June 17, 2024

Katt Williams Drops Bombshell Accusations Against Fellow Comedians in Shocking Interview

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Jan 5, 2024

Katt Williams sent shockwaves through the comedy world this week with his explosive interview on the Club Shay Shay podcast hosted by NFL legend Shannon Sharpe. Over the course of the 2-hour sitdown, Williams made jaw-dropping claims against high-profile comedians and industry figures.

Allegations of Joke Theft Against Cedric the Entertainer

The most headline-grabbing accusation from Williams was aimed at veteran comedian and actor Cedric the Entertainer. Williams insisted that Cedric stole one of his jokes verbatim and used it during a televised Comedy Central special in the early 2000s.

Williams painstakingly detailed the origins of the joke which centered on the idea that “men are only as faithful as their options.” He claims to have first told the joke during his run on BET’s iconic standup show ComicView in the 1990s. According to Williams, when Cedric appeared later on ComicView, he recycled the precise joke – setup and punchline – without attribution.

To back up his assertion, Williams directed listeners to find both his and Cedric’s sets on YouTube to compare for themselves. Many fans dug up the old footage and the reactions on social media were split. Some sided with Williams and felt the similarity was too strong to ignore. Others gave Cedric the benefit of the doubt or pointed out that premises around common themes often have overlap in standup comedy.

Cedric has not yet publicly responded to Williams’ allegation of thievery. But Williams made it clear he has harbored this grudge for years and seemed frustrated that Cedric has become more commercially successful in Hollywood than him.

“He ain’t been funny enough on his own to make it,” Williams opined. “This is my style, my flavor.”

Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley Also in Crosshairs

The beef between Williams and Cedric was clearly the main event, but the pint-sized comedian also took shots at Steve Harvey and Rickey Smiley.

Williams dismissively referred to Harvey as “potato head” and accused him of stealing material from lesser known comedians early in his career. He also criticized Harvey’s signature clean comedy style.

“Motherf*****s forgot this n**** was cussin when he first started,” Williams remarked.

Longtime radio personality Rickey Smiley drew ire from Williams for what he considers a subpar standup act. Williams also alleged that Smiley unfairly spread rumors that Williams was using drugs again after craning to see him in the audience at one of Smiley’s shows.

Both Harvey and Smiley have brushed off Williams’ comments without engaging directly. But some of their supporters and fans have shown less restraint on social media, hurling insults back at Williams.

Scathing Darts Thrown at Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart

Modern comedy stars like Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish also felt Williams’ wrath during the epic rant session. He dubbed them “sell-outs” who took the easy path to fame and fortune instead of staying true to real hip-hop influenced comedy.

Williams was especially peeved at Hart for comments made in the wake of Williams’ arrest at a Target store back in 2018. Hart insinuated that Williams was squandering opportunities due to unprofessional behavior – a claim that clearly still eats at Williams years later.

“He was just for the cause in the beginning,” Williams said of Hart. “He sold his soul for a plane and some jeans with bedazzles on it.”

Williams went even harder at Haddish, accusing her of “robbing” skinny female comedians of roles with her physique and look. He also alleged she spreads lies that the two engaged in sexual relations.

Hart and Haddish have not responded to the harsh criticism yet. But fans online rushed to defend them while also clowning Williams for sounding bitter and out of touch.

Alleged Encounter with Harvey Weinstein Surfaces

Never one to shy away from potential controversy, Katt Williams also recounted an alleged encounter with now disgraced film executive Harvey Weinstein at a restaurant.

According to Williams, Weinstein propositioned him at the bathroom urinals in an Atlanta eatery around 2010. Weinstein supposedly approached Williams and praised his comedy gifts before ultimately offering oral sex as they both had their private parts exposed at the urinals.

Williams said he angrily declined and left Weinstein standing there in a state of undress and shock. Williams suggested that his rejection might have fueled Weinstein’s future predatory behavior toward women in and outside of Hollywood.

There is currently no verified evidence to corroborate Williams’ alleged urinal showdown with Weinstein. But he relayed the story with full detail and confidence during the podcast recording.

Friday After Next Rape Scene Excised

On a more serious note, Williams revealed a disturbing chapter around his experience filming Friday After Next – the 2002 sequel to Ice Cube’s popular stoner comedy Friday.

According to Williams, the original script called for his character Money Mike to get raped in prison after his arrest. But Williams vigorously protested the concept and refused to participate once cameras starting rolling.

“I don’t know what world we were living in 20 years ago, but it wasn’t one where the male raping scene in prison was something we should do for comedy’s sake,” he explained.

The filmmakers eventually backed down and axed plans to shoot themale rape scene. But the disturbing moment highlights issues around sexual assault even in fictional storytelling contexts.

Williams believes he was on the right side of history in squashing the offensive scene. The troubling topic sparked debate on social media in wake of the interview’s release.

What’s Next After Shocking Interview?

The wide-ranging Shannon Sharpe podcast interview racked up well over 1 million YouTube views in just a couple days. So it’s clear fans and gawkers alike are eating up Williams’ inflammatory opinions and formalizing long-whispered rumors.

But the question now is – what comes next for Katt Williams after verbally strafing so many fellow celebrities? No doubt the comedian will likely face backlash from some corners given how hard he went after beloved comics like Steve Harvey and Kevin Hart.

Industry insiders think bridges have definitely been scorched between Williams and certain peers he blasted. Could reconciliations and mea culpas come later? Perhaps – but the prideful Williams did not show a hint of regret during his marathon gripe session on Club Shay Shay.

For now, expect the fiery comedian to stand firm and probably double down on his most eyebrow-raising statements. The mushroom clouds Williams spawned over the comedy landscape with just his voice figure to linger for quite awhile. And his future projects and bookings might suffer once the heat blows over – even as his name recognition trends higher thanks to another dose of controversy.




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