June 16, 2024

Lenovo Unleashes Lineup of Powerful New Gaming Laptops and Desktops

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Jan 9, 2024

Lenovo unveiled a slew of new gaming PCs at CES 2024 this week, headlined by updated Legion laptops and desktops powered by the latest Intel and AMD processors.

Legion Laptops Get More Power and Refined Design

The new Legion laptops stand out with their refined, understated design and immense power under the hood. The flagship Lenovo Legion 7i and 5i gaming laptops now pack in 13th Gen Intel Core i9-14900HX processors, allowing for desktop-class performance in a portable form factor.

The Legion 7i can be configured with up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 laptop GPU, making it primed for high-resolution, high-framerate gaming as well as content creation. The Legion Slim 5i gaming laptop has also been updated with the latest AMD Ryzen 8040 ‘Hawk Point’ APUs and up to an RTX 4070 GPU.

At CES 2024, Lenovo has partnered with chipmaker MediaTek to bring integrated AI capabilities in the new Legion gaming laptops. This allows for intelligent optimizations based on the game being played, the environment, network conditions etc. to provide the best possible gaming experience.

Tower Desktop offers Top-Tier Performance

For gamers who prefer the raw power and future upgrade potential of a desktop PC, Lenovo has revealed the Lenovo Legion Tower 7i gaming desktop. It packs in up to an Intel Core i9-13900K CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card, which can play even the most demanding games at 4K resolution smoothly.

The Legion Tower 5i has also been updated with next-gen Intel processors and up to an NVIDIA RTX 4080 GPU. Starting at $1249, it brings immense gaming performance at a relatively affordable price point. The tower comes equipped with Lenovo’s proprietary Legion ColdFront 4.0 cooling system to prevent thermal throttling.

OLED Screens, Refined Designs for Yoga Laptops

Lenovo’s premium Yoga laptop lineup received extensive upgrades at CES 2024 as well. The new flagship Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i comes with a gorgeous 16-inch 4K OLED display with Mini-LED backlighting for deeper blacks and a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth visuals.

It packs in 13th Gen Intel Core i9 processors for blistering fast performance, while the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 laptop GPU can handle graphics-intensive tasks like video editing and 3D modeling with ease. The Yoga Pro 9i comes equipped with up to 2 TB of speedy PCIe Gen 4 storage.

The more mainstream Yoga 7i 2-in-1 convertible laptop has also been upgraded with Intel’s latest 13th Gen Core processors, while the Yoga Slim 7i boasts an impressive 16:10 aspect ratio 100% DCI-P3 OLED display. This makes the Yoga lineup very compelling for creators and professionals looking for a portable workstation.

Integrated AI and Dual Screen Show Innovation

Lenovo has partnered with Anthropic to integrate offline AI capabilities into their new laptops like the Yoga Pro 9i. This allows for on-device intelligence to optimize performance automatically without relying on cloud connectivity.

The Yoga Book 9i is an innovative dual-screen OLED laptop updated with 13th Gen Intel processors. Its versatile form factor facilitates new modes like reading ebooks while taking notes simultaneously. The dual screens offer enhanced multitasking capabilities that could prove useful for certain creative workflows.

Gaming Peripherals Further Expand Legion Ecosystem

Beyond PCs themselves, Lenovo has aimed to build a cohesive Legion gaming ecosystem including matching monitors, mice, keyboards and more.

The new Legion Y90 mouse offers extremely precise 30K DPI tracking, while the Legion K600 keyboard has been engineered for high performance gaming with 100% anti-ghosting technology.

This allows gamers to create a unified battlestation setup for fully immersive, competitive gaming. The new Legion M600 XP wireless gaming mouse also comes equipped with AI optimization through MediaTek chip integration.

Strong Performance Upgrades Expected through 2024

With the latest CPU and GPU architectures from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA, Lenovo’s newest gaming laptops and desktops are primed to deliver strong generational leaps in power efficiency and performance.

The integrated AI should also help optimize gaming workloads better over time via machine learning, providing an advantage over competing devices. This future-proofing will likely give Lenovo gaming systems better longevity than before.

Lenovo has strategically expanded its gaming ecosystem leading up to 2024, setting up a strong portfolio. If these new Legion and Yoga systems perform as well as expected, Lenovo could continue making inroads competing with more established players like ASUS, Acer and MSI in the gaming segment through 2024.

Table 1: Key Specifications of New Lenovo Legion Laptops

Model CPU GPU Display
Legion 7i Up to i9-14900HX Up to RTX 4090 Laptop GPU 16″ QHD+
Legion Slim 7i Up to Ryzen 8040 APU Up to RTX 4070 16″ WQXGA
Legion 5i Up to i7-13700H Up to RTX 4060 Laptop GPU 15″ QHD

This covers the key details on Lenovo’s extensive lineup of new gaming PCs announced at CES 2024. The Legion laptops and desktops look very promising with top-tier specifications and added intelligence through integrated AI. Combined with interesting Yoga laptop experiments like dual-screen OLED designs, Lenovo made a big splash with their CES 2024 showcase. It sets them up well to capitalize on the still-growing gaming market through 2024.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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