June 17, 2024

Leaked Best Buy Listing Reveals Major PS5 Controller Upgrade In The Works

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Jan 13, 2024

Sony appears to be developing an upgraded version of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller based on a leaked Best Buy Canada listing that surfaced this week. Dubbed “DualSense V2”, the controller boasts double the battery life along with other enhancements over the original model.

Best Buy Listing Mentions 12+ Hour Battery Life and Included Charging Station

The product listing from Best Buy Canada, which has since been removed, was for a “PS5 V2 DualSense Wireless Controller”. It specifically cited an “enhanced battery life of 12+ hours” compared to the estimated 5-8 hour life of the original DualSense controller that launched with PS5 in 2020.

In addition, the listing stated the V2 controller would come bundled with a charging station in the box. This addresses a common complaint regarding the PS5, which lacks a charging dock for its controller unlike Xbox Series X/S. Users have had to purchase charging stations separately up until now.

While no images of the mysterious V2 DualSense accompanied the premature Best Buy listing, the significantly improved battery life will come as welcome news to intensive PS5 gamers. Sony has yet to officially comment on or confirm plans for a DualSense hardware revision.

Speculation Abounds Regarding Other Possible Changes

Aside from vastly better battery capacity and the aforementioned charging dock, details remain scarce regarding other changes the reported DualSense V2 might bring.

Industry analysts theorize Sony could implement further refinements and build quality improvements:

  • Sticks – Addressing DualSense “drift” issues some users have experienced
  • Triggers – Enhancing haptic feedback and adaptive triggers
  • Grips – More ergonomic grip handles to reduce hand strain
  • Connectivity – Potential shift to USB-C charging port

Sony could also tweak the controller’s external appearance with a new color scheme. The original white-and-black design has changed little over the years. A visual refresh would certainly encourage further adoption of the updated model.

Key Details: DualSense V2 vs Original

| Feature | DualSense V2 | Original DualSense |
| Battery Life | 12+ hours | ~5-8 hours |
| Charging Station | Included | Sold separately | 
| Other Changes | Unknown | NA |

Retail Leak Hints at Imminent Release

The premature appearance of the DualSense V2 listing on Best Buy Canada’s website hints that Sony has plans to unveil the revised controller in the near future. While mere speculation at this stage, industry watchers predict a potential announcement and launch alongside Sony’s next major PS5 system update.

Sony traditionally issues major firmware upgrades for PlayStation platforms in March, so reveal of the V2 could coincide around that timeframe in 2024. This would mark nearly four years from the original PS5 launch window. With supply chain conditions easing and PS5 sales remaining strong, introduction of a higher-margin upgraded controller aligns with sound business strategy.

Controller Enhancements Would Boost Flagging PS5 Accessory Sales

While the PS5 console continues selling at a record pace, sales of PlayStation accessories and peripherals notably declined over the past year according to Sony’s latest earnings report.

The DualSense V2 controller could reinvigorate accessory revenue at a time when economic conditions have weakened consumer discretionary spending on gaming merchandise. Coupled with the PlayStation VR2 headset debuting later this month, Sony appears poised to reaccelerate growth within its gaming ecosystem.

What This Means for Next-Generation Game Development

An incremental upgrade focused mainly on battery life may seem trivial on the surface. However, reliability and longevity is critical for supporting Sony’s initiatives around next-generation game development.

The latest PS5 titles feature intensive utilization of the DualSense controller’s advanced haptics and adaptive trigger functionality to heighten immersion. Horror games like The Callisto Protocol specifically emphasize tactile feedback to ratchet up scares and tension. Long gaming sessions accentuate battery drain, risking interruption at pivotal moments.

Having confidence your controller won’t unexpectedly power off mid-game allows developers to craft experiences capitalizing on DualSense capabilities for extended periods without worry of disruption. This leads to more innovative game design catered towards leveraging the PS5 hardware strengths.

What About Existing DualSense Owners?

For the millions who already bought PS5 consoles bundled with the original DualSense controller, will they get left behind as Sony shifts focus to the upgraded model?

Sony has handled generational controller transitions gradually in the past without abandoning support for older devices. Look at how the DualShock 4 controller remained compatible even now with newer PS5 games. This forward compatibility allows those who prefer the original design or already own multiple units to avoid a forced upgrade.

Additionally, as with other electronics, prices tend to decrease for older technology models the longer they remain in market. Retailers could offer sales or discounts on the original DualSense to keep it attractive for budget-conscious gamers. Given strong brand loyalty among PlayStation fans, Sony must tread carefully to avoid disenfranchising any segment of their install base.

The strategy provides flexibility no matter your preference or when you entered the PS5 ecosystem. For heavy users demanding maximum play time without recharges, the V2 seems a worthwhile improvement. While original DualSense adoptees can carry on unaffected for now.

What Does This Mean for Competitors?

Sony raising the bar with a meaningfully enhanced controller package not only entices PS5 owners. The innovation pressure risk ceding additional ground to fierce rival Microsoft in the console gaming wars.

The Xbox Series X/S wireless controller currently delivers an estimated 30 hours per charge. So while already eclipsing the original DualSense’s lackluster endurance, doubling battery lifespan to 12+ hours neutralizes one clear Xbox advantage.

Microsoft now finds themselves figuratively back on defense countering Sony’s moves to close gaps. With rumors already circulating regarding Xbox planning its own future controller revisions, Sony’s preemptive strike adds impetus for Microsoft to hasten those efforts.

The net result winds up a win for gamers themselves who stand to benefit from the competitive one-upmanship playing out. Bringing us upgraded controllers, hardware advancements and next-gen gaming experiences exceeding anything console makers have delivered in the past.

Conclusion: An Exciting Time Ahead for PlayStation Nation

While mere speculation until Sony confirms details, the leaked Best Buy Canada listing provides a compelling first glimpse at potential major upgrades coming down the pike for PS5 owners. Vastly extended battery life and included charging station immediately address two of DualSense’s most glaring weaknesses.

If the “DualSense V2” futures are accurate, PlayStation loyalists have much to anticipate as we progress through 2024 and beyond. With PSVR 2 elevating console VR engagement and tentpole exclusives like “Final Fantasy XVI” and “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” on the horizon, the platform enhancements paint a promising picture for PlayStation’s continued dominance this generation.

Sony rightfully deserves plaudits for their steadfast commitment towards innovating and enhancing the PS5 user experience. Gamers excitedly await official DualSense V2 confirmation as Sony looks towards fortifying their gaming ecosystem for years ahead. The future shines brightly for PlayStation nation.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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