance films on his resume. His willingness to commit completely to silly premises helped make the evening a new career highlight. Fans reacted ecstatically online to his striptease monologue and hilarious sketches. Sweet moments with rumored girlfriend Reneé Rapp only added to the buzz.

Rave reviews so far predict Elordi’s comedic turn marks a major step towards A-list fame. At just 26 years old, he has already shown tremendous growth as a performer through his humility, work ethic and sense of humor. Audiences are sure to see his name topping more marquees soon thanks to his memorable Saturday Night Live debut.




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