May 19, 2024

Katt Williams Sparks Celebrity Feud After Explosive Interview

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Jan 6, 2024

Comedian Katt Williams has stirred up controversy after making several shocking claims about fellow comedians and Hollywood stars during a recent interview on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast. His comments prompted backlash and rebuttals from the likes of Kevin Hart, Cedric the Entertainer, and more.

Katt Levels Multiple Accusations Against Entertainment Industry Figures

During his appearance on the sports podcast, Williams leveled several accusations against celebrities he’s worked with over the years:

  • He claimed that Kevin Hart “took the style that I created” and earned more success from it than Williams did himself. He also alleged that Hart stopped hiring him for roles after he refused to “[play a lawn jockey” in one of Hart’s films.

  • He stated that Cedric the Entertainer stole one of his comedy routines – specifically a joke involving the difference between the way white and Black families react when their houses catch fire.

  • He alleged that he was originally cast in 2002’s Friday After Next, but quit the production after fighting to have a rape scene removed from the final film.

  • He claimed comedian Michael Blackson has “five jobs” that allow him to afford luxury cars and other expensive items. In a thinly veiled accusation, Williams insinuated these additional jobs are illegal or unethical.

  • He criticized Steve Harvey, calling him “a sellout” and “afraid of real Black people.”

  • He mocked fellow comedian Rickey Smiley’s impairment, saying: “A blind Black man made it further than you ever did seeing.

Kevin Hart and Cedric Respond, Refuting Williams’ Version of Events

Hart and Cedric were among the first to fire back against Williams’ accusations on social media.

Hart posted on Twitter:

It’s honestly sad… You will never see me respond to trash with more trash.

The comedian known for films like Ride Along went on to say he believes Williams’ substance abuse issues led him to spread “non truths” and that he wishes Williams well in his recovery.

Cedric also responded on social media, posting on Instagram:

All I do is try to uplift my people! All I do try to bring joy! Try to give opportunities when I can!!

He seemed to allude to Williams’ claims about the stolen joke, writing:

I ain’t got no time for foolishness… been nothing but respectful to everybody!! God bless y’all!! FRESH PRINCE reunion Nov 11th!! Don’t miss it!!

So far, none of the other celebrities named in Williams’ interview have responded publicly.

Williams’ Shocking Revelation About “Friday After Next”

One of the most shocking claims made by Williams involved revelations about his time as part of the cast for Friday After Next, the third film in the popular Friday franchise starring Ice Cube and Mike Epps.

In the interview, Williams stated that he was originally set to appear in the 2002 comedy sequel, but quit the production after objecting to a scene depicting the rape of his character, Money Mike.

They had in the script that they were gonna have Mike Epps’s character rape me in a bathroom scene…I left the movie. I said, ‘I’m not gonna promote that kind of behavior.

Williams said when he voiced objections about the scene, producers offered to “[take the rape scene out” and pay him more money to remain part of the cast. He still refused.

The scene did not make it into the final cut of the film.

Ice Cube recently corroborated Williams’ story about the disturbing scene in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. While Cube claimed the scene was always intended to be a failed sexual assault attempt rather than a rape, he agreed Williams found it unacceptable and exited the film over it.

The original Friday film star and producer said Williams “had a right to say no” and supported his conviction.

What Led to Williams’ On-Air Tirade Against Fellow Comics?

While the impetus behind Williams’ decision to unleash against entertainment industry peers remains unclear, the comedian has always been known for speaking his unfiltered mind. Even so, the intensity of his accusations has surprised many.

In recent years, Williams struggled with both legal issues and substance abuse. He spent time in jail on charges like assault and theft between 2008-2011. In 2018, he entered rehabilitation for drug addiction.

It’s possible Williams resents those comics who attained greater success than he did over the past 15 years when he faced significant personal troubles. His references to Hart “[taking” his style may indicate professional jealousy.

Nonetheless, Williams sees himself as someone who speaks difficult truths others shy away from. During the podcast interview, he characterized comedians Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey, and Michael Blackson as “safe” comics” who won’t take risks or openly critique the establishment.

He alone is brave enough to call out fellow celebrities, in his view – no matter if it makes him unpopular.

What Happens Next?

It remains to be seen whether Williams’ war of words will escalate into a full-on feud with Hart, Cedric, or other comics he criticized.

For now, Hart appears to be taking the high road rather than engaging further. And though Cedric challenged Williams’ version of the joke-stealing incident, he too aims to avoid an ugly back-and-forth.

Others like Rickey Smiley, Steve Harvey and Diddy have not responded at all as of yet. They may be adopting a similar tactic to Ice Cube – who supported Williams’ account of the Friday After Next controversy while avoiding directly criticizing the film’s producers or anyone else involved.

Still, Williams is likely to double down rather than walk back his bold accusations at this stage. He shows no fear about making enemies and seems to relish his self-appointed role as truth-teller and provocateur.

If any of his targets change strategy and fire direct insults back Williams’ way, the conflict could get nastier in a hurry. For now, Williams again finds himself the outspoken lone wolf calling out rivals and ruffling feathers – a position he historically embraces.

Celebrities Dissed by Katt Williams Their Response So Far
Kevin Hart Responded on Twitter accusing Williams of spreading “non truths”
Cedric the Entertainer Posted on Instagram denying stealing a joke from Williams
Michael Blackson No response yet
Steve Harvey No response yet
Rickey Smiley No response yet



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