July 25, 2024

Jacob Elordi Reveals Leonardo DiCaprio is a Fan as Euphoria Eyes Season 3 Time Jump

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Jan 20, 2024

Jacob Elordi, star of HBO’s hit show Euphoria, recently revealed that fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio approached him at a nightclub to share that he’s a fan of Elordi’s performance on the drama series. The encounter comes as speculation mounts around major changes coming in Euphoria’s third season.

DiCaprio Praises Elordi’s Performance

Elordi dished on his surprise run-in with DiCaprio during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week. He explained that he was at a club in New York City when DiCaprio came up to him out of the blue. At first, Elordi didn’t realize who the stranger was, thinking it was just a drunk fan wanting to chat.

“I was sitting down and someone came up next to me and goes, ‘Hey, so you’re Nate in Euphoria,'” Elordi recounted. “I turn and I’m like, ‘Yeah mate what’s up, how you doing?’ And he goes, ‘Oh cool.’ I keep dancing and he goes, ‘I’m Leo.'”

Once Elordi processed that an A-list movie star was complimenting his acting, he could hardly contain his excitement.

“I absolutely freaked out,” he admitted. “I could not keep my cool at all.”

DiCaprio went on to specifically praise Elordi’s performance in Euphoria’s intense second season finale, which aired last May. The tense episode featured a climactic confrontation between Elordi’s character Nate and his on-screen nemesis Cassie, played by Sydney Sweeney.

“He told me that the finale was awesome,” Elordi said. “He loves the show.”

Euphoria Cast Reacts to DiCaprio’s Stamp of Approval

Elordi’s Euphoria co-stars were thrilled to hear that the Revenant Oscar winner is keeping up with their hit show.

Zendaya, who leads the series as recovering addict Rue, called DiCaprio’s praise “incredible.”

“It seems Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan of our little ol’ show,” she wrote on Instagram. “That’s pretty incredible.”

Maude Apatow, who portrays Lexi, agreed that having a film icon like DiCaprio as a Euphoria viewer is validating.

“That must be so amazing,” she told Access Hollywood. “He’s so talented. I would die.”

Even Angus Cloud, who stars as drug dealer Fezco, had to admit he was stunned that a two-time Academy Award winner not only watches Euphoria but went out of his way to tell Elordi about it face-to-face.

“Leo coming up and saying all that is kind of crazy, you feel me?” Cloud said in an interview with Variety. “Big Leo watching — that’s insane.”

Euphoria premiered on HBO in 2019 and became a word-of-mouth sensation, earning Zendaya an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in 2020. The second season debuted in January 2022, upping the ante with even more buzzed-about content.

DiCaprio is just the latest A-lister to hop on the Euphoria bandwagon, joining a fan club that includes Drake, Snoop Dogg and even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Speculation Mounts Around Season 3 Time Jump

As Euphoria continues to dominate entertainment headlines into 2024, fans are eagerly looking ahead to what a potential third season might entail. Many are convinced that the show is heading towards a significant time jump.

The theory stems from a recent interview Elordi gave to Variety, where he joked about how long it’s taking for new Euphoria episodes to materialize.

“If we go seven years in a time jump, I may age out of high school,” he quipped.

Elordi’s offhand comment sparked immediate speculation that a multi-year leap forward could be in store when Euphoria returns. Some fans believe the show may pick up with characters like Nate and Maddy in college rather than finishing high school.

The prospect of a time jump aligns with hints creator Sam Levinson has given about his longterm plan for the series. Last year, he told the Hollywood Reporter that he envisions Euphoria running for “four, five or six” seasons total. That gave the impression he has ideas to keep the story going over the span of many more years.

A time jump would also allow Levinson to maintain his tradition of hiring actors who are age-appropriate for teenage roles. The writer-director has spoken before about intentionally casting young talent for authenticity.

What Fans Can Expect in Season 3

While HBO has yet to officially renew Euphoria for a third outing, the network would undoubtedly want to capitalize on all the fanfare around the Emmy-decorated drama. But whenever season three does surface, viewers may be in for significant changes.

If Levinson opts to leap several years ahead, the episodes could show familiar characters navigating new adult challenges post-high school. Rue, Cassie, Nate and others may reemerge struggling to adjust to life after graduation.

  • College – Possible storylines could involve characters moving on to university and encountering the drug-fueled party scene on campus. Rue’s addiction could resurface, while Maddy pursues higher education as an escape from her toxic history with Nate.

  • Careers – With several years elapsed, characters like Ethan, Kat and Lexi might be establishing themselves professionally. We may see the early steps of their career paths based on interests teased in seasons one and two.

  • Relationships – Old relationship dynamics could radically transform with maturity and life changes. High school romances may crumble under the weight of long distance and growing apart. New connections might form organically.

If Levinson foregoes a time jump, the teenage characters would finish out senior year against the backdrop of lingering season two drama. Fans could watch tensions boil between Cassie and Maddy, fallout from Lexi’s play, Fezco’s uncertain legal fate, and potential reconciliation between Rue and Jules.

Either path suggests the Prophet$ of Rage theme song will continue to cue shocking new twists, steamy hookups, broken hearts and maybe some redemption ahead for Euphoria’s troubled souls. Whenever season three arrives, fans can likely expect DiCaprio to be among those tuned in to find out what happens next.

Table Showing Potential Season 3 Time Jump Storylines

Storyline Description
College Rue addiction resurfaces on campus, Maddy pursues higher ed to escape past with Nate
Careers Ethan, Kat, Lexi establishing themselves in jobs based on interests
Relationships High school romances crumble with long distance, new connections form



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